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  1. Caged

    GZdoom on iMac setup problems.

    Option 1: Try some other sourceport like zDoom or PrBoom+. If the game doesn't load, there's a high probability your iwad files are corrupted. Option 2: try some other iwad like Doom 1, TNT or Plutonia. Identify where the problem is.
  2. Caged

    Any Good Doom 2/Doom 1 Iwads?

    Assuming you meant fan made PWADs and not IWADs Doom the way id did and Doom 2 The Way id are great places to start. They are a reimagination of Doom 1 and Doom 2 maps as if they were made by the original id team. The wads are highly acclaimed and are beginner friendly. Since you haven't mentioned it, have you already played Final Doom?
  3. Caged

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I hate secrets. The vast majority of them involve wall humping or walking over some obscure linedef which then would lower a wall somewhere. It slows the game down to a crawl.
  4. Caged

    No Rest For The Living is a seriously amazing wad

    It's amazing how they managed to create such good looking levels with just the stock textures. My only regret is having played it with the boring Doom II music before the community made midi pack came out.
  5. With the amount of wads available, I'd rather play a wad only once at the highest difficulty and not play it ever again. If it's too hard, I'd rather play easier wads until I'm good enough to beat the harder mapset.
  6. I have been there. Few years back when I first played it, I quit after few maps coz it got too frustrating. The thing with Plutonia is you should expect to get your ass kicked on your first play through. Once you learn the maps, it's very doable even without saves.
  7. I played the first few maps of AV. That was some good stuff, but I think I'm gonna put it on the back burner for now. The last episode of Scythe really pushed me to my limits. I don't think I had as much fun with as I did with Plutonia, the hardest wad I had played until then. Based on what people have said, I might be able to beat AV but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it at my current skill level. I think I'm gonna play modern stuff like BTSX, Valiant, Ancient Aliens, Eviternity etc to naturally get better before attempting AV. Thank you all for your inputs!
  8. Caged

    The worst movie you seen

    @Rudolph dare I say DN was just as bad!
  9. Caged

    The worst movie you seen

    Death Note Netflix version is the most godawful adaptation I have ever seen.
  10. That's very helpful, I should have probably mentioned that I prefer doing maps saveless (after practising with saves, of course) from a pistol start.
  11. I want to start playing pwads and Alien Vendetta is highly recommended everywhere, but I've read it's too difficult. Outside of official stuff, I've only played Scythe. I'm sure most of you have played both. How would you compare their difficulty?