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  1. Nightmare2989

    Doom insane Edition

    So while back a few of us from Doom Haven got together to make a Aprils fool mod joke sound replacements that replaces all the sounds in doom from enemies to weapons made by the collective who are Nightmare Norb Roozer deathclaw and kino it just all fun stuff so don't take anything serious download link is here guys and feedback would be appreciated stay tune as we as we working on a serious mod called isolation hope you enjoy and get giggles guys https://www.moddb.com/downloads/doom-insane-edition
  2. Nightmare2989

    TNT: The Way We Remember It (RELEASE)

    Well i just got issuesd a warning for been rude which i feel i was not so DW is in my shit list
  3. Nightmare2989

    TNT: The Way We Remember It (RELEASE)

    This is bad music is crap and some of the map don't even look like the OG version a mastermind in map 31 were they smoking crack wanted to like it but it just feels like a kick in the nuts and disrespectful to the source material i was showing peeps in discord of the map names and why it not funny it just cringe that my thoughts on sorry if you disagree
  4. I agree maybe they should of waited before posting so they got more info and screenshots and wad to avoid confusion as i though it was a joke or something
  5. Nightmare2989

    New wad for Freedoom Nightmare

    Now that look legit with all the nice looking textures and weapon sprites look promising and title screen fire peeps Are you guys new with mapping
  6. It must be a joke because if it was not a joke why is there no link or screenshots
  7. It think the screenshot is funny as fuck LMAO
  8. LMAO this is funny can't no see that this is a April fools joke and it funny kind of goes to show no got any humour no more
  9. Nightmare2989

    Hey guys

    No idea if this is the right section to post this but I need help with adding new things too the like new objects and stuff i download a few stuff from realm 667 but I'm stumped on how to add them to my map i tried putting them in slade but no luck I asked in my discord server as there some skilled mappers and they told me to post on here so here I am any help would be appreciated Thank in advance
  10. Nightmare2989

    So, how old are you ?

    34 years of hell
  11. Nightmare2989

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Terminator Baron
  12. Nightmare2989

    Doom Streams

    https://www.youtube.com/live/uJsUnLd90Kc?feature=share so good old blood only ever played first episode so this will be semi blind