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    "Probably doesn't like you" with the big watery doe eyes and the wibbling lip and the whatnot?
  1. Most of my friends are left-wing types of varying levels of radicalness (some moreso than me, as I'm just a mere socialist) and I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't have time for right wing ideology. I grew up in a right-wing household. I held right-wing views for a long time. I hung with right-wing friends. I know enough about the right that I don't feel the need to "include a variety of viewpoints in my circle of friends" or some other such insidious liberal crap. One of my very best friends is a very socially progressive self-described conservative, though. I don't claim to understand his political views but as long as he's on board with the "marginalized people deserve more respect than the Nazis who want to kill them" program it's all good by me. The majority of my friends are gamers to some degree, but there are exceptions.
  2. Been working my way through the Resident Evil and Dark Souls games. Finished RE6 a couple weeks ago. Have been playing DS2 ever since.
  3. Yeah they're all terrible. Even the ones that aren't will descend into terribleness before long.
  4. lol original prey More like Prey 2017, aka System Shock 3. Christ that game creeped me out on major levels quite a lot.
  5. Yeah it's like GoatLord not being able to see "*hits blunt*" before every post of his in EE.
  6. I like CZ's updated maps over the originals is all. They look nicer and the game plays the same.
  7. There's also his member title, which is classic TraceOfSpades :)
  8. That's... one interpretation. Anyway, I did some checking -- RtCW is set in 1943 as stated by the opening cinematic, 09 is set in 1944 or 1945 as implied by a few dates mentioned in-game as well as discussion of the Manhattan project, TOB is explicitly set in 1946 as is the opening of TNO. I think my original conclusion is the correct one: TNO is the "soft reboot," where events of the previous two games are implied to have happened, but not in the way the games presented them. DC's New 52 relaunch did that with a lot of plot threads and backstories from the pre-Flashpoint days. After all, all those Batman origin retellings can't all be canon, right?
  9. I dunno if I'd do that exact arrangement; I believe TOB was implied in-game to occur right before New Order, with 09 occuring first. Think of TNO as a sort of "soft reboot" -- remember that BJ's appearance was changed slightly for RtCW and his 09 appearance was very similar to that, implying that they're more closely related than 09 and TNO given that BJ's appearance was reverted to look more like his 3D incarnation. The existence of Becker (and Strasse) imply that the events of 09 did happen in some form in TNO's timeline. And BJ's rivalry with Strasse imply some history that we're not seeing; perhaps the events of RtCW (namely, Operation Resurrection and the Ubersoldat stuff, but not the Castle Wolfenstein/Wulfsburg incident) also have a place in the timeline, just perhaps not as presented in RtCW.
  10. I like the classics: Blade Runner and Neuromancer. Games-wise, Deus Ex certainly counts.
  11. The answer is basically this: Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny are their own timeline and while later games pay homage to them they have no bearing, plot-wise, on later games. Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 2009, and Wolfenstein The New Order/The Old Blood -- this is where things get weird. Wilhelm Strasse is introduced in RtCW. He's not the main villain, however; you don't even actually fight him. But he is integral to Nazi machinations with regards to Operation Resurrection, and his escape implies that he'll be back. The game also opens with the iconic scenario of escaping from the castle Wolfenstein, which you do in about 3 levels. Wolfenstein 2009 can be safely considered a sequel to RtCW. It reintroduces and expands on the Kreisau Circle, and Strasse returns to serve as the final villain to replace the other guy, thus cementing his role as a recurring villain. Towards the end, Caroline Becker is injured and seemingly killed. Wolfenstein: The New Order, when it first came out, could fairly be argued to be a sequel to RtCW and Wolf09 despite it being a new studio with a new concept. You even get a glimpse of the racially-integrated US Army troops originally presented in Enemy Territory. Strasse returns, and he and BJ have clearly met before. It is clear that at this point Strasse is BJ's own personal Red Skull. Caroline Becker returns, her spine destroyed, and she and BJ know each other and make direct reference to the ending of Wolfenstein 09, implying that Wolfenstein 09 happened -- except BJ has gone back to his old red haired appearance. But then came The Old Blood, and it messed up the sequel theory, being essentially another retelling of the Castle Wolfenstein escape scenario and displacing RtCW. So what's the timeline here? Simple: RtCW and TNO are separate timelines, and Wolf09 occurred in both.
  12. Land of the Dead is also great.
  13. Seems to work again after a restart of my phone. (Also Cricket has a reputation for being the "poor" network -- their stores are often in impoverished neighborhoods, their phones are mostly crap Androids and Windows phones, and they're not nearly as glamorous as Verizon or AT&T... but I pay $45/mo for 8gb data and it's never dropped a call.)
  14. Man I'm on Cricket, you think I can afford a VPN? It's just me, though. I use LTE a lot because my wi-fi doesn't reach this side of the house very well and it's non-existent in the bathroom. Kinda sucks that I can't access the forums from my phone. How am I supposed to post while shitting? (as opposed to shitposting)
  15. Now I wonder what loser on Cricket shitposted on Doomworld, because I used to be able to connect fine.