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Status Updates posted by DoomUK

  1. Well, almost. But if I don't make a "I've been on DoomWorld for ten years" thread now I might forget about it in two months' time.

    Yay etc.

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    2. joe-ilya


      Clonehunter said:

      You're still not gonna get a custom title

      You always say this.

    3. Obsidian


      And this one month bump was necessary because.....

    4. Cupboard


      Because he just discovered the blogs section. I remember that golden time.

  2. Dwayne Johnson just raised his eyebrow at me.

    Join me in celebrating this momentous and auspicious occasion, Doomworld.

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    2. Snakes


      For a second here, I thought this thread was going to be about how you finally got to have a slice of pie.

    3. Ralphis


      I've heard that DoomUK prefers strudel

    4. DoomUK


      Snakes said:

      For a second here, I thought this thread was going to be about how you finally got to have a slice of pie.

      Ralphis said:

      I've heard that DoomUK prefers strudel

      Y'all can kiss mah white ass.

      I'm more of a cream doughnuts guy.

  3. So after five years of steadfast service, my 8800GT finally kicked the bucket today. I think it was a slow and painful death; my system has been acting funky for a while, with random freezes, crashes and visual anomalies on the screen, when gaming and when not gaming alike. I've thrown an ancient Geforce 7 in the case, so I can at least come on Doomworld and cry about it.

    I'm now in the market for a new video card. I'm looking for something equivalent in performance to the 8800GT, maybe a tiny bit better. I don't want to spend more than £100. Even if I could afford something better, it's a waste of time seeing as the rest of my hardware is even older and shitter than my late 8800GT.

    Suggestions, anyone?

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    2. DoomUK


      Thanks BlackFish. Newegg doesn't ship to Britonland, but that card goes for around £90 with UK retailers. Seems like it's more powerful on paper, too.

      Got anything even cheaper though? Or am I going to have to try my luck with the second hand market if I want be that thrifty? When I say "I don't want to spend more than £100", that figure is a very generous margin. I didn't expect you to read my mind.

    3. Jodwin


      DoomUK said:

      Thanks BlackFish. Newegg doesn't ship to Britonland, but that card goes for around £90 with UK retailers. Seems like it's more powerful on paper, too.

      It's also worth noting that the 650 drains relatively little power (while 550 Ti, for example, can drain 50W more according to that site!), so it would be a fairly safe bet for your old PSU which has lost some of its power capacity.

    4. ReFracture


      I noticed a few years ago that my eVGA 8800GT runs obnoxiously hot. For some reason the fan just never speeds up past 30%, letting the temps break 80C often in-game. I bet had I not forced it up to 60% (Temps now sit closer to 45C) it would be dead by now.

  4. So I started weight training back in March, after a lifetime of avoiding all fitness-related activities like a tropical disease (as a kid I skived off P.E. in school for a whole year, because I detested it that much). Motivated by a pay cheque, a few years ago I did fairly hard manual labour for a living, but that wasn't exactly the same as a structured and strict exercise regime; heavy things were lifted, but at irregular intervals and not in a dedicated pursuit of building muscle.

    A mere eight months into my newfound love of lifting weights for 60-70 minutes a day, 3 days a week, and I've already seen a lot of improvement. My upper arms have passed the 16" circumference. Hardly massive, even on a 5'11" man, but considering they were a scrawny 14" when pumped before I started training I'd say the hard work has paid off. Chest, shoulders, back and legs have also developed nicely. It's nice to be able to look at a nearly naked DoomUK in the mirror and see something which I'm mildly happy with in the reflection.

    My plan is to keep doing what I'm doing for another four months, and then start to integrate cardio into my workout regime. The muscle I've developed is still covered in a layer of unsightly fat, and while weight training improves your general fitness I'm sure I'd look a lot better (and feel even better) if I cut down my bodyfat percentage a little, even if I have no ambition to be a competing bodybuilder or anything.

    TL;DR: Regularly lifted some cast iron and put it down again using the correct form, got bigger and stronger, felt good.

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    2. DoomUK


      Phobus said:

      I was surprised how much a minor dietary change (eat a bit less, basically) made a huge difference in offsetting my sedentary jobs effect on my waistline, so you might want to consider something like that yourself if fat is an issue even after you've taken up some regular cardio.

      The problem is that eating >2500 calories a day (depending) is vital in building muscle and getting as big as your genetics and other factors permit, if that's your goal.

      I guess I'll have to be much stricter over exactly what I eat, while ingesting the same amount of calories and protein. I've cut out "junk food" a long time ago but I still eat things with sugar and excess fats and other substances not beneficial in the pursuit of fitness. Because it tastes nice. I'll admit, I'm not looking forward to it. So far things have been "fun". Thankfully there's a wealth of dieting guides out there, even if the advice from people who know more than I do is sometimes contradictory and must be cross-referenced constantly.

    3. Phobus


      I can't imagine it's difficult to eat more than 2500 calories per day with a standard diet, TBH. All of that targeted eating is taking the idea a bit far for my own preferences, but I guess if you really want it and have the discipline, might as well have at it.

    4. DoomUK


      Phobus said:

      I can't imagine it's difficult to eat more than 2500 calories per day with a standard diet, TBH

      More difficult than you might think, when you're only an average-sized guy and your stomach has spent the best part of 30 years not being used to it. I never used to eat much when I was younger.

      In hindsight I wish I had taken this stuff up when I was in my teens and my body was still growing, but I can't do crap about that.

  5. The other day I was assisting a friend from Croatia by proofreading something she'd written. Her English is almost flawless but for some minor grammatical errors, and she asked me to help.

    But we got into an argument after I put two spaces after every period she used, something I've done all my life since I was taught to do it that way when I learned to write at school. After I looked it up, it turns out that she was doing it right and double spacing between sentences isn't necessary any more. But it's a difficult habit to get out of after doing it for 25+ years.

    Do you use one space or two?

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    2. Megalyth


      All of them. All of the spaces. Every space. All of the time.

    3. GreyGhost



    4. darkreaver


      One, because two is wrong. Deal with it.

  6. ...as an atheist.

    It 'officially' happened roughly a year ago, after spending my whole life sitting on the fence about my belief in God and the afterlife and whatnot. When I was a kid and my parents dragged me off to church every Sunday morning, I was always confused about how the God everyone in the congregation was worshipping was real and the god(s) people of different faiths were worshipping weren't. God's spiteful attitude was also apparent to me and conflicted with "His love" everyone spoke of. I didn't get any of it at all, but I suppose I bought into it because my parents did. And the idea of going to hell because I didn't believe was a little frightening.

    I maintained my blind faith up until my late teens, when I started to drift into agnosticism. I was still surrounded by Christian people and I was a little ashamed of not being a believer in the sense that they were even if I accepted the concept of god on a philosophical level. As I got older still my confidence in it became weaker, intelligent arguments against the entire idea of god seemed increasingly reasonable, the need for a god seemed less and less. Eventually I announced to myself that I didn't have to sit on the fence or pretend I believed in something that I didn't any more.

    My life is exactly the same. I still have the same insecurities and problems to wrestle with, but not having to drag around a dead carcass and grapple with the quandaries that my old faith presented on top of my other problems feels good. It's nice to be able to see sense without feeling guilty about it.

    I don't suppose this story is unique or even interesting to anyone. I just felt like sharing it.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      As a bible belt atheist, I can understand the pressures that you face. My family eventually found out, but my parents, though mostly devout Christians, are very intelligent and aren't the crazy aggressive type. Outside of the house or occasionally college when I was there though, I don't mention my lack of belief in public.

      I actually still go to church. The thing with Baptist churches is that you can find ones that are much less about dogma and more about socialization and people bringing in good food to eat. Since no one really presses me about my faith, no one knows I lost my faith years ago. I was even asked to serve as a deacon, though I respectfully declined.

      Why do I still go? I still like the people there. I get free coffee. I've also always just found it relaxing. The things I didn't like, like closing my eyes during prayer, or singing the hymns, or feeling guilty that I'm not really listening to the sermon, I just don't do anymore. I lip sync to the hymns, replacing words with "rubber duck" or "hot dog" or whatever else I'm thinking about at the time.

      And yeah, fraggle linked to it, but reddit's atheist community is the biggest on the internet as far as I know. The FAQ he linked is a great resource for material, and if you don't like r/atheism for whatever reason there are other subreddits like r/TrueAtheism that try to have more "mature" discussions.

    3. DoomUK


      I might just host a Halloween party this year and piss my mother off, who takes it quite seriously, by tricking her into attending.

      This morning she said in so many words that I'm going to hell for not believing in Jesus. Fair's fair.

    4. YMB


      fraggle said:

      I think the thing is that I've read a lot of stories about people living in certain parts of America, for whom coming out as an atheist can actually be a huge deal. As in, being on the receiving end of physical abuse, getting kicked out of their parents' house, or shunned by their family and friends. The standing advice in Reddit's r/atheism FAQ for example, is that you shouldn't tell your parents until you're an adult and financially independent. For people in Europe it's less of a big deal, because religion isn't generally taken so seriously by most people.

      It's stuff like this that makes it so outrageous to me that Christians in the USA constantly say they're under attack and are being persecuted, despite holding a majority of the population and more often than not the ones doing the persecuting. If anything, a huge majority of intolerance and discrimination comes from the religious right in this country, not the other parts of society. Of course, I'm sure there have been some cases of super-atheist parents being less than accepting when their son or daughter expresses an interest in going to church or something like that, but more often than not I've seen atheist/non-affiliated parents be much, much more accepting.

  7. Yup, I'm old now.

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    2. Hellbent
    3. baronofheck82


      Happy birthday you old person you :D

    4. Sharessa


      I'm less than 2 years behind you, if that's any consolation.

  8. I'm going to throw this out there in the vague hope that someone has a suggestion based on my admittedly vague description of the problem I'm having.

    For the past year or so my (DSL) internet connection has been crapping out sporadically. Everything can be working fine for several days, weeks, perhaps months, but then it starts randomly disconnecting every ~10 minutes and my download and upload speeds are badly affected. It's a 10Mb line (1Mb upload) but the speeds are reduced to dial-up levels of slowness (this is noticeable while looking at web pages, playing games, downloading torrents, watching YT videos, everything). Currently it's in one of these bad moods and hitting the Preview Post button means waiting a painful amount of time to preview my post.

    Of course I've contacted my ISP (British Telecom) about this, who are, conveniently, also the owners of the physical land line and responsible for maintaining it, and thus far I've had three engineers visit my property and inspect the line and my equipment. All of them reported no problems at all. I don't know whether they were doing their job thoroughly (they're the engineers, not me), but I have to take their word for it I guess. As the problem is sporadic they weren't here at a time when the problems were occurring, and I can't make an appointment with my ISP at arrange a visit when it's going to happen next, because I don't know when it will happen next. Sod's Law states that if I arrange a visit right now, the problem will go away when the engineer gets here.

    I've gone through all the obvious/common sense stuff, with and without the advice of a professional. Swapped the line filters, swapped all necessary cables, tried several different routers. There's also two PCs in the house, both connected to my router via Ethernet, both experience the same crap. I also got a friend to bring his notebook here to test it, same story.

    Maybe it will resolve itself tonight and be fine for the next few months. Maybe it will stay like this for days or weeks on end. I can't tell. But if anyone has any suggestions or ideas about what the fuck might be causing this I would be most grateful.

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    2. DoomUK


      fraggle said:

      Yeah, you're doing that wrong. That's if you download 50GB during the daytime (ie. peak). I think I have mine set to 3GB daytime, 50GB offpeak, which comes to £23.90 if you have BT 21CN.

      Oh, duh. That's actually less than what I'm paying BT. And a 50GB cap would be sufficient for me.

      So what level of technical proficiency is required with this ISP?

    3. fraggle


      DoomUK said:

      Oh, duh. That's actually less than what I'm paying BT. And a 50GB cap would be sufficient for me.

      So what level of technical proficiency is required with this ISP?

      Well, I said in my previous comment that you need to know what you're doing. They're a small company and the expectation is that you can figure things out and do things for yourself. Don't expect any hand-holding. I think most of their customers are probably engineers or system administrators.

      If that isn't for you, it's probably still worth shopping around for a different ISP. There used to be a really good webpage for reviewing UK ISPs but I forget what it was called now.

      EDIT: I may be overstating the difficulty - I just don't want to sell you on something that will end up causing you problems. For me my experience was that I went to the website, ordered DSL, they sent me a preconfigured router that I plugged in and everything worked fine. YMMV.

    4. SYS


      Does your ISP assign you a public address static or is it via DHCP?

      If you're being throttled you can try getting a different address in the subnet. With some ISPs it's as easy as /release & /renew. Others you can get a new address if you leave the modem unplugged for a couple days. (impractical)

      Only say this as I doubt the ACLs or whatever they use to throttle will affect the entire subnet.

  9. Because I think Doomworld needs one of these. Can't recall there ever being one either. Post whatever random thought(s) you're thinking right now and wish to share.

    Need to start fitting in some cardio into my workout regime. Also need to stop clicking on the 4chan bookmark in my bookmarks folder in the vain hope that it's online again, just because I need my fix of mindlessness to counterbalance the seriousness of today. Also wish I was in the pub.

    Are bars ever called pubs outside of the British Isles?

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    2. Hellbent


      Sodaholic said:

      ur alcholc, helbnt

      everything about 40oz post is what I like about going to bars, well, except maybe creepy dudes wanting to be my friends or gays hitting on me.

      A friend from Germany was living in the states for a year. We went to a Bruce Springsteen concert and visited an autistic mentally retarded adult we both had the privelege of caring for at his new home in the Poconos and that was a source of bonding for us. But this trip was over a year ago. Couple nights ago he drunk dials me from Germany! What the... ? anyway, he had a girlfriend during the year he was in the states, so I'm not too worried about it. O.O

      I've been mulling over the idea of creating "The Bumper Sticker FTFY Thread". Until then here is a bumper sticker that needs fixing: "No more farms, No more food." Should read: "No small farms. No real food."

      Why do birds shit all over my car all the time? I am serious. My car always has multiple white shit stains on it. The only time it doesn't is after a good rain. But then three hours later they'll be new shit on it. I don't see other cars driving around plastered in bird shit. Why do birds feel such a strong need to use my car as a repository?

    3. DoomUK


      Hellbent said:

      Why do birds shit all over my car all the time? I am serious. My car always has multiple white shit stains on it. The only time it doesn't is after a good rain. But then three hours later they'll be new shit on it. I don't see other cars driving around plastered in bird shit. Why do birds feel such a strong need to use my car as a repository?

      Do you park under a tree or somewhere else where they like to hang out?

    4. Hellbent


      DoomUK said:

      Do you park under a tree or somewhere else where they like to hang out?

      Not really, no. It's probably their way of trying to let me know that I really need to get a new car.

  10. http://andphilosophy.com/the-books/

    ^ Came across this site the other day. The Twilight and Metallica ones initially made me think it might be a spoof website, but apparently it's legit because you can buy these books on Amazon etc. I know a true philosopher will tell you that philosophy is everywhere, but I have a hard time imagining who would take the insipid plot of Twilight so seriously.

    Anyway, has anyone heard about or read any of them? I like pop culture and I like philosophy so I'd love to give one of these books a go. The Terminator and Lost ones particularly interest me.

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    2. Maes


      DuckReconMajor said:

      I don't understand. Those people have set goals: create better computer hardware, sell more stock etc. Philosophers, among other things, try to find ideas on what the overall goals of humanity should be.

      Depending on who you believe, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did some of both. Well, with a particular emphasis on the selling part.

      If you are looking for a "pure" representative of the "set goals" category, think Steve Wozniak or Jeff Minter. A pure representative of the philosophy category would be Richard Stallman or Dijkstra.

      The catch is that "pure" engineers are seldom famous outside of nerd cycles, and "pure" modern-day philosophers are seldom known outside their communities, unlike Gates and Jobs, even though the latter ultimately boil down to salesmen.

    3. Phml


      Who said anything about "serious study"? And why would you care if it's a worthless way to spend your time anyway?

      All I'm saying is, when philosophy is the name of the game, I don't really see a difference in value between Lost, Terminator and Twilight. To imply things you dislike are worse than things you like on an intellectual level just strikes me as funny when we're talking about popular culture, designed to appeal to our lowest instincts.

      I don't understand. Those people have set goals: create better computer hardware, sell more stock etc. Philosophers, among other things, try to find ideas on what the overall goals of humanity should be.

      (In addition to what Maes said...)

      Entrepreneurs don't sell stock. You're thinking of brokers. Entrepreneurs are people who create value and businesses (plural being key).

      Philosophy is first and foremost about figuring out the universe, no matter how the modern world twisted its original meaning. You can't understand the universe if you don't get its laws. There's a reason most important philosophers from the past were also groundbreaking mathematicians.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      When I said stock I meant like merchandise not like wall street heh.

      And okay I see what you're saying. I thought you meant that through these professions, they are being philosophers. And yes I agree with Maes I consider those people to be philosophers too.

      Have you guys read Plato's Republic? It does discuss a lot of these questions. (And yes, Plato/Socrates felt that math/mathematicians were essential to philosophy)

  11. So I'm a little late with this, but did anyone listen to Illud Divinum Insanus? The latest album from one of the greatest and most influential death metal bands ever? I don't listen to as much metal as I once did but whenever a big release like this comes along I always check it out (even if I'm several months behind everyone else).

    I don't even know what to say. It's like they deliberately tried to make the worst album they could. Or at best they attempted to diversify their sound but the idea fell flat on it's face yet was released anyway. Comparing this album to Altars of Madness, Blessed are the Sick, Covenant, or indeed any of their previous efforts feels like you're listing to two different artists.

    What happened?

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      It makes me think of HR Giger's Aliens artwork.

      Also pretty sure Gateways the heaviest album ever. Yes, ever. I have several friends who agree.

    3. DoomUK


      Super Jamie said:

      Also pretty sure Gateways the heaviest album ever. Yes, ever. I have several friends who agree.

      You're probably right about that. I'd still take the composition and variety of their earlier work over the sheer heaviness of Gateways, though.

    4. darkreaver


      Gateways have tons of cool riffs, but that drum sound...wtf. So shitty.

      I listened to a couple of songs off the newest album, nad...no need to listen more to it, to say the least.

      Best MA album is Altars of Madness, by FAR. I also love myself some good old bootleg vids when Mike Browning did the drumming and vocals. Awesome!

  12. At 29.

    Don't want to insult anyone who is younger than I am and who maybe has bigger problems than I do, but certain things are expected out of a 29-and-a-half year old that aren't expected out of someone 10 years or more younger than me. I don't make the rules. Go and take it up with society and it's complicated social conventions and whoever wrote the unwritten laws of being an adult.

    I went to the shop the other night and a really pretty women was standing around near the counter looking like she was ready to go and pay for her stuff but still undecided whether there was anything else she needed. In her 20's, slim, around 5'6", shoulder length dark hair, gorgeous facial features. Pretty perfect on the surface. As I only wanted some beers and a new lighter from behind the counter I asked her if she was waiting to pay, then she looked at me and we exchanged eye contact for a second before she replied "No" nervously and shyly looked at the floor. If I was a charming motherfucker I would have then said something witty and/or friendly to break the ice, in order to get into some small talk, in order to figure out whether she was actually interested or not. But instead I just asked the guy behind the counter for my beers and lighter, paid for my stuff and walked out.

    I know a shop isn't a place typically associated with meeting people, and she might not have even been open and communicative even if I was Brad Pitt himself. And I wouldn't have even minded if I had talked to her, asked her if she wanted to go and get a drink sometime but had turned me down. After a lifetime of being single and last locking lips with a girl 10 years ago, I'm used to being alone. Sort of. But what really, really bothers me is my social retardedness and inability to create conversation. Not just with a hot chick but with any human being, except people who I've known for many years and who I'm super comfortable with. I'm that guy who, if you asked to the party, would just sit in the corner silently sipping on his glass of whatever and trying to look like he's enjoying himself but instead looking awkward and uncomfortable and possibly spoiling the mood.

    Social phobia (medically diagnosed, not just an excuse I made up for myself) means I don't get a lot of practice. After forcing myself to go out and have fun for years but failing to conquer my social ineptitude I eventually gave up. Quit my job, went on benefits and became a shutin, virtually. Occasionally venturing out of the house to get groceries and a few cans of beer every once in a while. I have my better days where I'm feeling fairly confident about myself but I'm generally pretty miserable. A friend insists I go back to therapy and get a grip on everything once and for all, but talking to a total stranger about intimate stuff isn't easy when just getting there is what constitutes much of my problems in the first place. Maybe that's supposed to be therapeutic, but it doesn't work.

    I'm not jealous of other people's lives but there's so much I could have done and be doing with my own life. Many of my old school buddies are in good jobs and are married with kids, and I'm just sitting here in a state of depression posting on the internet about how much life sucks.

    Oh well, that's enough opening up for one day. Posting this shit was cathartic, even if no one reads or cares.

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    2. printz


      Your current avatar appears to fit your current mood. Actually, it almost sounds like self-pity, but I can't tell what your tone really is, from text. If it's self-pity, I'll be blunt and simple: stop being so. It's a directly negative mood which must be avoided at all costs.

    3. 40oz


      Well, I guess my best suggestion is to have a little more faith in yourself. Ultimately there's a reason why you do the things you wanna do. It doesn't make you weird.

      I don't think my fiance is a really rare breed. I'm pretty sure if we had been in high school together, I wouldn't even have associated myself with her. She was tough, loud, obnoxious at times. She went to a lot of parties and had tons of friends and apparently was a very very mean person to some people. Probably wouldn't have gotten along with her very well at all. I think we just happened to meet at the right place at the right time.

      Since talking to her so much about my interest in doom and making levels for it, I've been more comfortable telling other people about it, and it's been surprisingly pretty well-recieved by most people. Years ago I would have imagined everyone thinking "What a fucking nerd!" but the real truth is there are few people who wouldn't care about something you are interested in if you are proud enough to talk about it.

      Have you ever been in a situation where you were with two other people talking about a subject you didn't know anything about, but you resisted the urge to ask questions because you didn't want to appear oblivious, stupid, or uneducated? Sometimes just nodding in agreement but not really contributing to the discussion? Whenever you think you're sharing an awkward experience with someone, imagine that the other person is currently feeling that way. Don't let them feel that way because that feeling sucks. Clue them in with whatever you've been doing, and break it down in such a way that they will be able to grasp what ever it is you'd like to talk about in a way so that they can feel involved.

    4. DoomUK


      printz said:

      Actually, it almost sounds like self-pity, but I can't tell what your tone really is, from text

      Then why are you conjecturing?

      But to clear it up, my mood is juxtaposed self-pity and forward-thinking positivity. Yes, there are aspects of myself and my life that I'm unhappy with I hate and can't do anything to fix immediately. Some of which I'll probably never fix. But I've recently got back into lifting weights and exercising which has had an enormously positive effect in other ways, even if it doesn't solve everything. So yeah, the good and bad balance out I guess.

  13. Mum: What's this on my computer? I had an email from my bank telling me that my bank account has been locked until I fill out this online form with my bank account details.

    Me: *looks* That's not an email from your bank. That's a scam in which someone pretends to be your bank and tricks you into giving out your bank account details. If you log onto your actual online bank account you'll see that everything is fine.

    Mum: Oh. But it's my bank's webpage showing.

    Me: That's not your bank's webpage. It's a phoney webpage that looks like your bank's webpage. That's part of how the scam works.

    Mum: So what do I do?

    Me: You didn't submit your details did you?

    Mum: Yes.

    Me: Then you need to phone your bank, explain to them what happened and they should be able to rectify things before someone steals your money.

    Mum: Okay.


    Mum: Well thank the Lord I looked at my emails!

    Me: Huh?

    Mum: Well if I hadn't seen that email I wouldn't have been able to fix it!

    Me: Why not thank me for being around to tell you when you're being scammed, or at least thank the Lord for me being around to tell you this stuff?

    Mum: Well yes, but if I hadn't seen my emails I wouldn't have seen it!

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    2. DoomUK


      DuckReconMajor said:

      What I got from it is that she thinks the people who sent the email DoomUK told her was a scam had already compromised her account and that if she hadn't gotten the scam email she wouldn't know these bad people have taken over her account.

      No no, she didn't even know she'd been scammed until I explained to her how the scam worked and after she'd given them her details.

      It's almost like saying "I'm thankful (to God) my car broke down, otherwise it would have never been fixed!". I honestly wouldn't put it past my mother to apply that kind of insane logic in that event.

    3. Grazza


      You do often hear people thanking God for saving people from some catastrophe, despite them viewing that very catastrophe as an "act of God". So there is a kind of consistency in the lack of logic.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Better than North Korea. Western doctors come and perform cataract surgery on blind people. The blind people can suddenly see again and thank a photograph of their leader who died in 1994. I'm sure you know.

      (then again is it better? at least there's proof Kim Il-Sung existed)

  14. When I was a kid I loved Christmas. I was fortunate enough to have many an awesome Christmas where Mum and Dad would usually buy me something really cool. For instance I'll never forget that one year as a child where I tore the wrapping of an undisclosed large square box to be greeted with a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), and a smaller present which revealed itself as a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. Good times.

    Flash forward 18 years. All I could think of when I was erecting and decorating the ceremonial faux-conifer the other day was "Why am I doing this every year?". I'm also failing to see the point of sending bits of printed cardboard with a reproduced picture on the front in the mail to people who I barely even know and I'm sure wouldn't notice if I vanished off the face of the earth, just because it's the tradition to do so.

    If I had a family of my own, I would enjoy Christmas for the sake of my children and I would take immense pleasure in buying them presents. But I'm a single guy and the only reason I don't completely abandon all celebration at Christmas is because it's the one time of year where I can buy myself a bottle of whisky or something and not feel guilty for spending £20 on a bottle of booze that's going to last a few days at most. The tree gets put up because I'm not the only person living in this house and others like to see it decorated.

    Do most people have this epiphany at a younger age than 29? Or do most people genuinely enjoy Christmas and it's just me that doesn't? Or am I not considering the different cultures around the world, many of which don't even celebrate Christmas by default? Or should I stop making pointless threads in Blogs and go and help some desperate people somewhere?

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    2. Use


      I like buying my friends presents or my nieces/nephew, that's about it. Siblings are dispersed since the folks are gone and they've got their own families. There's too many of us for gift giving anyway so we knocked that off years ago.

    3. AndrewB


      I'm exactly like you, except I don't bother to decorate my apartment or send out Christmas cards because it's stupid.

      Also, yesterday (in front of several people) I swore on my mother's grave that I would never buy a gift card.

      Also, why do people say "on my mother's grave" when their mother is still alive and doesn't have a grave, and might possibly never be buried in a grave?

    4. GreyGhost


      I think the inference is that God will strike your mother down (with a lightning bolt, plague of carpet beetles or whatever) if you don't keep your word.

      Wouldn't say I hate Christmas but it has become pretty much a non-event for me.

  15. In another 12 months I will be 30. I've accomplished absolutely nothing with my life, and if I were to cease to exist at this precise moment in time, my presence would not be missed. I wish I was speaking in a hyperbolic tone, here, but I'm quite serious and entirely accurate in the way I appraise the value of my existence.

    Anyone know this feel? Or is the rest of Doomworld a much more optimistic, resourceful, appreciated and self-appreciating crowd?

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Oh no DoomUK has fallen.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Hitler was productive, continue to be unproductive and drink beer.

    4. DoomUK


      40oz said:

      I think your posts in my own blogs explain why you feel this way.


      Huh? The only thing I said in your blog was that it's a little hypocritical to go on an internet forum just to berate people who spend their time on internet forums :p (and I stand by that point)

      Anyway, the "celebration" of by birth date is nearly over. Thank shit. Tomorrow will feel like a return to normality somehow, even though haven't actually partied or anything.

  16. ...and I wanted to try it out.

    I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this post and go on to live a richer life as a consequence of reading it.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T



    3. Planky


      Csonicgo said:

      You sir have a Logitech don't you? I have a logitech K120 and it does this.

      Yes sir. K200. Indeed.

    4. Vaporizer



  17. A thread for any guitarists on here to talk about guitars and the playing of them. Electric, acoustic, whatever styles you're into, share your stories, tips and tricks, tell us about your gear, favourite tunings etc. Bassists are welcome, too.

    I'm a hobbyist. I've been playing guitar for about four years, on and off. I guess a lack of perseverance and and a lack of money to be able to afford any tutoring means that I can't play certain stuff that I really ought to be able to after the length of time I've been practicing, but I have fun with what I can do. It's not like I'm in competition with anyone, and I'm too old to consider/fantasize about becoming a professional musician so I just enjoy pissing around with stuff.

    My equipment leaves much to be desired. A Squier Strat' (currently C#, lowest it will go without modifying it to accommodate super heavy gauge strings), some 15-watt Marshall practice amp and a Digitech distortion pedal. I swear better gear would inspire me to become a player; I'd love to be able to at least afford a really nice amplifier but I have to make do with what I've got. C'est la vie.

    So, yeah. Let's go.

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    2. darkreaver


      Mr. Freeze said:

      You thought wrong.

      Any solidbody electric guitar is capable of getting a death metal sound. Hell, the first death metal album ever released ("Seven Churches" by Possessed) has a SSS Strat on all the guitar tracks. You don't need Yet Another EMG/ESP/Ampeg Setup in order to get a good crushing sound.

      Well, he thought right, but as there are differencies in the sound of different guitars, its almost all about the pickups and the amps thats used.
      Also, I want a more "old school" sound, so old and "not that metal`ish guitars" are perfect for that :)
      I also use the original pickups that came with the Strat. Makes the sound dirty as hell when I crank the gain/dist to the max on the amp ;P

      Also using the neck-pickup only when playing metal on a Strat is...interesting :D Extremely low end sound with a _lot_ of punch

    3. Ed


      I bounce around between musical genres too much and have never really mastered any. Folk, metal, rockabilly, surf. I have a Mexi Fat Strat and a Seagull S6. The Seagull wasn't really what I was intending to buy. As nice as the Martin/Taylors I tried out, they have a more earthy, woody sound whereas I wanted something with a more subdued low end with that nice high end sparkle the Seagulls have. It's a beautiful sounding guitar, especially for the price tag.

      Working at a guitar store for 4 years, you tend to get your hands on damn near everything over time. The short summary of guitars I've owned:

      Epiphone Prophecy EX - Really don't dig the EMGS. I find the passive Dimarzio Evolutions are just as hot but maintain the tone of the instrument. An EMG 81/85 setup would sound exactly the same in a BC Rich or a plank of particle board. It was next to free so I gave it a day in court.

      1985 BC Rich NJ Warlock - Awful stock pick-ups and all and all terrible electronics. Globs of burnt solder everywhere, terribly made guitar.

      1968 Ideal Semi-hollow - Back in the 1960s, Gretch had the marketing concept "A product in every isle" and sold their designs off to Japanese manufacturers which would be listed in a catalog with no brand markings. Sears carried the guitar under their Ideal line for a few years. Cheap guitar, but a really cool trans-green burst. It's a wall hanger.

      Zakk Wylde Signature Gibson Les Paul - HEAVY AS A BASTARD(!!!) I know, Wylde is a tool and I had a good mind to paint it over in flat black but at the end of the day, it was definitely a quality axe all around (besides the EMGs). I just couldn't ever play it in public. A landlord sold it to me for $200 after his renter left all his gear behind. Traded it for a Juno-106.

      Countless Ibanez axes - SDGR basses, Artcore hollow bodies.. the thing with Ibanez is you can get an axe that you can leave to your grand kids.. OR, in 90% of the cases the electronics are absolutely piss poor. You'd better learn how to solder if you buy Ibanez. To be honest, Ibanez is really garbage all around. Not to sound like too much of a cynic.. but the only things Ibanez got right is the Iceman and the Jem.. and the Jems are all ugly as sin.

      Danelectro U2 - Badass surf machine. Prefer the Jags or Strats, but those muted surf 'thunks'... I miss that guitar.

      Countless Mexi Strats. I refuse to pay Fender's price tag for the American counterpart. You can pay $300 for a Strat made by a Mexican in Mexico or $1,100 for a Strat made by a Mexican in America. Not to mention the clear coat that was originally used in earlier Strats is illegal to spray in America.. Environmental restrictions are a bit more lenient south of the border. The sprayed clear coat in a Mexi Strat isn't a brittle, doesn't chip as easy and actually has more flex to it which affects the sustain slightly.. not like a Strat has too much of that anyway.

      Dozens more.. really, a new guitar every week. We shoveled the snow off the sidewalk with an EvH because we could. At the end of the day, I'm a Strat guy all the way, can't beat em. A H/S/S Strat with a BBE sonic maximiser, BOSS Comp and a half-way decent tube amp and it's a metal machine all day long. I really dig the Celtic Frost, doomy sound they pull off.

    4. TimeOfDeath666


      I've been playing since 1995. When I was starting out, I learned a few things from friends, like how to play "glycerine" by bush, and stuff like that, but other than that I haven't taken lessons and am basically self-taught. I found it really helped me to learn songs by my favourite bands and try to play along to the cd, and it was really fun too. Like playing along to Slayer or something was hella fun back in the day. It also really helped to try to figure the songs out by myself instead of reading tabs. And it also helped to write songs myself.

      I've never been really into gear and stuff. Like, I don't care what kind of guitar I use or what kind of wood it's made out of or whatever. I just use what I got. I'd love to have all awesome gear, but shit is expensive so I don't worry about it. At the moment I have a Jackson something or other and a Marshall half-stack amp (not sure how big the speakers are). I don't use effects pedals anymore. I always use PowerTab for writing songs. I sit in front of the computer with my guitar and start making the song on the guitar, then I'll write the riffs out in powertab until it's how I want it, then I'll write more riffs on guitar, etc.