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  1. Oddy_the_bastard

    What's your favorite source port?

    I like both GZDoom and Crispy Doom, GZDoom is good to play mods (sexual style) and Crispy Doom for that vanilla stuff in widescreen
  2. Oddy_the_bastard

    Witch wads are good to use with Zmovement?

    So there's this mod that add more movement options to doom, like dash, slide, a grappling hook (with is my favorite) and double jump, I really love this mod and I wanna know if there's a wad that I can use with it without breaking the map, all suggestions are wellcome
  3. Oddy_the_bastard


  4. Oddy_the_bastard

    DOOM 64 PC Version - worth it

    Well, I played on a N64 emulator and the Doom 64 Ex version, I did liked playing the N64 version, especially bc it was the first doom game I ever played, although I found the Doom 64 Ex controls way better than the original N64 (obviously) but I had fun in both versions and I definitely recommend it