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  1. Adhesive_Boy

    The Dark Side of Phobos

    ROTT has phenomenal music. The problem is it's not nearly as popular a game, so organizing a project around it would be difficult, and it's just hard to remix to begin with because there's not a lot to expand on.
  2. Adhesive_Boy

    The Dark Side of Phobos

    What's everybody getting so mad about? It's not like DOOM's soundtrack is good to begin with. (...kidding...sort of...please don't kill me). As a remixer who originally signed up for the project and was too lazy and irresponsible to put out, I'm looking forward to listening to it when I get home on a stable computer. The problem is, of course, that playing a game for ten years or so leads to some pretty idealized versions of those repetitive tunes in obsessive fans' heads and they get mad when a mixer takes liberties with their beloved tunes. The thing is, mixers do make stuff in the hopes that it will please fans but ultimately everything is done for their personal enjoyment. If it were an album full of glorified metal covers, it would probably be met with much more immediate praise, but I think the remixers in the project are *GASP* trying to branch off and expand the material some. Though Doom's material isn't the greatest for musically meandering off into different territories, so it kind of boxes in what you can and can't do. Also remember the the people making the mixes are fans, not professionals. That being said, I don't think there's a whole lot that can be explored without monotony with such a large scale and such minimal source tunes to work with. Looking at the length and the tracklist, it looks like it drags on way too long. Then again, I was in the Donkey Kong Country remix project and I thought that dragged on too long too. I generally think that everything drags on too long. And the Pink Floyd reference is more than a little cliche (Besides, everyone knows that Piper At the Gates of Dawn is by far the best Floyd album!) Whatever.
  3. Adhesive_Boy

    Episode 3

    Episode 3 is certainly decent. Episode 2 will always be my favorite because it had atmosphere and didn't beat you over the head with its premise, but Episode 3 has some good points too. The main problem I have with it is that there is a complete lack of flow and the levels are incosistent. Maybe the texture placement was strange in levels 3 and 4, but I think it contributed to a uniqueness and the good gameplay in those levels made up for it anyway. Level 2 and 5, on the other hand, have ok premises and themes that just end up irritating. Number 6 is fun but it doesn't really make sense in between a gloomy cathedral and the gate to limbo. Level 7 can be tedious, but it does establish an atmosphere and theme that is appealing, and I think it works. Finally, level 8 blows - I wish they actually put effort into the boss levels. In the end, I think some of the levels might fit well together in an episode - 3 and 4 work well together, and 5 and 7 would work as well. Unfortunately, because they're all compiled into the same episode it seems like just a random collection of maps with varying degress of the "hell" theme.
  4. Adhesive_Boy

    Another poll about DOOM levels (type of levels)

    I sort of have a problem distinguishing "pure" tech levels that are littlered with that mettalic texture and computers everywhere with something like episode 2 level 4, which is mildly tech-themed. So yes, the tech theme is my favorite, but not when it's overdone. I guess the same applies to the Hellish theme too, though.
  5. Adhesive_Boy

    what makes doom so good?

    The gameplay is fast, primal, and exciting, and the hellish atmosphere appeals to so many fans of that type of culture, as well as the rest of us who just want to kick some ass. I could say the engine was astounding for the time (because it was), but the design is really what has made it age so well. and yeah maybe it's just me but i think mr. slave might be being just a little sarcastic (only a little though!!1).
  6. Adhesive_Boy

    What was your favorite DOOM game?

    Super NES Doom. (heh)...anyway, I've really only been through Ultimate Doom and Doom 2, but in terms of fun and challenge I'd say Doom 2. In terms of atmosphere and design, Doom 1 is definitely superior. So in the end, because it's the first one I've played and the levels are much darker and more atmospheric, I'd say I prefer Doom 1. As for Final Doom, I haven't played it enough, but I tend to see it just as an extension of Doom 2.
  7. Adhesive_Boy

    doom 2 favourite maps

    I've played through level 21 now and I think the problem is that Peterson's design more focuses on having one central idea for a map and built up from there. As a result, you sort of get beat to death by the same premise throughout the level and it's frustrating. But his execution is pretty good in some levels - like The Inmost Dens and The Courtyard. But The Pit and The Suburbs are probably my least favorite Doom levels ever and his city levels are damn ugly. So could a good mapper today go back and take the place of Sandy Peterson? Probably. I still think he did a fairly decent job with most of the maps though.
  8. Adhesive_Boy

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    I know, but being 6 or 7 meant that I was going to cheat either way if I knew the codes. I didn't really worry about the experience then.
  9. Adhesive_Boy

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    Basically the reason I got Doom in the first place was because of my friend. I remember watching him play e4l8 and tower of babel, specifically. So I can't say that I was too suprised he was there. Also, one of the demos in ultamite doom had a guy playing that level, so I already knew it well enough. And I was a weak little lamer when I was a little kid and used cheats. But even after all that, the thing freaked me out. I think it was the rockets that sent me flying backwards that made me say "holy shit" - and I was like 7 or 8 at the time! In general, imagination is a wildly active thing as a little kid, so I remember specific moments of doom/wolfenstein I would not play because they were too weird or freaky. And tower of babel probably would've been one of them if I hadn't already loved episode 2 so much to want to see how it ended. Still, I'd say that using cheats kind of ruined the experience for me.
  10. Adhesive_Boy

    Doom resemblances!

    I am sadly probably just a demon because I'm average-ish height, fairly muscular, and like running up to people and biting them. No, seriously. I do.
  11. Adhesive_Boy

    doom 2 favourite maps

    Nowhere close to beating it (on level 11), but I've seen all of the levels at least once before. As a kid, I would've thought the city levels were cool because I always liked episode 3 level 6 (I never owned Doom 2 as a kid). But now that I'm older I can safetly say just by looking at those levels that they look pretty random and remarkably ugly. Still, the first six levels progressed nicely. I'm not as fond of 1 or 2, but the tension really started building with 4 and 5 and even more with 6. "The Crusher" is probably my favorite so far because of that. It's such an awesome idea to put that ceiling down on the spider demon and just unload plasma on it while it's incapitated. And I love the little glimpse of outside it gives you towards the end before you get back to killing a shitload of monsters in the last room. 7 and 8 are both neat ideas, and they're a nice change of pace from the atmosphere that was built with the first 6 maps. But after that, it doesn't really seem to return to any kind of atmosphere - the maps just get more unrelenting and rely on huge numbers of monsters (again, from what I've played). In the end, the game is difficult and does seem pretty rushed. Sure, it's fun - but I don't think design should focus on what you can do as much as what fits where and how you can make something challenging while still making it cohesive and atmospheric, which are the things that made the doom 1 levels (episode 1 and 2 anyway) so great. On a semi-related note: yes, the new doom2 tunes I like probably more than the doom1 tunes. I think Bobby Prince really progressed throughout his career - especially after he left id and did Rott and Duke3D with Lee Jackson. And yes, Doom's soundtrack is fitting, but there is no way that it is the best gaming music. As someone who is involved with remixing and listening to videogame music a lot, I can saftely tell you that even the previous two games I just mentioned that Prince worked on, Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3D, have vastly superior music to Doom. That's not to detract from the Doom score - I definitely like it. But the man basically took riffs from metal songs and played with them a bit but never really developed them beyond his favorite little chord progression (you know what I mean).
  12. Adhesive_Boy

    Refeuling base is so hard!

    Ironically, this is the level I was stuck on too (I gave up like a week ago on it in frustration). However, today after dying and restarting a bunch of times and starting the level with absolutely no ammo because I depleted it fighting off the barons at the end of lvl 9 :(, I found that just staying around corners and taking care of the guys works as usual. I also use the chainsaw sometimes to conserve ammo. And instead of dealing with the big brunt of the force to the right side of the big main room, I stayed in that yellow key area with all the former humans and used that ammo on the mini spiderdemon thingies through the little passage to grab the blue key. At that point, just get back to the main room and book it to the yellow door, ignoring the enemies and you're home free. Well, unless the cyberdemon teleports in front of you. So watch out for that. Anyway, that strategy may or may not be really obvious to people. I find the design of this map to be really interesting, though. You can definitely tell it's from the beta version because it doesn't really feel polished, at least visually. It seems like Sandy Peterson just slapped a crapload of monsters down onto one of the more incomplete Tom Hall levels (it is very bland compared to the episode 2 levels). Still, it's fun as hell and the layout is still interesting - which I guess says something about Hall's design. As far as I'm concerned, the guy is a damn genious.