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  1. Lucius Wooding

    Thinking Through Encounters

    I was watching Vytaan's run of this fight when it came out and I noticed his approach on this fight seemed pretty flawed to me at the time. (I love his content in general, clearly he was having an off day and it's generally a hard looking map) He mostly focused on killing the imps first and trying to circle strafe the outside using cover, completely ignoring the HKs. In many fights this would probably be appropriate but this setup is interesting in how it sort of punishes that strategy. Since I'm too incompetent to actually play this I'm glad your strategy somewhat validated my thoughts. -Killing stuff faster is smart here; you don't draw out the fight by trying to save your health by using cover, and you clearly spam a lot more. It seemed to me you got archies a bit sooner and didn't really have to deal with both archies and cybers together. His room, especially the center, seemed a lot more full by the time archies spawned as a result. Plus as you mentioned, dead HKs littering the center are highly preferable to live ones for both meatshielding and distracting reasons. Every resurrection will buy you multiple seconds of safety and there's a major premium on avoiding zaps here. You also tended to have much easier clean shots on them without needing to press too much and risk death to get to them (because the HKs were mostly dead). -If you're circlestrafing the outside, you're pretty much stuck doing that in order to keep the ball of unkilled enemies in place. They'll move faster since they don't attack when you're out of sight behind pillars. This means if you slow down or change direction (and sometimes you may have no choice, like a cyber in your way), then the ball will collapse onto you and you'll get flanked (or simply catch projectiles). This kept happening to him whenever he tried to get a juicy BFG or track down an archvile and cost him piles of health. The archviles also tend to punish circling since your cover needs to line up perfectly with them if they're centered. If you stop to avoid a zap, you'll get overwhelmed in short order, yet if you take more than 1 zap or so you probably won't live. If an archie reaches the outside, then you're even more screwed. -Between needing to keep moving rapidly and the geometry eating up his tracers, it became a lot harder to employ efficient BFG usage when it's most needed. I think you have to go a lot faster from the perimeter than from the center to accomplish the same goal, while still being very careful about archvile attacks. As you can see it's quite a bit to juggle and bad RNG can hurt you in that strategy. At best it requires very good execution to pull off compared to the Baja strat. -Revenants and Hell Knights actually infight a little in your example. Not much but it's very difficult for it to happen on the outside. You really don't get any monster types mixing and no long sightlines in the outer perimeter method. And if you do, there will be 2 monsters blocking your circle for some time. Anyway I'm certainly impressed with the WAD and some of the fights in it so far from a design standpoint. Even if the maps weren't huge they'd still kick my ass by the looks of things though. Crab% runs ftw.
  2. Lucius Wooding

    I feel ostracised from the community

    Why not make your own thread if you want it to be all about you? I don't see why people offering OP advice is such a bad thing.
  3. Lucius Wooding

    I feel ostracised from the community

    It doesn't look like you've started any additional threads in the past week about the SSG vs regular shotgun, accused the creators of any popular mods of plagiarism, or spouted any literal hate speech. As far as I'm concerned that makes you a top tier poster in my book. It's not a high bar, but plenty of folks are catching it right in the teeth instead of clearing it. I'd say it might be a good time to consider what you want most from this community. If your biggest goal is to learn, then lurking can be the best thing as well as asking useful questions and trying to get hands on experience with whatever you're interested in. You can better yourself a great deal and the people here are usually very helpful and knowledgeable about niche topics. It may not get you much recognition but I've personally benefitted from simply reading a few interesting topics here and there when I'm curious. If you want to gain a following or clout in the community, then it can be difficult. Participating in open projects or contributing anything steady to the community is probably your best bet. It doesn't matter whether you contribute code, written or video content, or maps; continuing to do so regularly is your best bet to get them noticed more. Personally I'd say you should make the content that feels good to you and don't worry about creating some towering masterpiece. Doing it for yourself and not to please others is probably my biggest takeaway; it may take time for people to appreciate or notice your work with all the other talented creators out there. You can put tons of work into something that gets passed over by the community, that's how it goes sometimes. But eventually you might make some map that blows up and then people look back at your older stuff with new appreciation. Being charismatic and self promoting can help, but ultimately a lot of the talented people in the community don't need to be since their work holds up on its own. Being a positive community member and participating by reviewing and encouraging the works of others also helps, just try and do things your own way and don't worry too much about how you're perceived. Finally, an underrated aspect of forum life is simply the interaction with others and fighting off boredom. For this I'd recommend getting into one of the many public discords, since they'll often be more active than the forums and less formal. I still enjoy using the forums regularly and I like the community as a whole, but I've realized it's better to branch out so I'm not tempted to get involved in every topic. There are a lot of members here but I don't think the majority use the forums as their primary outlet for interaction any more. So if you're interested in socializing I'd certainly recommend finding servers or streams with a bit of a different chemistry going on. Lastly, don't feel like you're forced to produce for Doomworld in order to have any worth. It's simply toxic thinking and many of the most wholesome and supportive community members aren't prolific creators. Liking Doom is enough in itself to be here.
  4. Lucius Wooding

    how to kick?

    1: Set up Doom 2 using any of the common source ports. 2: Hang a DDR dance pad on your wall, map your controls to it. 3: Profit
  5. A 486 maxes out at 100mhz. That's around 40 times slower than anything current in terms of CPUs. Not to mention that instructions per clock, core and thread counts, cache, memory, and GPU power have all increased by a similar amount. It originally ran under DOS, most systems that could run XP would shit on a 486 to say the least. And anything that can run W10 is going to similarly shit on a typical XP machine. There may be some kind of inefficiency from running modern OSes with old software, but the sheer difference in hardware is going to outweigh that. Also that same 486 would struggle to run the original executable and levels at full speed in some places unless you shrank the screen. You'd start at 320x200 resolution and it still might struggle to maintain 35fps. By all means use an older PC if you're a hobbyist, for example I enjoy playing retro games on CRTs in a lot of cases. But don't kid yourself that it will perform better or be cost effective. It's like showing up to a Formula 1 track with a riced out Model T.
  6. Lucius Wooding

    What is a mega wad

    I think it's silly to claim it's 32 maps or bust. I think 15 is an appropriate threshold from a practical standpoint, and I don't like to be elitist if someone wants to label their work a megawad; I'd rather play something of high quality and without filler that's merely episode length than pressure people to pad out their sets. 32 is usually what's expected from the term but many good WADs like BTSX:E1 had fewer than that, as well as including cutscene/hub maps for example. Yet I don't hear many people claiming it isn't a megawad, and if they do then nobody gives a flying fuck. Also its releases are labeled "episodes" which normally represents 5-10 maps, not 20+. Labels like these shouldn't really constrain anything from a creative or presentation standpoint. Also bear in mind that The Ultimate Doom was an IWAD that had 36 maps, more than Doom 2 or either of the Final Doom WADs. Should we then disown anything with 35 or fewer maps?
  7. Lucius Wooding

    Is BRUTAL DOOM just a mix of MODS?

    It should be pretty fucking easy to prove if any work is stolen by simply identifying the source. I suggest if you have any evidence you present it. Congrats on another quality thread btw. The all caps is a nice touch.
  8. You'd notice much more difference by simply lowering your settings and possibly configuring W10 better for gaming. But either way it really doesn't take much to run most maps in 60FPS. You'd have to be playing stuff that's outrageously heavy to get serious lag on a modern PC, at least in my experience. Minor lag spikes here and there are pretty unavoidable unless you're playing something very low demanding.
  9. I don't agree with conflating modern social media platforms with forums in this kind of manner. I've weighed in on this in the past, but since I haven't thrown a tantrum and deleted my posts you're all free to find whatever thread it was and read them. Among the differences: -Social media platforms will generally employ a discoverability algorithm and try to match your profile to others you may know or those who share interests. People who you go to school or church with, friends of family members, and neighbors or prospective employers will often have your content pushed onto their feed without your approval or intent. This is not the case on Doomworld; it's a niche forum for Doom players and will only be found by people googling Doom related topics. Discoverability algorithms are great for promotion (such as if you're trying to gain followers and saturate everyone you might know) and trying to fine tune which content you like so the platform can make ad revenue off of you. Neither of those things are really significant here, as anyone trying to gain a following will do so by promoting their Twitch/Youtube channels and not their forum account. -Other personal information will often be tied to your account on other platforms, often one's real name, photos of you and people you know, possibly your address or pictures of your house for example. It's a lot easier to doxx yourself or be found by someone looking for you. This is not the case on Doomworld unless you really make it your goal. Facebook and Instagram can be scary with all the information you're putting out there if it goes into the wrong hands. -There's no real verification process to make an account or post here. You can use any email and then make your forum username Muffslammer420 or Fartknocker69 or whatever, and nobody is going to know. As long as you personally aren't careless with your personal info, it's not going to be propagated or exposed aside from your own posts on this platform. Therefore as an alternative to being able to delete everything, you have anonymity instead.
  10. Lucius Wooding

    Worst State in the United States

    I'm just grateful my state hasn't come up. Kind of surprised because I know there are lots of haters out there.
  11. Lucius Wooding

    Best uses of difficulty selection?

    I'd have to give it to NERF. Try playing it on anything but nightmare and see what happens.
  12. Lucius Wooding

    Content count speedrun

    Even Twin Galaxies will agree this is a shit effort by OP.
  13. Lucius Wooding

    Doom IP control/quality issue

    I take a few precautions myself: -Be incredibly based and don't hand out exorbitant sums of money for rereleased games with no new content (I'm looking at you, Nintendo). Just because you're a fan, perhaps an incredibly loyal fan, of a franchise doesn't mean you can't spit in their face when they try to rob you (I'm looking at you, Link's Awakening remake remake for 60$ that runs worse than the GB original from 1993). Make sure if a game gets remade that it has some kind of appealing new features or content, or at least the price isn't a joke. Maybe wait for sales if you absolutely must, but generally I find it best to just hold onto the original versions. -Keep physical copies of older games and working hardware. I made the mistake of selling consoles and discs before but luckily bought most of them back in time before the prices exploded. I bought most of my Gamecube games for like 10-15 bucks, good luck doing that now. -I suggest you dump the ROMs/ISOs of every game you own and back them up. I personally did this with my 3DS and Wii/WiiU by installing homebrew software on them so I could use my own physical copies on the console itself to dump to an SD card. Remember that the actual gaming capabilities of the consoles can far outlast the moving parts, ie the disc drives. So I'm able to run my games on the console even if the drive fails, in addition to many of the games working perfectly on emulator. It's a project but it beats the fuck out of buying the games again every 5 years (if the ones I want are even available). -If you bought games on an online store, it's likely you'll be able to similarly rip the important game files and back those up. However most of the companies will try to make this difficult, but fuck em. You paid for the game. An example of this would be if you bought Doom's Unity port but grabbed the Doom.WAD file to run it under DSDA or another source port. -GOG is awesome for many older games that aren't really able to run on current platforms, like Diablo 1 for example. They port the games in a way that they'll run properly on modern systems while keeping them intact. They have a lot available and seem to keep things somewhat modding friendly and open once you pay for it. -Mobile, either IOS or Android, are the absolute worst gaming platforms for a number of reasons. Not only are they touchscreen based and low spec compared to other systems, but they run on hardware designed to break every few years. Your handful of decent games that actually get made available on them can get broken by updates or outright pulled at any time because of how the app stores and OS have a stranglehold on every program you run. They don't really let you run homebrew or programs you want unless you jump through hoops, where at least Windows is a bit hands off and has a large developer base. And most mobile studios employ scumbag practices in general; the games are far better at extracting profit than being well made from a design perspective. Phones are designed to be easy to use, but impossible to have any actual control over as a user outside of what the app store lets you. And Windows and OSX are trying to be the same way to the extent they can get away with. -It helps to have a PC or other platform that you don't update any more, possibly not even connected to the internet at all. Once you get your shit working it can be smart to just leave it alone and run it for as long as possible. That way you can have your daily driver which may need to be kept updated on the latest OS, but your retro gaming PC can be a standalone fixture for what it is, in spite of the specs getting long in the tooth. It's less wasteful and can avoid certain headaches from shithead gaming companies that try to squeeze you. Personally I use my homebrewed Wii and 3DS; they can each run multiple entire console libraries natively as they're both backward compatible with physical games, and anything older off the SD card with emulators. So my Wii is hooked up to a CRT and can play anything from NES to Wii games, including GB and GBA (though I have an N64 since emulating it isn't as foolproof in some cases). Then my 3DS can run any Nintendo handheld as well as some SNES games (though sadly the PRBoom for it doesn't run well). I don't even play my Switch because most of the games for it are ports anyway (and 60$) that I already owned before. -And finally, definitely don't pirate. The guilt you'll feel will ruin all the awesome free games, I'm sure. Personally I wouldn't risk it; paying full AAA price for a 20 year old title just seems like the better option.
  14. I'd say E1M8 would actually be perfect. The bruiser brothers arena, some baron figures and a bunch of barrels. Then the kit would come with an empty bag labeled "specters". It's fairly compact, distinctive, and iconic without being too difficult to model. If we're not talking maps, then certainly the cacodemon, BFG, and Romero head. Or perhaps a boss monster or two or the chainsaw. Maybe something with plenty of fireblu would be nice to see. Aside from Mt Erebus in the classic levels there aren't a ton that use it which is a shame. I'd also nominate Caged from Final Doom, it'd be pure eye candy with the bars, platforms and nukage in a fairly open layout. From non IWADs though, I'd love the following: -The elevator from Going Down with the imp mechanic -The Unsinkable Fats Domino ship model -The circular archvile arena from Go Fuck Yourself -Rocket Zone II from Valiant, the outdoor area with all the rockets
  15. Lucius Wooding

    Most cartoonishly evil choices in games?

    I'll just say that good old tabletop RPGs are way more interesting and allow more creativity than any video game when it comes to being an asshole. Because although Bioware may have talented writers with good ideas, the real expert on dice fueled dickery is me. I rarely play completely evil characters but sometimes you can really tee off on the morality scale and make renegade Shepard look like an absolute choir boy (or girl). Or you can just create a magnum opus of mischief for the lols. I've been playing good and bad characters for 20 years and DMing and being able to come up with your own blue dialogue options completely torpedoes anything scripted. There's nothing better than making the DM go "OK roll your persuasion check... Actually better make it intimidate", or making the whole table laugh at how over the top your actions are.