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Dutch Doomer

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  1. He will spend the rest of his fucking life in an wheelchair.

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    2. Bucket


      dutch devil said:

      I was thinking of putting an giant pink dildo on the roof.


    3. Creaphis


      Bucket -> car crash
      Dutch Devil -> narrow explosion avoidance
      Espi - arm cancer


    4. Creaphis


      I think we've got a Doomer killer.

  2. Its an Subaru Impreza GT Turbo stars 25 hope you like.

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    2. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      Gokuma said:

      Are you quoting Jack Off Jill?

      Who is that?, thanks people I try to keep it in one piece and myself of course.

    3. spank


      And now for the only pertinent question yet: how much did it cost you?

    4. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      My old car was worth 800 euro(1,047 USD)it was in an poor shape, and had to pay 13,200 euro(17,290 USD)euro for the new car.

  3. Some pictures of my vacation in Italy in total ive made 126 pics ive uploaded some of them to photobucket.
    I hope you will like them most of these came out pretty good I might upload the rest when im not feeling lazy.

    Clicky clicky

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    2. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      Job said:

      Did you make it to the catacombs or the Cathedral of the Dead (may be known otherwise)?

      Do you mean the Catacombs of Callisto by any chance? I believe thats in Rome right.
      We didn't got to see Rome we stayed near lake Caldonazzo thats in north of Italy.
      I could have spend more time in Italy there where alot more things to see.

    3. SYS


      Lucky bastard. Nice view. F40, F50, and an Enzo in one day? I hate you :D I've been wanting to go to Italy for so long. Aside from seeing from Rome and Venice, I want to see my Nonna(grandma) and Mom's hometown of Avaleno.

    4. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      Those were indeed very nice cars I had never seen them with my own eyes before.
      Yeah im a lucky bastard hehehehe :)