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  1. Hebonky

    Would I be able to put a video into Doom?

    If you can make a thing's active sound the audio for the clip then you can shred the video into different pictures as you said and turn it into an animated texture.
  2. Hebonky

    Would I be able to put a video into Doom?

    Yeah, you can. I don't know how, but you can
  3. Since nobody has claimed Mao 21 (to my knowledge) I think I'll cook something up.
  4. Very Energetic track here.
  5. PCorf's maps are consistently alright, however, he has mapped more than anybody here!
  6. Hebonky

    Things about Doom you just found out

    The Burning Barrel found in the Doom 2 city levels, isn't even supposed to be a barrel, it's supposed to be a trash can, as hinted at by the asset's name!
  7. Infernal Gladiator actually looks pretty promising! I got to play the first few maps, and they are beyond brutal, but tons of fun!
  8. Hebonky

    What are your creative crutches?

    Torch spam, brick textures, and semicircular staircases.
  9. Hebonky

    What's ur favourite flavour?

    Laffy Taffy bananas
  10. Hebonky

    Entryway 2.0 (Limit Removing)

    Real nice and atmospheric, maybe underhalls next?
  11. Hebonky

    Ban this Hamas supporter!

    Ah, this is hilarious.
  12. Hm, gee, I have no idea!
  13. Hebonky

    What country are you from?