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  1. A thread for any guitarists on here to talk about guitars and the playing of them. Electric, acoustic, whatever styles you're into, share your stories, tips and tricks, tell us about your gear, favourite tunings etc. Bassists are welcome, too.

    I'm a hobbyist. I've been playing guitar for about four years, on and off. I guess a lack of perseverance and and a lack of money to be able to afford any tutoring means that I can't play certain stuff that I really ought to be able to after the length of time I've been practicing, but I have fun with what I can do. It's not like I'm in competition with anyone, and I'm too old to consider/fantasize about becoming a professional musician so I just enjoy pissing around with stuff.

    My equipment leaves much to be desired. A Squier Strat' (currently C#, lowest it will go without modifying it to accommodate super heavy gauge strings), some 15-watt Marshall practice amp and a Digitech distortion pedal. I swear better gear would inspire me to become a player; I'd love to be able to at least afford a really nice amplifier but I have to make do with what I've got. C'est la vie.

    So, yeah. Let's go.

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    2. darkreaver


      Mr. Freeze said:

      You thought wrong.

      Any solidbody electric guitar is capable of getting a death metal sound. Hell, the first death metal album ever released ("Seven Churches" by Possessed) has a SSS Strat on all the guitar tracks. You don't need Yet Another EMG/ESP/Ampeg Setup in order to get a good crushing sound.

      Well, he thought right, but as there are differencies in the sound of different guitars, its almost all about the pickups and the amps thats used.
      Also, I want a more "old school" sound, so old and "not that metal`ish guitars" are perfect for that :)
      I also use the original pickups that came with the Strat. Makes the sound dirty as hell when I crank the gain/dist to the max on the amp ;P

      Also using the neck-pickup only when playing metal on a Strat is...interesting :D Extremely low end sound with a _lot_ of punch

    3. Ed


      I bounce around between musical genres too much and have never really mastered any. Folk, metal, rockabilly, surf. I have a Mexi Fat Strat and a Seagull S6. The Seagull wasn't really what I was intending to buy. As nice as the Martin/Taylors I tried out, they have a more earthy, woody sound whereas I wanted something with a more subdued low end with that nice high end sparkle the Seagulls have. It's a beautiful sounding guitar, especially for the price tag.

      Working at a guitar store for 4 years, you tend to get your hands on damn near everything over time. The short summary of guitars I've owned:

      Epiphone Prophecy EX - Really don't dig the EMGS. I find the passive Dimarzio Evolutions are just as hot but maintain the tone of the instrument. An EMG 81/85 setup would sound exactly the same in a BC Rich or a plank of particle board. It was next to free so I gave it a day in court.

      1985 BC Rich NJ Warlock - Awful stock pick-ups and all and all terrible electronics. Globs of burnt solder everywhere, terribly made guitar.

      1968 Ideal Semi-hollow - Back in the 1960s, Gretch had the marketing concept "A product in every isle" and sold their designs off to Japanese manufacturers which would be listed in a catalog with no brand markings. Sears carried the guitar under their Ideal line for a few years. Cheap guitar, but a really cool trans-green burst. It's a wall hanger.

      Zakk Wylde Signature Gibson Les Paul - HEAVY AS A BASTARD(!!!) I know, Wylde is a tool and I had a good mind to paint it over in flat black but at the end of the day, it was definitely a quality axe all around (besides the EMGs). I just couldn't ever play it in public. A landlord sold it to me for $200 after his renter left all his gear behind. Traded it for a Juno-106.

      Countless Ibanez axes - SDGR basses, Artcore hollow bodies.. the thing with Ibanez is you can get an axe that you can leave to your grand kids.. OR, in 90% of the cases the electronics are absolutely piss poor. You'd better learn how to solder if you buy Ibanez. To be honest, Ibanez is really garbage all around. Not to sound like too much of a cynic.. but the only things Ibanez got right is the Iceman and the Jem.. and the Jems are all ugly as sin.

      Danelectro U2 - Badass surf machine. Prefer the Jags or Strats, but those muted surf 'thunks'... I miss that guitar.

      Countless Mexi Strats. I refuse to pay Fender's price tag for the American counterpart. You can pay $300 for a Strat made by a Mexican in Mexico or $1,100 for a Strat made by a Mexican in America. Not to mention the clear coat that was originally used in earlier Strats is illegal to spray in America.. Environmental restrictions are a bit more lenient south of the border. The sprayed clear coat in a Mexi Strat isn't a brittle, doesn't chip as easy and actually has more flex to it which affects the sustain slightly.. not like a Strat has too much of that anyway.

      Dozens more.. really, a new guitar every week. We shoveled the snow off the sidewalk with an EvH because we could. At the end of the day, I'm a Strat guy all the way, can't beat em. A H/S/S Strat with a BBE sonic maximiser, BOSS Comp and a half-way decent tube amp and it's a metal machine all day long. I really dig the Celtic Frost, doomy sound they pull off.

    4. TimeOfDeath666


      I've been playing since 1995. When I was starting out, I learned a few things from friends, like how to play "glycerine" by bush, and stuff like that, but other than that I haven't taken lessons and am basically self-taught. I found it really helped me to learn songs by my favourite bands and try to play along to the cd, and it was really fun too. Like playing along to Slayer or something was hella fun back in the day. It also really helped to try to figure the songs out by myself instead of reading tabs. And it also helped to write songs myself.

      I've never been really into gear and stuff. Like, I don't care what kind of guitar I use or what kind of wood it's made out of or whatever. I just use what I got. I'd love to have all awesome gear, but shit is expensive so I don't worry about it. At the moment I have a Jackson something or other and a Marshall half-stack amp (not sure how big the speakers are). I don't use effects pedals anymore. I always use PowerTab for writing songs. I sit in front of the computer with my guitar and start making the song on the guitar, then I'll write the riffs out in powertab until it's how I want it, then I'll write more riffs on guitar, etc.