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  1. arobase

    Post a picture of yourself!

    So, my mom died yesterday. (I'm okay, just got a lot of things to do.) The school she taught at is the same one i went to school at, and between posting a bunch of pictures of her, they also found one of me, way back when. I thought you guys might wanna see what I thought was the hottest website of the new millennium.
  2. You didn't have to say it like that, I was just giving my thoughts on the matter. I'll do better next time.

  3. arobase

    Good Horror games

    Finally, my time has arrived. Resident Evil series, especially the RE1 remake, 4 and 7. I like them all though, but not all of them are scary. Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3. We don't talk about the others. 2 is a masterpiece. Siren. Obscure classic. Really scary in that SH1 kind of way. I don't know that you can play 2 without emulation. Has a remake called Blood Curse. Thief, especially the 1st and 3rd. Not horror games in and of themselves, but have strong horror elements and dedicated scary missions. Thief 2014 is a distant sequel loosely connected with its predecessors, and is also a discount Dishonored. System Shock 1 and 2. Especially 2, which serves as inspiration for Bioshock 1, Dead Space, Alien: Isolation. Afraid of Monsters: probably the single scariest Half-Life mod you'll ever play, not bad for what was originally made entirely by a 14 year old. Get the Director's Cut version. Cry of Fear: Silent Hill, Stockholm Edition. Stand-alone and free, from the Afraid of Monsters Director's Cut team. Lone Survivor: Like a 2D Silent Hill. Alien: Isolation. An exercise in tension, and proof that you don't need to be unarmed to be a wuss hiding in a closet. SOMA: Like Amnesia, only good. Dead Space: In terms of pacing it's a lot like Doom 3, in that you'll be dealing with a mix of quiet moments, jump scares and sudden mass swarms of enemies, but the plot is pretty darn spoopy. 2 and 3 are more actionized, but 3 is really darn spoopy. Has quite a lot of supplemental material that greatly expands on the universe, but the only things you'll ever need are the original 2008 Dead Space comic and Extraction, and the Wii version includes a motion comic version of the 2008 comic. DS2's DLC is a sequel to Extraction. FEAR: 1 is amazing. The expansions are great. 2 is my favorite. We don't talk about 3. Condemned: It's a real shame they never finished this series, leaving it on a cliffhanger. It's another real shame that 2 is really silly. 1 is a classic of the era, however. Duskers: Simple premise, engaging gameplay, definitely a love letter to Alien-style sci-horror. Dying Light: What Dead Island should have been. The Evil Within: Ultimately very silly for all its vintage-00s edgelord vibe, but a solid game nonetheless and the DLC has one of the most mundanely sinister villains I've ever seen in a game. Bloodborne: Just because it's a fast-paced Dark Souls spiritual sequel doesn't mean it ain't scary as fuck. Prey 2017: You'll never trust a coffee mug again. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy: Ultimately, they're ARMA-style milsims with monsters. But good games nonetheless. Until Dawn: Like Bloodborne, PS4 exclusive. Has a bit of a similar vibe as old-school surhors, but very much more of an adventure game. There's some shooting stuff but it's all QTEs. Still really good in its own right, though.
  4. arobase

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    Because here in the west, mobile gaming is seen as the natural evolution of the era of Farmville. It's pretty much designed to just suck up your money for very little reward. But it's an enormous industry in Japan.
  5. arobase

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Was Announced... Again

    Yeah I know. I was being facetious because they shouldn't have run the company into the ground and we should have had this game five years ago when I still gave a shit about STALKER.
  6. arobase

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Into The Breach is like a really depressing Advance Wars with time travel. I'm addicted.
  7. arobase

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Was Announced... Again

    Where was this 5 years ago when I still cared?
  8. arobase

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    While I do question the wisdom of getting EA named "worst company ever" by Consumerist two years in a row (how about, oh I don't know, Haliburton, or Verizon, or one of these other companies that actually affect way more people?) there's really no question that they are absolutely amoral. They're the embodiment of late-stage capitalism. While other companies -- even Ubisoft -- are seemingly occasionally aware that they have a responsibility to their customer base, EA just doesn't seem to care. @Starkiller re: Pachinko games, you forget that Konami, like lots of game companies, have diversified holdings in various entertainment sectors, such as Pachinko. Don't forget that Konami also makes Yu Gi Oh. So, no, they haven't "sunk low" just for making Pachinko games that they were already making. Where the frustration sets in is using their big franchises that they've otherwise effectively abandoned on Pachinko games nobody outside Japan will play. Also Silent Hills getting cancelled was a good thing. That series really should've been taken out back years ago.
  9. arobase

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    Yes? I liked it. it was clean and simple and looked nice. All that is completely true. And it was frustrating. But I still liked my phone and I wish WP had been supported more. Alas, it wasn't to be.
  10. arobase

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    It's a shame because I really liked Windows Phone as an OS. My first smartphone ever was a WP and I'll always have a bit of nostalgia for the thing despite the fact that it was so underpowered barely anything worked but at least the battery lasted 3 days. But the complete lack of support for WP by app makers and even major companies was incredibly frustrating. The Facebook app was infuriatingly out of date; there was no Steam app. Other seemingly important apps were non-existent. It was maddening.
  11. I used to be a big fan but as I've gotten older it's not something I play very often anymore. Duke is a relic from a time and culture I'd really rather just kind of forget.
  12. arobase

    How are you doing?

    I'd rather die.
  13. arobase

    How are you doing?

    I'm just super in need of emotional vaporwave right now; I don't know what it is about this music, but like I figured out a while ago that a big part of why I move around so much between musical genres has to do with me sucking out all the emotional value they have because music is the only way I can feel anything and usually they eventually run out but vaporwave and its related genres surprise me with seemingly endless feels
  14. arobase

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Don't forget they also did Alien vs Predator Jaguar, AvP 99 and AvP 2010, all very fine games for their era. And I guess the Sniper Elite series is popular?