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  1. Spudz

    Head Shot Player

    definitely headshots...im used to games where HS do 3x as much damage as body shots :/
  2. Spudz

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    no delete option? ;o
  3. Spudz

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    <edit> nm, should have read the whole thread first
  4. Spudz

    MP forum?

    hey all. well its t-minus 13 hours til i can finally pick up my copy, but unfortunately im still stuck with the absolute minimum vid card for 2 more weeks. i dont really want to tarnish the SP experience by playing it at low detail with 5-10 fps, so for the next two weeks i will probably be delving pretty deeply into the MP area of the game. i'm wondering if the admins might start a new MP forum, a place where ppl can discuss the maps, modes, tactics, etc etc. i know D3 is all about the SP, but i'm sure MP will become more and more popular once the days and weeks wear on and people have beaten SP. lemme know if anyone thinks an MP forum wouldn't be a total wasted of space. TIA
  5. Spudz

    Which first, SP or MP?

    definitely MP. I like to get a feel for the movement, controls etc. in a low-stress environment so i won't be totally incompetent when there're zombies and imps all over for the first time. playing mp first kind of builds up the anticipation for how good the SP will be.
  6. Spudz

    Female Character in Doom 3?

    can't make sick, twisted, demonic cherubs without a baby :P
  7. Spudz

    Every known Doom 3 monster

    nice site...hadn't even seen the mancubus before
  8. Spudz

    You thieving bastard!

    already preordered...my little inch and a half pewter baron of hell is the only thing that keeps me warm at night
  9. Spudz

    Another new video on ICONS just aired

    ha, and if they were willing to put something that freaky in a trailer, imagine what the real game will be like :D. hurry the fook up august 3
  10. Spudz

    Graphics Card Thread

    im thinking about getting a GeForce FX 5700LE 8x AGP 256MB. i know its not the latest or greatest, but its about the most i can afford atm. im a total computer illiterate, so does anyone know if this would be decent for d3?
  11. Spudz


    well considering there's a $50k or whatever multiplayer tournament for it in 3 weeks or so, it cant be all that bad. i'm sure that the tourney is more for publicity and showcasing the game, but i still expect there to be a competitive D3 MP community
  12. Spudz


    unfortunately, i dont think you will be able to strafe jump. i was looking through the scans of some magazine from 2002 (linked to in the screenshots section of this site) and one of the little captions said there will be no strafe jumping. :(
  13. Spudz

    Graphics Card Thread

    if you dont mind me asking scabbed, could you tell me where u were planning on getting your new card and how much it costs? im in almost the same situation as you, being that i have a gforce4mx and don't want to spend a bundle on a card that will run D3 decently. thanks
  14. Spudz

    Is anyone else a giant pussy?

    well if you've waited four or more years for a game that is specifically intended to scare the shit out of you, i would think that the more you get freaked out the better :D. i'll be in the "midnight with headphones" club
  15. Spudz

    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    Sweet! plz god say my 64mb graphics card can hold up, plz