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  1. Mum: What's this on my computer? I had an email from my bank telling me that my bank account has been locked until I fill out this online form with my bank account details.

    Me: *looks* That's not an email from your bank. That's a scam in which someone pretends to be your bank and tricks you into giving out your bank account details. If you log onto your actual online bank account you'll see that everything is fine.

    Mum: Oh. But it's my bank's webpage showing.

    Me: That's not your bank's webpage. It's a phoney webpage that looks like your bank's webpage. That's part of how the scam works.

    Mum: So what do I do?

    Me: You didn't submit your details did you?

    Mum: Yes.

    Me: Then you need to phone your bank, explain to them what happened and they should be able to rectify things before someone steals your money.

    Mum: Okay.


    Mum: Well thank the Lord I looked at my emails!

    Me: Huh?

    Mum: Well if I hadn't seen that email I wouldn't have been able to fix it!

    Me: Why not thank me for being around to tell you when you're being scammed, or at least thank the Lord for me being around to tell you this stuff?

    Mum: Well yes, but if I hadn't seen my emails I wouldn't have seen it!

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    2. DoomUK


      DuckReconMajor said:

      What I got from it is that she thinks the people who sent the email DoomUK told her was a scam had already compromised her account and that if she hadn't gotten the scam email she wouldn't know these bad people have taken over her account.

      No no, she didn't even know she'd been scammed until I explained to her how the scam worked and after she'd given them her details.

      It's almost like saying "I'm thankful (to God) my car broke down, otherwise it would have never been fixed!". I honestly wouldn't put it past my mother to apply that kind of insane logic in that event.

    3. Grazza


      You do often hear people thanking God for saving people from some catastrophe, despite them viewing that very catastrophe as an "act of God". So there is a kind of consistency in the lack of logic.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Better than North Korea. Western doctors come and perform cataract surgery on blind people. The blind people can suddenly see again and thank a photograph of their leader who died in 1994. I'm sure you know.

      (then again is it better? at least there's proof Kim Il-Sung existed)