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  1. That's exactly the sort of thing that actually moved the conversation forward in the general sphere, and the first thing that springs to mind when I think of effective ways to convey those notions.
  2. Doom/Quake certainly have a ton of core differences in how the world and entities are set up, and how that trickles through how fights play out. The path of "we need more polys so we'll have fewer monsters that take longer to kill" is traced back to that, so I'm well aware. As you noted, however, there are several aspects of how Doom, and to some extent earlier Quake-era shooters, differ from how things are put together now. I feel overwhelmingly that these aspects are lost on both the younger audience, and the older audience who never paused to examine what made these games tick. It was pretty distressing walking around Quakecon seeing blondes on bedazzled phones wearing a Doom shirt. I'd really like to discuss these factors more in a way that communicates why Doom wasn't just a "hallway shooter" full of "mazes", but in regards to the general gaming audience it's a highly uphill battle.
  3. Major thumbs man. The Archie posse is an instant favorite.
  4. These aren't custom jobs - they were made by Reaper, and are relatively rare and sought after. That's actually a decent price for the two of them.
  5. GoatLord: How is it that we haven't met up yet? This must be absolved this year. But yeah, it looks like the younger developers are more than willing to abstain from "modernizing" for the sake of it, and experimenting with gameplay elements that a) worked in the past and b) need some more exploration today. I'm rather looking forward to this.
  6. Recent review of 2 wads from /newstuff 429. Looking to make this into a semi-regular feature, especially since the grunt work of the bumpers is already done. :P
  7. I just wanted to say that this is flat-out brilliant.
  8. I just wanted to say that the spinning nukage was worth a good chuckle.
  9. Which is exactly how I have Darkplaces configured - global illumination combined with the original textures (especially, in my opinion, GL_NEAREST) looks downright fantastic. The point made about Quake and Unreal not aging well has more in my mind to do with texture filtering than the textures themselves (more in Quake's case; I always thought Unreal just had poor art). Unfiltered textures might not do as well with Unreal due to the draw distances involved, but I'm sure that's something SSAA or some other post effect could handle. Back to the original post, I see a lot of retexturing projects fail due to inconsistent design across artists. What's worse is inconsistent resolutions, and simply hoping filters/detail textures will cover it up. In case this needed pointing out, a 512x "grit" texture over a 128x bilinear texture looks horrible.
  10. an exe file?
  11. While it didn't do a *ton* to stand out, it had a couple of really notable qualities. First off, it used the comic-book trappings to practical effect by allowing you to see the "tap tap tap" of your enemy's boots if you kept still for a bit. The audiovisual usage of the medium was an insightful one, and a leap that I doubt many developers would go for. Secondly, the delivery of the plot was rather novel, and made good use of narrative perspective. The stealth itself was passable, though the gunplay never had quite the level of tactile feedback that I look for. It was mediocre in the moment-to-moment, but excellent in ways I wish we saw more often.
  12. My vote goes for PS3 purely on the merit of Wipeout HD/Fury. I don't even own one and I go "hmm" from time to time due to loving it so damn much.
  13. I can confirm that the Doom3 default r_lightscale is also 2. This means nothing by itself.
  14. Udderdude: I'm not totally through the new levels yet, but to call them linear would be an understatement so far. To it's benefit, there are plenty of interesting monster spawn locations in this linear space to create some interesting combat, though I find that this causes an over-reliance on teleporting in monsters. This wouldn't be a problem if imps, maggots, and wraiths didn't take a good few seconds to go through their *rawr* animation before attacking. I stand by the opinion that if you drastically reduced this animation, and generally increased the reaction time of the baddies, Doom 3 would be exponentially improved. Yup, Doom 3 needs a -fast flag.
  15. Nowhere near enough to consider trading that for a proper FOV. 90-100 is pretty comfortable. I was merely stating that as a fact.