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  1. Century

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    Phobos Lab and Spawning Vats...I'll never forget them.
  2. Century

    Doom 3. scary?

    You've missed my point as well. That said, I play Doom and all other id products because I know they are solid games that set benchmarks for others to follow. The fact that it might be scary is only an added bonus. When I immersed myself into it, I found it scary. Simple points are always the first to be overlooked.
  3. Century

    Doom 3. scary?

    I think a lot of you are missing a vital point to the fear factor. You have to WANT to be scared to begin with. If you truly want to be frightened by this game, you will be. I don't care how many scary movies you've watched or how many horror games you've played. I'm twenty-six years old and have pretty much seen it all, but when I immerse myself very deeply in Doom3, I become quite uneasy and terrified. These are my two cents.
  4. Century

    New Hollenshead Interview

    I've contemplated this as well. It had better be nothing short of walking through the most horrible nightmare we have ever dreamed or conceived.
  5. Century

    "Crap" games that you actually liked

    Lmao, so did I! I wouldn't, however, want to see it in action today since I was about five when I played it last.
  6. Century

    Doom Building Regimen

    Thanks Bloodshedder...worked like a charm.
  7. Century

    What was your favorite DOOM game?

    Original DOOM for me, especially "Knee Deep in the Dead." Even today we still see the impact of Phobos.
  8. Century

    What is your least favorite game EVER?

    This is a tough question since it's worded so strangely. The way it's asked is basically "what is the game that I like the least out of my most favorite games of all time?" However, what you could have meant, and how most people are answering it, is "what is the one game ever made that you hate?" If the question is "what is the game that I like the least out of my most favorite games of all time?" then my answer is Super Metroid because I love the game, but there are others higher on the ladder for me. If the question is "what is the one game ever made that you hate?" then my answer is going to have to be Tomb Raider...this game and all it's sequels can burn in the fiery bowels of Hell forever.
  9. Century

    Doom Building Regimen

    Possibly a stupid question here, but I don't really care. How do you create a line from an existing vertex? I can't seem to do it.
  10. Century

    Best GBA Castlevania game.

    Castlevania 64 RULES!!! *Century quickly dives behind a wall to avoid being hit with tomatoes, then shouts "just kidding!"*
  11. Century

    a webpage for you to review

    I noticed on the site it says "RPG/Action"...could you maybe elaborate on this a little? I mean, what kinds of RPG elements?
  12. Century

    Nightmare Squad back under development

    I feel your pain...I truly do. There's a game that just never seems to leave the back of your mind.
  13. Century

    incoming wads that you are waiting for

    I'm waiting for Eternal Doom 4...but it's a ways off from the finish line. By the way, have I mentioned I'm a TeamTNT junkie?
  14. Century

    Sega releasing a new console?!

    Oh we can only hope. Both of those were fabulous.