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  1. Darkbolt

    A post which I am sure has been beaten to death

    heh... I still have my 386 in my house... fire that bad boy up get to listen to the original music AND watch doom II lag like crazy....
  2. Darkbolt

    Halo 2 Stuff

    I was pretty suprised by the legs too only other game ive seen that in is in the Tribes game. I love Halo 2 though Xbox live is so much fun i have a clan with about 20 people from school and its amazing to play with all of them. I thought the single player was a lot better too only one level had the retarded repeating structures over and over again.
  3. Darkbolt

    doom3's last monster

    Tentacle commandos would be perfect... cept they dont charge the soulcube (at least i dont think so..)
  4. Darkbolt

    Most FPS you have gotten on the highest settings

    I got around 25 in multi just running around by my self but in single around 5... 1.4 pentium 4 512 pc133 ram geforce4 ti4600
  5. Darkbolt

    Doom 3 Hell Hole

    I think how many tries depends on the difficulty...
  6. Darkbolt


    It spins reaaaally slow you probably just saw its back.
  7. Darkbolt

    New game to look forward to...

    I just read a pc gamer article about quake four and it said it was just as single player based as doom. It also said the game has huge outdoor places and some big battles.
  8. Darkbolt

    Doom 3 demo out

    First three
  9. I think that "funny" face happens when ever you take a lot of damage from something that hit you in the back. Ive been hit in the back by a baron and its happend before.
  10. Darkbolt

    Favorite Character

    Swann's bodyguard, the guy always with the bfg.
  11. Darkbolt

    BFG Location

    Theres a bfg in hell right where you find those first bfg cells (you fight imps and hellknights then cherubs in the room) if you just look behind a rock out into the nothing ness theres a little ledge going down to the bfg
  12. Darkbolt

    BFG Location

    Theres one in hell too..
  13. Darkbolt

    BFG Location

    There is one in Delta 3 its in its own room its right after that little move the boxes around with the arm puzzle code is 931 I think...
  14. Darkbolt

    Driveable Doom3 Vehicle

    Woah... sweet