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  1. s4f3s3x

    Hell on Ghostrock [DOOM 2]

    What a massacre my boy
  2. s4f3s3x

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    Natural inclination, or talent as you might call it, is a real thing but even then it falls short if enough practice is not put into it. Talented or not, it's always very frustrating to not be able to realize the images or creative purposes you have in your head, and that's where training skills and mastering come into place.
  3. s4f3s3x

    Why is there so much hate for the Unity Port?

    The Unity Port is great to be honest. Some people take it as a source port but it's a misunderstanding of goals in my opinion. The Unity Port does what it should perfectly: introducing new, modern audiences to the world of Classic Doom. - from the small but essential QOL features, to the aesthetic side with its locked low-res look, and finally a taste of the whole core philosophy of the community itself with the decision to give periodically free WADs from the community, which is brilliant. Hell, it is the way I was introduced myself to it... and I played originally on my Android smartphone with a PS4 controller! : )
  4. s4f3s3x

    [cl9] [/idgames] Black Diamond

    This set absolutely crushed me on HMP - expecially those last two maps. Gorgeous work. Arena fights are not really my style - I might give it another shot on ITYTD. Love the aesthetics too much!
  5. Well, I was reading the latest posts about 4x being generally enough so I felt a bit confused. I might have skipped some passage though - it's late : )
  6. Doesn't Nugget has 8x res support already?
  7. s4f3s3x

    The Circle (1-Map, Singleplayer)

    Nice simple, classic map :)
  8. What's the renderer resolution in the Unity port?
  9. s4f3s3x

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    Personal deal breaker: Not having a MacOs release :' )
  10. My WAD is Small , it doesn't take much!
  11. s4f3s3x

    dsda-doom v0.27.4 [2023-11-18]

    I encountered the same issue in DBP59 (on those cliffs' bases with trees) - software VS opengl:
  12. So we can consider it finished and playable as it is now?
  13. No, I mean you have to turn it ON otherwise it's impossible to reach. First time I played, I did at normal conditions and I couldn't get it because I was blocked by the hanging bodies. Also... how the hell do I unlock that SSG? :' ))
  14. Did you happen to test the maps with the option to "walk under solid actors" ON? Because otherwise there's a secret switch in MAP01 that's basically unreachable.