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  1. S1lent


    I still have AoE and AoE2 somewhere... I haven't played them in a while. I've always liked most of the C&C games but right now I mostly play Rise of Nations and WarCraft III. A good RTS that has a demo out now is Act of War. I played the demo to it and if you're into the more modern sort of RTS, than you might like it.
  2. S1lent

    The best car advertisement EVAR

    Hehe. I liked the transformer car, that was pretty cool :)
  3. Thats kinda interesting. It sounds like a stunt to get people to buy his book though.
  4. S1lent

    Spongebob is gay

    Someone always has to bring religion into these threads... Some jerk made a stupid complaint about a stupid movie for children... it must be Christian, it makes perfect sense...
  5. S1lent

    Spongebob is gay

    I heard about this on the news. If you look hard enough for something controversial in a movie, show, or anything else, you'll find it eventually. Personally I think it's just stupid... although I won't shed any tears for the loss of Squarepants
  6. S1lent

    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Box Art

    If that head looked more like a horses head or something more animal like, maybe it might pass as pretty good. I like the idea of the wings though.
  7. S1lent

    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Box Art

    Depending on which box you got. But yea, having portraits of the main characters on their boxes was kind of a stupid idea. I think a battle between the combine and reistance would have been more interesting. As for the box art... I don't think they could put something was gory as Doom 3 on it's own box. There'd be some cerned parent saying it's too violent and that stores shouldn't cary such a thing. Then they'll blame some robbery on it beause "he saw it on a box"
  8. I'm sure some of you have seen this already but it might be worth looking at again and maybe getting a few opinions. I thought it was kinda cool lookin. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Box Art
  9. S1lent

    mercenaries: playground of destruction

    I'm thinking about picking up a copy once I get the casb.
  10. S1lent

    the new bomb

    tabloid tabloid tabloid
  11. S1lent

    Huygens probe lands on Titan, sends back images

    Yay! Rocks! This made my day.
  12. S1lent

    timesplitters: now with vehicles!

    Ya, I'm more for realistic military FPS, but I can't say I dont' like non-realistic games either.
  13. S1lent

    timesplitters: now with vehicles!

    Well actually...
  14. S1lent

    Doom 3 graphics on Xbox???

    Ya, but you got to remember too that the XBOX was made about 3 or 4 years ago too. Also, most consoles will always have worse graphics than a PC unless you can customize the hardware of the console and up the specs. Personally I don't find a problem with the lowering in graphics as long as the game plays fine.
  15. S1lent

    Doom 3 graphics on Xbox???

    The XBOX graphics compared to the PC graphics are like a 1024x768 resolution compared to a 1280x1024 resolution. They're both good, but one is just not quite as good as the other. And as someone else said (I think) never go by the magazine screenshots.. they're always fuzzy and low-quality to save money on ink.