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  1. Doomwolf

    Is it a door? Is it a lift? What is it!?

    Stupid me :P I had the wrong 'Action' set for each door. Thanks for your reply post!
  2. Ok, I made a new map... When you try and open doors, they half open, then when they come to closing, the whole level's cealing comes down like a lift. I'm here thinking 'wtf?!' If you want the map, you can get it here: http://www.freewebs.com/doomwolf/JunkyardLast.wad The map seems to work in zDoom, but no other port. This is beyond me!
  3. Doomwolf

    Exporting Maps!

    Thank you so much!!!!! I've been pondering over this for ages, thanks a million for sorting this out for me!
  4. Doomwolf

    Exporting Maps!

    Hmm, I'm kind of new to all this so please forgive me :/ I've tried running the map in Doom95 and jDoom and it didn't work. Are there any ways I can get it to run on these ports? I especially want to host this wad on a zDaemon server so I can play it online (Kind of the reason i made it). If I try to join a server hosting the wad, I get a message from zDaemon telling me the wad should not be hosted, and to get rid of it!
  5. Doomwolf

    Exporting Maps!

    Sure, thanks for your help :) http://www.freewebs.com/doomwolf/Deathring.wad If you want my 13mb one (for whatever reason *shrug* ask me)
  6. Doomwolf

    Exporting Maps!

    ZenNode doesn't actually work when it comes to exporting (which I have just noticed. It says it had to be closed because of an error). bsp-w32.exe seems to work though, and changing the perameters means it doesnt give me any really bad errors. The only message I get now is "NOTE: 54 sidedefs have been copied as a result of sidedefs compression." I tried running the wad, and it still doesn't work for me.
  7. Doomwolf

    Exporting Maps!

    Ok - After creating my map, I did the following :- 1) Click 'File' 2) Click 'Export Map' 3) Type in a file name to export to, and click 'Save' * Message Box Appears * " The nodebuilder did not build the required structures. Please ensure you do not have any errors in your map! Your map will be saved without the nodes " --- I can 'Test Play' the map using zDoom through Doom Builder, and it works fine. Exporting seems to be the problem. --- I've looked at a few things in the Node Configuration pannel (By pressing F5 and clicking the Node tab) but I've had no luck. In WinDue, it creates the wad file with 31 other original Doom 2 maps, making it total up to 13mb
  8. Doomwolf

    Exporting Maps!

    I've used Doom Builder to make a map for Doom2. When it comes to exporting it to a playable wad, it doesnt work. There are no errors in the map, and I've fiddled around with the node builder but have had no avail. So, I thought I'd try using WinDue to export them instead. WinDue sucessfully builds the wad for me, but it totalled up to 13mb! I noticed that WinDue added all the other Doom 2 levels into the wad, as well as my own. So... I have a wad with my level, and 31 other levels too. Are there any ways to get around this? Thanks!