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Everything posted by AdAmIzEr

  1. AdAmIzEr

    I'm making a clan wanna join?

    There are too many clans as it is. The Doom Community doesnt have that many people in it anyway.
  2. AdAmIzEr

    What are rods?

    Eh? Rods?
  3. AdAmIzEr

    Which Source-Port is best?

    Doomsday engine or Jdoom Md2 Support and eyecandy galore 0_0
  4. AdAmIzEr

    Dukes Shrink ray

    I thought it be cool if the freezer could work on doom :)
  5. AdAmIzEr

    Best Rock Opera

    Im sorry rock sucks
  6. AdAmIzEr

    Q2 theme mods

    I had a idea...if jdoom uses quake 2 models...then why dont they have a addon pack that lets u use quake 2 weapons?
  7. AdAmIzEr

    Lookie At The Lock And Load

    it friggin' crashes at the start of the levels :-/
  8. AdAmIzEr

    Who's On Speed?

    Im On Speed.. Adderal XR 0_0!
  9. AdAmIzEr

    Lookie At The Lock And Load

    Bah That Thing Never Works.... Color map is always fucked up
  10. AdAmIzEr

    ZETH Is A Zither

    hmm i hit u with mustard....im sorry about that dawg..
  11. AdAmIzEr

    I'm making a clan wanna join?

  12. AdAmIzEr

    The Doom Movie, For Real This Time?

    O HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!
  13. What Do You Guys/Girls Do For A Living? Ling Im Really Curious What Do You Do? I Go To School. 9th Grade.. I Want To Be A Computer Programmer.
  14. He prolly meant the end of 2002 not 2001 >:)
  15. AdAmIzEr

    AK-47 no hope to find it

    go to ammunation in portland,stuntain island,or shoreside vale u can buy ak47 there
  16. AdAmIzEr

    Why is my ping so high?

    In The Console Type "Rate 1" (just like that no quotes) that should fix your problem
  17. AdAmIzEr

    How do i put my modified sprites into doom 2??

    WinSeX Is A Good Program
  18. AdAmIzEr

    Damnation Doom E1M1 Flash

    Has Anyone Beat That Stoopid Neck Grabbin' Zombie?!?!?!? Its Almost Impossible. I Cant Get Past it. I Think Its Too Hard
  19. AdAmIzEr

    Your ST wishlist

  20. AdAmIzEr

    Source Port Demos

    Is there a source port that can record demos that can be played back by doom2.exe? I can't get sound in doom2.exe cause of the irq and dma of my sound card. Anyone Have Any Ideas?
  21. AdAmIzEr

    Is Skulltag dead or what?

    What kinda art do you need. If i knew what you would need i'd give you some art.
  22. AdAmIzEr

    Most hated level in Doom1+2

    I hate the Chasm that level is a bitch to complete
  23. AdAmIzEr

    UK issue: where the fuck is the Mountain Dew?

    Dude coke is the best pop out there. Mountain Dew sucks.
  24. AdAmIzEr

    Help With Zdoom Text Editing

    Ok here is my problem. I want to edit the key names in zdoom. Here is an example of what i want to do. Normal text Picked up the yellow key. Modified text Picked up the piss key. How do i modify this text? I searched zdoom's web page but i didnt see anything. Please help