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  1. Ringman

    Freedoom Cyberdemon

    Well, I guess I don't absolutely need them, just a front and side, only 2 frames, but I can always try something out myself. I just gotta get these friggin wings done first, ugh... Who'd a thought flaps of skin would be so tricky.
  2. Ringman

    Freedoom Cyberdemon

    Hey I actually kinda like that, I got some 3d model pieces I made I have lying around that I've been using/reusing for various things I think with some modification of the main torso plus some knew hands and feet and head and I could make something like that. Right now I'm working on some demon wings and then rigging for another project, but as long as you'll let me use the cyberdemon design for my own purposes after I've made him I'll consider giving it a go. I'm nearing the tail end of my school semester here, so there may be a delay on the starting of this, but it'll be useful for my 3d modelling class next semester anyway. Coud you draw a front and side view of the thing (both same size same proportions) that I can use for a modelling reference and throw a bit more detail on the rocket launcher, or get me a picture of something that looks like what you want for it. EDIT: here's the torso I was talking about (simplified for lower detail levels, ignore the head feet and hands) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v409/Ringman/FULLHelmetbody-1.png I can easily add more detail adjust the size of the arms the bulges of the chest etc, and the gloved hands can be easily attached directly to the arms and have nails put on them and have the finger boniness and size modified as well.) but I think this torso after some adjustments will work rather nicely. Not sure the extra detail is too necessary considering the low resolution on doom sprites anyway, but I can bump map it and add things like nipples and veins and more pronounced musculature.
  3. Ringman

    Ending to the Shores Of Hell

    Anybody ever do a good fanfic of the doom story? Something better then the shitty books. It'd be nice to see a genuine fan's interpretation of the plotline.
  4. Ringman

    Ever get critized for playing old school Doom?

    I find it weird how so many people are divided on this. I play doom cuz its fun, but I also play Halo because its also fun. I'll play a rousing game of Battle Front 2 and then switch to a zany game of Dig Dug. Games that were fun years ago are still fun now, just as games now can be just as fun as the ones made years ago. I actually go online looking up information on old obscure systems/ games that I've never played and try to give them a go to so its not about nostalgia. In my personal opinion some of the best games out now are the free ones you can play on Java. Those games are made by people who like to play games. Further more my genre taste is never ending the only genre of games I don't play is adult. So really it always has been and always will be about gameplay. In the long run anyway.
  5. Ringman

    Was the Doom movie good?

    I'm still up for making a doom fan movie some day. Though we'd need some good cgi models or good costumes (as I'm a cheap skate I don't think costumes will fly.) Of course a fan movie would pretty much mean it would be all cgi rendered including the environments and me and my friends playing with guns made out of duct tape and card board shooting energy beams at cg rendered demons. It'd be all shot in front of a green screen. Right now though without the models (currently too busy working on a star wars fan film to make them) its not gonna go anywhere, but if anyone is up for it I prefer 3d studio max models.. :) That and we'd need a script. I'd also thought of doing a flash style doom movie using only the sprites, but I'd still need a script.
  6. Ringman

    the 3rd novel - any good?

    Ok it gets much MUCH worse and all of this is true! There are 2 aliens named sears and roebuck that are perfect mirror versions of each other and connected by an invisible spinal cord. Their EXACT description was "magilla gorilla in a combat suit" People are the only race in the world that actually die. Aliens of other species do not die, but simply sit there lifeless able to see and feel all around them but not able to move until a new host body comes along for them to inhabit and they are actually put in arenas of entertainment to keep them busy until that happens. It actually goes into a whole trip of bs about faith and death and all that. Even a robot is scared because he knows that when he dies there is nowhere for his conscience to go he will just cease to exist. These books are bad! And not even good bad! They are not even good as non doom books! They are just plain silly. AVOID AVOID!
  7. Ringman

    What new monsters would you add?

    Wait, are you serious? Is there a movie out there somewhere with people killing bosses with the fist/chainsaw? Like the spidermastermind or the cyberdemon? I can see how it could be possible with the mancubus or baron/hellknight. Heck I could even see it done with the Revenant or Archvile. The cyberdemon I GUESS would be possible, but extremely annoying and tedious, but HTF would someone kill the spidermastermind with the chainsaw/fist? AND NO BERZERKING EITHER!
  8. Ringman

    Doom RPG

    I've been doing wolf3d mods for a while now, and I'd be interested in making levels for the doom rpg. I just need to buy it and get it running on my computer. If I purchase it, how is it possible for me to download it to my PC? But, yeah count me in.
  9. Ringman

    Doom RPG on PC?

    interesting proposal on making our own doom rpg, I'm not entirely sure how the doom rpg plays, but if we could get doom to mimic that, it'd be cool. I'm up for recoloring the monsters as that only takes an hour at the most. However it appears that they are only using Front view sprites as the dog is from the Mac wolf3d not the PC wolf3d and it uses only front view sprites. I'm up for some of the art end of the project, but as for the rest, I really can't say as I've never played the game. Edit: oops, you said you wanted to make it an ACTUAL FPS, my bad, I thought you meant to recreate the game in doom. Well that wouldn't be as hard, though I guess we could just use scripting to make Monsters of various strengths then. I'm still up for the idea. Another option is to do the DOOM rpg as a fps with the wolf3d engine as it has most of the capabilities to recreate it thanks to all the source modifications out there, and is simpler in mapping and such then doom.
  10. were there any GOOD april fool's jokes on the net? I for one couldn't find any. :(
  11. Ringman

    Doom RPG on PC?

    I would purchase it without a doubt, but it'd be nice if they made it accessible. I mean why not release a pc version, or at least a GBA version?
  12. Ringman

    Doom RPG on PC?

    Anyway to play the doom rpg on a pc? Perhaps using a mobile phone emulator. And do mobile phone emulators exist, and if so where?
  13. Ringman

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    If anyone drops out let me know, I'm interested in possibly trying this....
  14. Ringman

    DoomDragon an new level

    I just wanted to say something. To be honest, I've played to of your maps, and while the architecture was gorgeous, the game play had problems. In one, there were hard to avoid traps of death with no warning signs. And most of the time the monster/ammo count is insanely disproportionate even on easier settings. I don't mean to be an ass, but that's JMO.
  15. Ringman


    Hmm, what about a chaingunner with a berserker? They look pretty beefy. Of course I wonder if a Hellknight is just as strong as a Baron?