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  1. skaags

    Doom City

    Great fun map, impressive for 1995! Really enjoyed the original MIDI track on this one.
  2. skaags

    Double Impact

    I really wanted to love this WAD. The map design is good without a doubt, but the way the keycard hunts are presented led to a lot of backtracking. The first level of this map sets the tone right off the bat. If you don't like these types of layouts, it won't get better. I also cannot abide by secrets being required to progress, and secrets being impossible to access unless you looked them up beforehand. There is a lot of fun to be had here. I found myself having a blast with the encounters and I found the use of DOOM 1 monsters very tasteful. I found the final level thrilling, challenging, and fair. That level was wonderfully designed in my opinion, and made me fear being hunted by cyber demons again. It left such a great final impression that I'm keeping this WAD in my collection, despite the fact I don't feel like giving it another play through anytime soon. Maybe if I watch dwars guide beforehand I'll enjoy it a bit more.
  3. skaags

    What's your favorite source port?

    GZDOOM because I have it set up to look identical to vanilla (with hardware renderer believe it nor not), and it runs everything. I play casually so whatever differences to vanilla that doom-strict compat doesnt cover I wont notice.
  4. skaags

    The Revenant Problem

    I think there's something wrong with me. 5 stars
  5. skaags

    Doom 3D Replicas Project

    Incredible work!
  6. I took a crack at your TITLEPIC, been using it alongside your other widescreen goodies :) I used a screengrab of the unity port alongside a couple other touch ups. @valkiriforce, any chance we could get a widescreen version of the status bar you used for the unity port? I've grown to prefer it. Thank you for your wad by the way, been having a blast with it!
  7. skaags

    DOOM Runner is an underrated launcher

    Yes! I forgot to mention that.
  8. I don't know how well known this launcher is, I never see a lot of people bring it up. Being on Linux I thought my only real option was ZDL. It's a great launcher and served me well for a good while, but Runner blew me away. I want to thank the dev and list a couple of features that set it apart from ZDL. - Ability to assign a GZDoom config file per preset. I try to keep my GZDoom as close to vanilla as possible, but it causes compatibility problems for mods. I hadn't really tried voxel or brutal doom because I'm too lazy to re-make and re-name config files. Now I just have a config called "mods.ini" that essentially runs GZ stock with a few preferences enabled, and "vanilla.ini". - Presets are listed in the GUI, and can be renamed and organized. Having a neat list of presets that get you into the game in 2 clicks is very much appreciated. I would love a tile view of these presets where we could assign a picture to them. - WORKS WITH STEAM. Back when I was on Windows I would replace dosbox.exe with gzdoom so Steam would track my playtime. I tried that with ZDL but could never get it to launch GZ right. Doom Runner does. I know the command line mafia been holdin it down for years, but I want to hear from the launcher patrol. Have you guys tried Doom Runner? What killer features are keeping you from switching or trying out new ones?
  9. Thank you for these breakdowns. Made an account just to thank you! I kinda like the Bethesda version more. Haven't played Revolution at all, think I might give it a spin with their WAD