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  1. TheRevenant212

    What is your favorite doom episode?

    Episode 1 for me!
  2. TheRevenant212

    Doomcute thread

    I've always wanted to make one of these, but as someone who doesn't know jack shit about custom textures, this may be a tad bit out of my wheelhouse for the moment. I do love me some Doomcute-themed maps tho!
  3. TheRevenant212

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    Okay, so I like to lucid dream, and I remember this one time I lucid dreamed that I was in Mount Erebus (which is my favorite D1 map) and Doomguy was by my side, helping me.
  4. TheRevenant212

    Custom Monsters would you wish Doom had?

    a banana peel that stays completely static until Doomguy walks over it, before promptly slipping, leading to an instant death.
  5. TheRevenant212

    Unofficial Doom expansion packs

    Man, Maximum Doom and D! Zone are such weird and oddly fascinating little rabbit holes. Also, please... ...never link to that wiki ever again.
  6. TheRevenant212

    Doom Eternal Update Removes Denuvo

  7. TheRevenant212


    The PSX Doom vibes are strong with this one.
  8. This sounds awesome! I always wondered what Doom 1 would've been like with Tom's original vision. Generally I'm very interested in cut content for the Doom games, so I have always been super into anything regarding the Doom Bible. I really liked Doom Delta which is a mod that was heavily inspired by The Doom Bible, so I think I should really dig this, when it releases! I'm definitely excited to play Doom 1 like never before! I'm scrolling through the thread, looking at the updates, seems to be moving along very well! The maps seem very solid and accurate. You guys really did your research with this one!
  9. TheRevenant212

    PSX Doom Forever [Awful Mod/Hack for PSX Final Doom]

    Definitely interesting. As shit as it looks, it also has a charm to it and might be fun or interesting to play.
  10. TheRevenant212

    I want to see your fanart!

    Oh. My bad.
  11. TheRevenant212


    Well, there goes a night's sleep that I'm never getting back...
  12. TheRevenant212

    I want to see your fanart!

    Self-explanatory! I want to see Doom-related art that you guys have made.
  13. TheRevenant212

    Need Help with Ultimate Doom Builder

    Guys, never mind, don't waste your time. Turns out I'm just really dumb.
  14. TheRevenant212

    Need Help with Ultimate Doom Builder

    I believe that upon further exploration, I found the issue, but if I'm still having issues with it I will! Turns out that I had the floor touching the ceiling and not vice versa. So I will try that.