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  1. Linkin Park is legit good.
  2. RIP Warrel Dane. ;_;7
  3. I used to moderate a couple of metal groups on Livejournal. Holy fucking shit you never learn how awful people can be (especially metalheads) until you're tasked with keeping them in line.
  4. Nothing quite so satisfying like holding down the fire button with a shotgun and mowing down a stream of zombies and imps as they turn a corner.
  5. Do you hear those jet engines flying overhead? That's the sound of you colossally missing the point -- though based on previous interactions with you, you're doing that on purpose because you have no intention of arguing from a position of good faith. I'm frankly amazed they let you back in EE. I don't need just one example. I have hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from. Most of them don't make it into the news. Some do, and bootlickers like you bend over backwards to argue that police violence is "blown out of proportion" and "the media is pushing a narrative," every time. "If they'd just followed the law," you say. "If you'd just done what the officer said," you say. And yet people fucking die anyway despite doing exactly that, and it happens over and over and over again. I'm just going to say this last thing and then I'm going to disengage with you because I've wasted enough time on your reactionary ass. I've met nice cops. I've met chill cops. I've met cops who really seem to care about their community (assuming they even live there.) It changes nothing. All cops are bastards. "Good" policemen do not exist. There are good people, but when they put on that uniform they become what that uniform represents: the status quo, maintained by violence and the enforcement of unjust laws. For every cop who guns down innocent people there are hundreds more who do nothing, say nothing, see nothing. They don't want to make waves, maybe, or they're secretly on the "bad" cops' side, or maybe they're just closing ranks because cops are the biggest gang there ever was, and in the service of the state to boot. Whatever their reasoning, they do nothing to hold their fellow policemen accountable, and thus injustice continues. But sure, they're good people.
  6. The trilogy is very solid, an 8/10 average IMO. All of them have their quirks (the first and third especially) but they're incredibly influential -- especially with Valve games, and I'm not the only one who noticed. They really did prove as early as 1994 that good writing could elevate an action game. As far as the major mods, it's been a bit of a mixed bag so far. Rubicon is the most solidly put together of the three that I've played; in spite of some uneven difficulty it's probably the closest you'll get to a sequel to Marathon 2 in terms of gameplay and plot. Eternal is, in contrast, a showcase of horrible mapping and horrible art assets (seriously, the textures are BAD) wedded to an okay-to-decent story. And RED is a hot mess technically, juvenile in terms of story, and downright scary nonetheless. Next up is EVIL but I might take a brief break.
  7. Of course they're human, and that's the problem. They're prone to biases and irrationality, just like you. (And that's not just a general you, that's also a you you.) If cops are constantly afraid for their lives to the point where they have to dump a clip into the back of a man who's laying prone on the ground then maybe they need to find a safer line of work.
  8. Spoken like a true mayosapien. I don't know if you've been watching the news the last few years but cops are out for blood and they will cover for each other. Your only protection is a camera. Or you could keep licking them boots, see how far that gets you.
  9. Can't get rich if you're dead.
  10. You would. At the end of the day, though, it's just a game, and I care less about mods I'm probably never going to play anyway than making a place that I actually want to be in.
  11. Playing Marathon RED, aka the Aliens TC of Marathon. It's one of the older Marathon scenarios, being released around 2000. Short of a quick porting to Aleph One it's otherwise untouched from its original state -- and that includes all the bugs and weird writing and mapping mistakes. That being said, for being what's essentially "Aliens For Edgelords" the mod is surprisingly creepy. The first chapter is pretty standard Aliens fare, but the 2nd chapter switches things up by dropping you in a city being overrun by weird floating robots made of junk, and the bizarre noises they make are super disconcerting.
  12. Guess I have to take matters into my own hands here. Here it is, killer2, you earned it: Nobody is being "abandoned" for being kicked off an internet forum you weirdo, and trying to draw a connection between internet forums (or Facebook groups, or Usenet newsgroups, or whatever) and the criminal justice system is absolutely ludicrous. Being an asshole is not a crime, but it does come with consequences, and some of those consequences involve people shutting you out from their presence, because, again, nobody is obligated to wait for you to become a better person. This isn't prison. It's not ending your life. It's a social consequence of being an asshole. More to the point, the friendships I destroyed? Those were the fucking lessons that I had to learn that made me a better person. I don't begrudge them walking away, and while I would like to reconnect, I know that in some cases it's not going to happen for a variety of reasons. Hey, guess what, that's life. What you're proposing is essentially the opportunity to be a piece of shit with no lasting consequences, and I can't brook that.
  13. Doomworld really needs a laugh react. I'm sorry dude, but as someone who has struggled with anger issues and other shit for close to 25 years there's no excuse for the shit I've done. I've lost friends, ruined my reputation once or twice, and I've probably shut some professional and personal opportunities away from myself too. I can only take responsibility for my own actions; anything short of that is cowardice and self-delusion. It doesn't matter whether I "meant" to or not -- it only matters that I did it, and that I made life shittier for people around me. I don't blame people for walking away. Nobody should feel obliged to wait around for someone else's self-improvement.
  14. Yes, full stop. You want to make a place nice, you have to get rid of the jerks. And Darknation was a jerk.