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  1. Some pictures of my vacation in Italy in total ive made 126 pics ive uploaded some of them to photobucket.
    I hope you will like them most of these came out pretty good I might upload the rest when im not feeling lazy.

    Clicky clicky

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    2. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      Job said:

      Did you make it to the catacombs or the Cathedral of the Dead (may be known otherwise)?

      Do you mean the Catacombs of Callisto by any chance? I believe thats in Rome right.
      We didn't got to see Rome we stayed near lake Caldonazzo thats in north of Italy.
      I could have spend more time in Italy there where alot more things to see.

    3. SYS


      Lucky bastard. Nice view. F40, F50, and an Enzo in one day? I hate you :D I've been wanting to go to Italy for so long. Aside from seeing from Rome and Venice, I want to see my Nonna(grandma) and Mom's hometown of Avaleno.

    4. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      Those were indeed very nice cars I had never seen them with my own eyes before.
      Yeah im a lucky bastard hehehehe :)