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  1. ADOOM

    Is it me or...

    i still think its u, u just need more practice. Thats how a master (like me) gets better, time and patience
  2. ADOOM

    Deep into Castle Wolfenstein

    Im with Ct first Wolf3D now sports, jeeze i dont do sports exept bench press in my garage!
  3. ADOOM

    Best Soda Flavor

    CrEaM....Sprite kicks ass to but i get that all the time, but..ahhh fuck i dont know i like them both. Kel likes orange
  4. ADOOM

    Lets have a tourny, sounds good doesn't it?

    ..but ill remember to put the quotes in..
  5. ADOOM

    Lets have a tourny, sounds good doesn't it?

    my bad I haven't posted in awhile. Anyhoo, visit #zdaemon on irc.openprojects.net and talk 2 someone about enterin. If i had time to purchas thos damned IWadz id love to come in, but with friggin school on my back i dont get a chance, o well maybee somtime on a weekend ill be able too..
  6. ADOOM

    BIG BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This thing just poped up in my head while i was dreaming it doent envolve PSB or DOOM
  7. ADOOM

    Bin Laden Doom

    Id like to blow that Osoma bitch Ladin to smitherines.
  8. ADOOM

    Shadowcasting doesn't work. :(

    Editing is fun but its hard
  9. ADOOM

    A few specific names.

    This guy was a total jackass DOOMedSean:A newbie in a DOOM GBA post, making a bunch of rude comments to everyone espessially SlapNutz. SlapNutz..whatever happened to him?
  10. ADOOM

    I'm starting a game in Doom 95 right now!

    YES!!!!!!! MY 100TH POST FUCKING FINALLY!!!! on to the subject...at least DOOM95 iz actually EASY TO USE!!!! oh well i dont use DOOM95 although my comp always ay it is.
  11. I hope its something ACTUALLY EASY TO CONNECT like battle.net
  12. ADOOM

    BIG BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no not like i wish
  13. ADOOM

    noo, don't die!

    the clans, i dont join clans...
  14. ADOOM

    Will the storyline be good...

    Quake's storylines are bad in my opinion
  15. ADOOM

    BIG BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!