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  1. Frienderman

    R_InstallSprite: Sprite EVIL frame B is missing rotations

    That's the thing, it is named EVILA0 and there is no EVILB. ... I just realized I'm stupid. I tried to keep the original file as EVILA0BA for backup, but I guess the game took it as "EVILA0B", followed by A for the first frame. Well It's fixed now by removing the backup file (after exporting it of course.), thanks for helping me understand how this works.
  2. Alright, so I'm sure that at least one person that eventually sees this is familiar with "do_not_play.wad", I decided to mess with it (aka turn it into a giant meme), and so far, I've succeeded, I have replaced most of the sounds, but now I'm trying to replace the sprite of the "evil" entity, by replacing it with a photo of the rock. I've done it, but now when I launch the game I'm getting the error in the title.