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Status Updates posted by YoshizinGordin

  1. im cooler now i swear

    still illiterate tho

  2. this place needs a delete feature


    i'm reading my gigantically important contributions to this forum again, and all i can think of is how did i think posting shit like that was a good idea. srsly.

  3. thinking of coming back to this site but i fear displaying my retardedness again

  4. i unironically can't stop looking at your pfp, it looks like something out of that leaked build of corridor 8.

  5. why nikcad avocd croding? :(

    1. out_of_service


      Took a bite from his big sandwich and all the toppings slid off! That's the worst when it happens.

  6. I'm Making The Most Linear 1-Map WAD That Doomworld Has Ever Seen. Be Prepared For Koridor-1.



  7. You Couldn't Finish Your AWESOME Map For That EPIC Thread Soon Enough, What A Shame.

    1. Thelokk


      I know, I Suck (cue boot and bloody eyeball).

  8. You're 1 Post Away From 1000 Posts. How Do You Feel About That?