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  1. Hey guys, can you please do this very simple survey for me (Its just One question), its for a Class Project in School and the page explaines it all. Every answer will help ALOT! The results are due Thursday [5/20/04] so i need results really fast. Some of you may not know any of the choices but just guess, i dont really care. Just pick the appropriate age group and pick even just the game you heard most about. And i'm sorry that the game choices are very limited, it started off with 20 games but it evetualy got votted off and only the top 4 games remain, so this is the best of the all the popular game titles according to the last statistics and cut down to this final 4. Thanks alot!

    (Oh, and please do not vote more then once, it really screws up the data, and it takes a long time to repair, and this is project is a major part of my grade so please dont abuse this thing, i really need the grade. some one already voted 50 times on the first answer choice, and it takes a while to get rid of each individual vote, and also it badly fractures the graph and accuracy of the data which is what we really are aiming for over the quantity of voters.)


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