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  1. ManOnAMission02

    Nationwide Pledge.

    Why don't you watch it a little man, alright? Being white doesn't mean anything anymore, and equality is a Joke so long as there are special "minority" rules. I just dont understand how that can be better that the classic rule "Best man/woman for the job, GETS the job" not "Whoever has what we need between their legs or coloring their skin to meet a quota, gets the job". But then again, i'm just an average middle-class white American. Not christian though, not in the least. They annoy me, then again the ones I've known are those activists that think they can stick their noses in people's business where they just dont belong. Your statement just isn't justifyable anymore. But I dont care where you live, any country has it's flaw. We're human. I still love America and would give my life for her if need be, however. Long live Freedom. Long live Happiness Long live expert marksmen capable of putting a .50 caliber slug through osama, thereby turning his entire upper torso, neck and head into jelly splattered across a wall. =)
  2. ManOnAMission02

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    A lifetime would be best case senereo... Try a few generations...if this is WWIII, it can be uncertain how long it will last. Look how long WWII is burned into our minds.
  3. ManOnAMission02

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    I think General William T. Sherman said it best, "War is Hell" if it comes to war, there is nothing you, nor I can do about it. Unfortunately we are forced to sit and watch our societies tear themselves apart. My heart goes out to the thousands of lost souls, and I admit my dire fear of the future to come. I have grown to hate humanity, and yet, I still think there is still good out there. Let them all kill themselves off, the population of idiots needs to be leveled. Since war is conducted only by those with to much ignorance to work out difficulty, it seems the best way. Unfortunately, we've been backed into a corner. We are in a lose-lose situation...we retaliate, they'll do the same back until we've wiped them out..resulting still in the loss of american, and maybe even european and asian lives. If we do not act strongly enough or at all, it'll put a huge banner above the US to welcome all terrorists. May god, or the gods, help us all.
  4. ManOnAMission02

    Doom Question, Help plz?

    kool, i'll check it...thanks
  5. ManOnAMission02

    Doom Question, Help plz?

    I've heard of desktop doom... I've also heard its crap =/ That sorta source port would be nice tho..thanks. And no, no I'm talking about zdoom..I to be honest do not know what zdeamon is.
  6. ManOnAMission02

    Doom Question, Help plz?

    Ok, Question one.. Using zdoom, is there a way to connect to a server by way of typing the command though console? I know there is a way to do it with Q2, but I dont know how. 2nd, with zdoom how do I take game recordings? When I do, how do I view them? and is there a way to make them into a screen saver??
  7. ManOnAMission02


    well, colleges and universities are different... You have your community colleges, small time places...A university is more big time, like if your going into a major profession like Medical School, or Law School etc..
  8. ManOnAMission02

    Feature request MyDOOM Frontend

    Dude, that wad sharing thing like napster would rock.
  9. ManOnAMission02

    update? anyone?

    Thanks alod, fod =)
  10. ManOnAMission02

    update? anyone?

    Hey, a little while back I finally got doomgl, had fun yada yada..well, I figured i'd do something dumb that day, not read the FAQ and set my resolution above 1024x768 causing zDoomGL to crash on startup, and not allowing regular zdoom to run at all, either. So, considering I dont feel like sorting through and picking out each file that isn't supposed to be there (I tried replacing all the files from the zips...didn't work) I want to reinstall doom. Problem... Need 1.9 2nd problem, the download thing here confused the hell outta me...I rem I got this download package somewhere, which had the patches needed to get my version up to date, along with directions and a final wad size to tell me if I was correct or not...anyone know what i'm talking about? if so, think you could post the link?? Side note, the version date is 6-6-69..when I went into the version tab for properties all it said was 3,0,0,0