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Status Updates posted by nolongeramnion

  1. ban me :^)
    (preferably also change my name back to anon before banning me so my account blends in more)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Doomkid


      Reply hazy, ask again later

    3. Doomkid


      (I ain't your STEENKING lackey!!)

    4. DiceByte


      Is there something you did that if people found it it would be worse than being banned?

  2. Go forth and rise to life rise, rise, rise, rise
    You will have the freedom to think and choose as you wish

    What do I choose?

    You choose in the moment
    Your life will be shaped around your choices
    And the fight is on, every minute of the day, every action in every way
    Is every creature's expression to be one with it's creator
    From a simple prayer to a senseless murder

  3. Back in my day absolutely no one would put their elbows on the dinner table! and also we didn't have "Linux Doom" or "Slade" we called "modding" doom.exe editing and we had to work to find good mods. those were the days we didn't have any of this fancy "key fob" technology.

  4. will people even remember this in 20 years?image.png.1f421db49398a47bed61fc31b62f7b0f.png

  5. they stole our alien thread, can't have shit in Detroit.

    1. FecalMystAche


      I assume It’s because all the morons that couldn’t help but argue about everything else outside of discussion of the UFOs. 

    2. nolongeramnion


      moron is a strong word, remember aliens only reveal themselves to the pure of heart as they are apart of out eternal past

  6. Today is a progress point of my ever developing perceptual reality


  7. apology for poor english

    when were you when ted kaczynski dies?

    i was sat at home eating butter when dicorb ping

    ‘foss uncle ted is kill’


  8. I loved your moeblob thread

    1. houston


      I liked this thread too, it's a shame I didn't get to participate in time.

    2. heliumlamb


      the caco and Heck Knight are S+ rank moeblobs.

  9. I saw you quoted my're post and it's pretty clear you're in love with me

  10. I wonder if it would be less or more file size to send images through wads

    1. nolongeramnion


      they both are image.png.5c2a41f8f980037b31559b97f573067e.pngon disk so bleh

    2. Alper002


      Maybe if you converted them to the doom image format (and thus limited the color to a particular palette).

      WAD files by themselves don't contain any compression unfortunately.