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  1. TheHighestTree

    Share Your Sprites!

    Here's a new monster sprite I'm working on, built from scratch! Xegethra - I like the bug-spawner, the evil monk whose head oozes off, the freaky green ghost, laser sprites and your excuse for why bullets burn ghosts XD You should post some gameplay from the Dark Cathedral mod! 40oz - Really cool! raymoohawk - D: + LittleInferno "Indecentrocity" - XD Da Werecat - Keep the flames! That's not ugly, it looks just like DOOM. Soundblock - Damn, nice work.
  2. TheHighestTree

    New Monster Sprite I'm Working On

    ...is my current avatar picture, check it out! The full walk cycle is complete and there's also a lunging attack you can see here. I'm gonna try to keep the proportions within 64x32 and resize it when I'm done if it doesn't need more vertical space. Basically it's a half-cooked demon spawn, like a crawling evil demonbaby, inspired by the boxart of the original DOOM. It's gonna be a fast ground-crawler like the +fastmonsters pinky, only harder to hit due to a smaller hitbox and lunging attacks like the Fiend from Quake. My idea is that modern sourceports could use a monster that makes novel use of vertical space: I'm hoping its hitbox will allow a careful player to quickly duck under the apex of its lunge, or jump right over one as it crawls around. I'd like for it to be generated from special spawners, and form half of an "intact" version that can get blown in half. Since I haven't coded any DECORATE yet, maybe someone can help me find out if it's possible to give this monster the following characteristics: -A long-range lunge, and a more punishing melee attack that does several frames of ripping damage, -Leeching health with successful strike (seems possible), -Regenerating to a full-sized standing demon by seeking out and consuming a corpse(?!), -Creating a "master" monster which can makes these things' corpses explode, or use them to regain health(?!), -Have special characteristics like regen when in "liquid" (or ideally, with the blood texture), -A creepy wallclimb that lets it snake into open windows and up cliffs. I've only gotten back into DOOM in the last few months through Zandronum, and finally got a chance to play some of the mods with new great new monsters, but the sprites I've seen are almost exclusively palette-swaps or ripped from other games. Sorry the images are so small, but they're in native resolution and I can't be arsed to resize every frame in the freeware I'm using. If there's interest, I might work on more new monsters or make frames for use with Brutal Doom! Looking forward to hearing peoples' thoughts on this!
  3. TheHighestTree

    Doomsday 1.9.9 released

    Sorry I've been away a while! The most notable track missing is the one used for the "lead guitar" in Level 1 and 15's theme (D_runnin?) that comes in at about 30 seconds, after the intro. EDIT: sorry for the zombiepost, won't let me delete :x
  4. As someone who just managed to installed the same software on my Mac and played my first non-LAN multiplayer (SUPER FUN! BETTER THAN EXPECTED!), I was hoping to hear how to do this as well. Also, drag'n'drop doesn't seem to load both brutal19.pk3 and a custom map wad at the same time. Can anyone offer some advice on this?
  5. TheHighestTree

    Doom on Korg Volca Keys / Beats

    Great job! The Beats' drums suit this really nicely and it's good to see some nice-sounding stuff from these boxes. Also digging the pic you used.
  6. So after getting my most recent computer I was digging around my jumpdrives and external for old stuff I'd made, but unfortunately almost all of the vanilla Doom2 maps I'd been working on were lost when my previous computer died. This was about 2 years ago and perhaps I'll be able to get the HD back someday (friend of my bro has it, long story), but I managed to find a not-the-most-recent backup of an industrial city-based WAD I'd made! I was pretty thrilled to run through the surviving maps since I'd spent quite a lot of time on several of these maps, particularly with gameplay and balance, and even some (IMHO) cool special vanilla-based effects. Unfortunately this version omits a few of the more interesting maps, and one of the crappier ones can't even be completed. I even had one that replaced Dead Simple with a map that starts you out in a claustrophobic shootout from within a convincing, custom-textured bus getting swarmed by monsters...hope I can recover that one someday, it wasn't done but I was really proud of it. It even had vanilla-compatible special effects (scrolling wall, hehe) to look like the bus was slowly crawling along, until you killed the mancubus and escaped. It was a tight, atmospheric setting and it'll be a shame if it's gone forever. :( Getting to my point: should I release what I've got now? I have no way of editing doom levels on my new mac and I've been away from the community for a while and don't know how people take to half-finished, archival-type projects. It has at least 5 SP/Co-op maps that I feel merit distribution...what do you guys think?
  7. TheHighestTree

    What is your aesthetic?

    Probably "circulation": like 40oz said,everything needs to be taken into a gameplay consideration when it's being added. Even something as simple as a decorative object: does it make sense to give a player projectile cover here? what does it do to player and monster mobility? I like to consider gameplay above everything else, especially when you're gonna be recirculating through different areas on the map.
  8. Just checked out this whole thread today. AMAZING WORK! This is some truly pro-grade stuff you've got going. I'm floored by how faithful the recreations are and the sheer volume of work you've been able to do. Great job! Regarding hi-res textures in original architecture, I think the best solution would ultimately be the 3D-texturing you showed off with some of the textures (exitdoor, tekwall4) that allows it to jut out from the actual level geometry. If that can be rendered in some processor-friendly fashion the way textures are applied, it wouldn't just be a sweet 20th anniversary gift for Doom, but for all the PWADs ever made for it! This is exciting stuff. I hope you're saving this for a portfolio.
  9. TheHighestTree

    How do you go about designing your levels?

    I find my maps are typically segemented around various centerpeices: a garden, a series of streets, a massive atrium, or perhaps just a common theme such as interflowing nukage. This acts as a hub from which the side halls and other ancillary details pour out in order to give cohesion. Picking a structural theme or series of setpieces also gives the map a sense of identity, creating landmarks which evoke feelings (security, mistrust, dread, etc.) based on how you set them up. My favorite technique is to make the main passage of the level (what you'd speedrun, we'll call it the "highway") as frantic as possible, forcing you to duck into any number of "alleys" or "parking lots," which should provide temporary security at best. Try to increase flow into dead zones with powerups. Limit your use of monster-blocking, player-passable linedefs only to help them past "sticky corners" and other outcroppings. Be conscientious primarily of your ammo/monster ratio, what weapons you want to supply the player to use in the different areas, then focus on health, then goodies. It helps to turn on IDDT while you playtest the level to see how monsters flow. It's an easily-overlooked detail, but you have to think about how the player's macro-level movement through the levels draws the monsters around. You want to avoid areas where monsters get congested on your "highway" as they're following the player's progression, except when this is the effect you're looking for. This is just one style of mapping, of course, but I find the maps I've made in this format are really fun for an extended playthrough, and always keep you on your toes with each advance. TL;DR: think of the map as a "hopper" through which your monsters feed and make sure they can "flow" the way you want them to.
  10. TheHighestTree

    Doomsday 1.9.9 released

    I don't know if this is my preference settings (I tried them, Mac OS 10.6.7) but the music support seems to skip some of the MIDI channels. It's at 16 now, but I'll try maxing them to 32 to see if that helps. Controls also sometimes "hang" so I won't stop turning left...unsure what could be causing this. Nice to see there's continuing development on this, but i've reinstalled the previous version.
  11. I found that getting some synths and a drum machine is just more fun and inspiring than sitting on a computer, and it's harder to get sidetracked too.
  12. TheHighestTree

    Cacodemon pronounciation

    Yeah, it's a toe-MAHT-o. ...but sometimes toe-MAY-to
  13. TheHighestTree

    Your thoughts on Left 4 Dead 1 and 2

    I agree with whoever said it feels like a "playable engine". The whole spawning system would be much better if it was a constant trickle of zombies rather than momentary floods, after which you know you can safely walk around for another hundred yards...it's really dull. The "end battles" always feel contrived and "cheap". Nothing really feels solid about the interaction with the monsters, mostly because the screen doesn't "wince" in the way I'd expect when you get hit...sometimes to the point where I couldn't even tell I was being mobbed. The melee weapons having durability doesn't thrill me either. The game feels like walking through a carnival haunted house: lots of scary things popping out at you, but it all feels staged. I have no idea how someone could play this more than, say, 30 times. I only put about 10 hours tops into it playing coop with my brother and I don't have any desire to continue. Not a bad game, I'm just done with it.
  14. TheHighestTree

    If you could be any of the enemies from doom...

    I'd be the spectre, just because nobody's said that yet, and nobody probably would've anyways. Personally, I can think of a lot of better enemies that could've been invisible, but oh well.
  15. TheHighestTree

    Revenant is a resurrected what now?

    Phhht. It's pretty obvious if you just read the signs: Revenants: - are extremely tall. Supermodels: - are required to be at least 6 feet tall. Revenants: - are quick to bitch-slap anyone cocky enough to approach them. Supermodels: - ditto. Revenants: - live indefinitely. Supermodels: - defy human aging. Revenants: - can outrun an ostrich. Supermodels: - are in peak physical shape, and can probably outrun any of us. Revenants: - are equipped with dual surgically-implanted, heat-seeking rocket launchers. Supermodels: - are equipped with dual surgically-implanted, attention-seeking career launchers. Revenants: - have a bloody mess of carnage that oozes from their pelvis. Supermodels: - probably do too, but I don't want to know about it. Revenants: - consist almost entirely of bones, whose movement defies logical physical explanation. ... I think my theory is settled, people. The only real question left is this: what can we do to protect ourselves from this brooding menace? Unfortunately, conventional means of genocide (mass starvation, introduced disease, etc.) don't seem to be options for dealing with the threat posed by immortal supermodels; I suggest everyone keep a loaded shotgun under their favorite pillow.