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  1. Wiegraf

    LEAST Favorite monster?

    Pain Elemental. It's just annoying.
  2. Wiegraf

    the best doom level

    I don't remember which Doom this's from, but it starts in a small, dark room, with lots of ammo, then you teleport into a bigass green room with a huge toxic pit. There, the strongest monster sin the game (CyberDemons, Mancubi, Arch-Villes) spawn for a long time. I've beaten it once, and only once, on "Hurt me Plenty". Maybe one of you recognize this level.
  3. Wiegraf

    favourite monster

    The Doom guy.
  4. Wiegraf

    DOOM merch

    I've always wanted a Doom coffee mug.
  5. Wiegraf

    What was your favorite DOOM game?

    Doom. II. Nuff' said.
  6. Wiegraf

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    I shit my pants. Then I screamed like a little girl. (And none of you want to hear that.) I switched to my Rocket Launcher and busted many a cap in his ass. Then my screen went red and I didn't hear a scream, but the sound of guts splattering on the floor.
  7. Wiegraf

    Forever Doomed

    Nice job, Dsm. I really like it.