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  1. Hi, I've been playing some small lan games of Doom II-based pwads and I'm having some trouble finding deathmatch megawads that are designed for smal groups (let's say less than 5 people) currently we play alot of TNT's "Grievance" and "The darkening Episode 2's" deathmatch levels. Can anyone recommend some other good ones?
  2. Marius

    Should I suicide after beating a level?

    It is generally considered a sign of a good megawad when the levels within it are tough enough that you could really use the weapons from previous levels, but not so tough that they cannot be beaten from a pistol start. If a level can't be beaten from a pistol start, then the the level cannot be played in isolation. And many doomers may play single specific levels because they are their favorietes or to beat a speed running record.
  3. Marius

    Portable Doom

    Well of course there is a reason to use a usb key that beats the ngage, or gameboy doom hands down. And that is that with the usb key you can load pwads. Can't do that with a portable console version of doom. :P
  4. Marius

    Portable Doom

    I'm in college and i live on campus, so i spend alot of time in school or in the computer labs. My new favorite accessory that I take everywhere is my usb key. It's so great cause it was relatively cheap and is so sturdy that i can keep it in my pocket all the time without it breaking. :) Well i was bored a couple of days ago. It was 4 in the morning and i was finishing some homework in the computer lab, when i think to myself, "Hey, i wonder if i could run doom from my usb key?". So i went online and quickly downloaded zdoom and the shareware version of ultimate doom. I installed zdoom to my usbkey, added the wadfile and voila! It worked like a charm! Zdoom runs perfectly, and can still autosave properly. It's nice having doom with me wherever i go. Of course, i might get in trouble if one of the schools IT people sees me, but it's still pretty cool. Anybody else ever run doom from a usb key?
  5. Marius

    JDoom [JHexen problem]

    Do you perhaps have an older version of hexen, maybe you need to patch it. What is your hexen wad filesize? You could also try rebuilding hexen's .gwa file by deleting you existing one and running doomsday's nodebuilder again.
  6. Marius

    [KDiZD] Official Realm667 Section Opened!

    Oh my god. I can't believe people are complaining about KDiZD. I have played some of the levels and they are really, really good. Very few projects compare to the scope of this one. The level of detail and new elements added to the old levels is fantastic. This is the project i'm looking forward to the most, by far. How people can bitch so much about levels they haven't played and don't have to play is beyond me. Furthermore, you're pissing off alot of the premiere doom mappers at the same time! Do you know how many man hours something like KDiZD takes? Do you want the mappers to stop mapping and map for a different community that will actually appreciate their efforts? Geez. I hope the KDiZD team isn't too discouraged by all this talk. Alot of people are really looking forward to this wad and love your work!
  7. Marius

    playing doom's midi files.

    Well the doom midis just don't sound right on modern soundcards. However, you can listen to mp3's of the original midi's recorded by a person who had the right kind of soundcard. Many of the level musics are found here http://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/info/music.php
  8. Marius

    Collectors Ed. question

    Hmm... that size could be wrong. It's different than mine. My doom collector's edition doom2.wad wad is 14,263kb. Can anyone confirm the right filesize?
  9. Marius

    WikiWiki DoomDoom

    Can we transwiki the Wikipedia Doom content into DoomWiki, or is that a nono?
  10. Marius

    11 Years of Doom?!

    Wooo!! At least my favorite wad of the year, Tremor Part I: Genesis, got a mention. I just hope that Tormentor or Kaiser don't feel slighted cause neither got much of a mention. Your wads rocked, too!!
  11. Marius

    Problems with ZDoom 96

    Actually, i have the same problem on my 98 machine. Any version of zdoom beyond 1.22 won't work. The program will load and run in the background (you can see it in task manager) but the zdoom window will not appear and have to end task the darn thing.
  12. Marius

    Collectors Ed. question

    Could you tell us the exact filesize of your doom 2 wad? The one you see when you click on properties. Version 1.9 is a certain size and we can double check that yours is the right size.
  13. Marius

    Music to Doom to..

    I had a Queen cd in my disk drive for awhile so when i would play certain wads zdoom would start playing the cd. It's rather odd dooming with "I want to break free" playing the background but it oddly works.
  14. Marius

    Best doom wads of 2004?

    I was thinking, maybe Zdaemon CTF should get recognition. I know it's not exactly a new wad, but a new mode of play is a pretty nice innovation, and i guess you could recognize the first ctp map pack to make it fit the theme.
  15. Marius

    Hexen maps

    hmm... could something be wrong with you hexen wad itself? Does it work when you use hexen.exe? I have seen those question marks in zdoom when i play unfinished wads or when i play legacy designed wads in zdoom.