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  1. The other day I was assisting a friend from Croatia by proofreading something she'd written. Her English is almost flawless but for some minor grammatical errors, and she asked me to help.

    But we got into an argument after I put two spaces after every period she used, something I've done all my life since I was taught to do it that way when I learned to write at school. After I looked it up, it turns out that she was doing it right and double spacing between sentences isn't necessary any more. But it's a difficult habit to get out of after doing it for 25+ years.

    Do you use one space or two?

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    2. Megalyth


      All of them. All of the spaces. Every space. All of the time.

    3. GreyGhost



    4. darkreaver


      One, because two is wrong. Deal with it.