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  1. SteveRock


    i'm a beginner, but i've been using Eureka on macOS and it has been good. i love using the trackpad.
  2. i imagine there's some good cheat sheet for WAD makers, like minimum width of hall ways for player to go through, etc. etc. could someone point me to it?
  3. SteveRock

    keeping a monster in a sector(s)?

    thanks all. i tried the "block mons" flag, and it seems to work! i guess the only issue is that flying monsters are also blocked by those lines? not a problem for me, but good to know.
  4. i have a bit of land in a lava pool with a grunt on it. the grunt keeps walking off, into the lava. i know if i raise the land high, the grunt will stay on it, but then the player can't go on it, which i need. that means i can't surround it with a mid-texture either. any way to keep him on it?
  5. wow thanks everyone for the vids! it's always great to see how ppl play the map. i was pleasantly surprised seeing everyone being very cautious about the small tunnel part haha. - the monsters/items aren't done, so that's coming up - maybe make it more obvious that going west of the fort isn't the way to go? altho leaving it there doesn't hurt...you still end up in the north-east of the fort, where you need to be. maybe having two paths is cool, and i can put items on the other path for harder difficulties. - i should add secret triggers thanks again - the DOOM community is clearly welcoming and thriving.
  6. @ScrappyMcDoogerton wow thanks for that playthrough! looks like you were able to find your way around, so that's good. the monsters/items/traps are definitely not done, so stay tuned for that.
  7. updated! please see OP for play test WAD link, new screenies, etc.
  8. SteveRock

    MIDVINE1/2 in DOOM.WAD but not in DOOM2.WAD?

    i see, ok. are there any legal issues with doing that...?
  9. Your profile pic is too adorable i love it!!

    1. SteveRock


      haha thank you! i dabbled a bit in pixel art a while ago, doing various things in the style of "tiny tower"

  10. enjoying this so far! i love the waterfalls, esp the red key on the waterfall in map01. a couple of issues i found: i got stuck in this corner in the first area of map01, had to "idclip" out: i thought this switch could've been more obvious. i missed it the first time and was confused on how to get the red key on the waterfall. depends on the experience you're going for of course! looking forward to playing the rest..
  11. super n00b mapping question here: i want to use some natural textures from DOOM2.WAD, like the new rocks and stuff, but i also want to use MIDVINE1/2 from DOOM.WAD. and..it seems DOOM2.WAD does not have it? i thought DOOM2 just had everything from DOOM1, plus more. is that not the case? should i just bring in MIDVINEs as custom textures into my PWAD?
  12. thank you both for the kind words! yeah, the past week i have been obsessing over this breakup-rock issue. one method that definitely works well, similar to @mrthejoshmon's light levels, is to use overhangs. then you can lower the light level on the sector below (because the overhang is blocking the sunlight) and that breaks it up vertically. so i'll be adding even more of those everywhere - it looks cool in the sky, and the additional overhead detail doesn't clutter the gameplay space. for the bottom half of the screen, terracing is great, but only if the player is high enough to see it. it would be great to have rock textures with a trim, like a layer of snow or sand, so cliff ledges stand out, but at least for now i'll avoid custom textures (not in my skillset anyway). i had less success using other textures for different vertical/depth layers, even allowing myself DOOM2. it just never looked great to me. but i'll give it another shot. embedding pillars is a neat idea i haven't tried yet. could work well with ASHWALL and GRAYVINE...also, the waterfalls in that screenshot are a great idea! gonna borrow it :D i tried the white pebbles for floors, but it's a bit too bright for me. and i think having the floor not match SPROCK too well is actually a benefit, cuz it adds more contrast and helps break things up. thanks for the suggestion tho! @magicsofa thanks re: the avatar! made it myself a while ago..i guess i love constrained art forms :) i have a cacodemon, doom guy, and imp as well.
  13. Aug 2 UPDATE: Draft version ready to play test! Download here. Far from final, only half-decorated and VERY rough monster placement, but the layout and progression is all in. I'd love to see if anyone gets lost or confused about what to do, so if any kind (lost) souls could post a blind playthrough with commentary, that would be gold to me. Essential info: - Single player - IWAD: DOOM2 - MAP01 only - Tested in GZDoom - Limit removing - YES freelook - NO jumping or crouching - would break progression And some updated screenies for fun: ORIGINAL POST i've always loved DOOM and recently decided to get into mapping for fun. this map started out as an exercise in making a cool fort/castle, but right now i'm having tons of fun detailing out the natural features, like caves and canyon walls. No link yet, just screenshots!