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  1. I haven't been able to work on my map because I've been constantly having windows related problems, but this isn't a pity party. Just take me off the roster. If I can make it before the deadline AND no one takes the slot, I guess I could return. All this project has really taught me is that I am a massive slacker and I should probably not start off my doom mapping by making promises I can't reach. This isn't a mapping issue, it's a personal issue.
  2. @Johnny Cruelty My map isn't near finished, mostly due to a lack of inspiration and odd quirks with UDB/Doom frustrating me. One of these quirks being that textures don't get hidden when they go above ceiling height. Is there a fix for this, or do I just need to use the full texture?
  3. 1. The secret is a bit simple, but I guess that is accurate to Doom 2. 2. I'm with Johnny here, it is a bit simple, try strategically placing more enemies. 3. Missing textures. Other than that, it works. You got the Doom 2 enemies, you got, "DOOM II", and you have the SSG.
  4. I've gotten a part of the layout done, but I've still been playing around with UBD features.
  5. I think I may take map 17, this would be my first map ever, what I'm thinking is you open a gate in hell that takes a really long time to open and you must fight demons, OR you must break into a castle called doom. Any tips to get started with mapping? Also, I may take to while to make the map, heck, I may ask to opt out.
  6. Ok, after playing a little bit of doom 2 again, it does have some crammed areas, I guess what meant to say was that rooms are crammed with a ton of high tier enemies (like, a lot) and you can just bottleneck em easily.
  7. Doom 2 Map 01 Entryway, the amount of times I have played it just because of mods has gotten it stuck in my head, also, its not a bad one either.
  8. A little late to the party here, (about 2 years) but I'm still doing this anyway. In terms of recreating the maps of changed in doom, you are successful, in terms of making a fun experience, I feel you have failed. All of the combat is really boring (anything with high tier enemies is just mindless BFG with the amount of ammo given) and enemy placement is really crammed up, probably because a lot of areas in changed are small hallways, and doom wasn't really meant to be like that, maybe you could've sacrificed map accuracy for more larger areas. Also, because there isn't any custom text on those intermission cards (its like that thing you see before you enter dead simple, not too sure if that's what you call it though,) the 3 endings at the end of the wad has no reason, though I can assume that's pretty hard to do, make 3 different cards for 3 different endings. One big problem is map 8 seems to be broken (got softlocked in a room and had to use noclip) and the exit doesn't seem to work (unless I'm just stupid) I guess what I'm trying to say is maybe it would've been better if you spent more time on this and made a TC rather than a recreation. I am really sorry if I came off as a mean person, there isn't really any way I can sugarcoat it.