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  1. turtleboy211

    4x Upscale Project

    I have basic set of the new graphics from your mod upscaled if you want them. I'm still pretty new to the doom mods stuff so it takes me time to learn the different tools and how different files work with each other.
  2. turtleboy211

    4x Upscale Project

    New version uploaded and replaced old. The attempts at custom hud face were not great so I did something else.
  3. turtleboy211

    4x Upscale Project

    Doing a mixture of models. I believe I interpolated 80% 4xJaypeg and 20% something else. I did so many test I can't remember which I used. Finalizing two tweaks before I upload and update. I found two other models that worked better on some assets. 4xSGI by ChrisNonyminus for the bulk and 4x-AnimeSharp-lite by Kim2091. Also a better font model. I'm also training a model to items and plan to do one to help with the face. I found a couple things that were missing in the packs. Improved my work flow. I did one other project before this one that I'll probably revisit now. Just learning a lot. Now if I can find a tutorial on light maps.
  4. turtleboy211

    4x Upscale Project

    In my spare time I like to play with various AI tools. I figured I would try to upscale the assets of Freedoom. I prefer higher res weapons and textures but everything else as normal. As such I went about using the GIT repo and sorting through the assets as best I could and created different packs. I'm pretty sure I missed some things. I tested on GZdoom and Zandro. I have not tried it with any others mods. https://www.moddb.com/mods/nerual-upscale-packs/addons