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  1. LuzRoja29

    what was the firsrt doom game you played

    doom shareware in dosbox, in 2018
  2. LuzRoja29

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    opera adblocker isnt being noted by youtube
  3. LuzRoja29

    What's ur favourite flavour?

    cheddar or picant
  4. LuzRoja29

    Share Your Sprites!

    looks like is from the kick attack mod
  5. yes, im tired about it
  6. LuzRoja29

    Cool wads for kids and teenagers?

    i let my 7yo cousin play doom 2 and brutal doom sometimes, but he is a splitscreen coop games bud
  7. LuzRoja29

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDNMF kills all enemies in map IDDU and IDDD makes the game more or less dificult, spawning the enemies of each difficulty IDW(1-7) gives you the weapon for each slot (3 gives you the shotgun, again to get the ssg) IDDEV turn on a fps counter, entities loaded, entities visible, linedefs visible and sectors visible
  8. i would keep the doom bible lore and add more power ups, enemies, up to 40 maps, and more guns
  9. LuzRoja29

    Invalid sprite frame

  10. LuzRoja29

    Custom Frag Grenade

    Hi, i have a code for a frag grenade. I already have the code for the clusters to appear and all, but i have a question. How can i make A_Blast to not be SO POWERFULL? because i change the strength number (even in 1), and the blast power launch the player to the sky
  11. LuzRoja29

    Share Your Sprites! (yet another split)

    please, learn more how to make sprites before post
  12. argentina: we are going to the trash and we are reaching the trash