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  1. AS most of you know I'm a die hard republican and most of you guys and girls disagree with me but despite my Republican ideals, I hate Bush. First of all I don't hate him for going to war with Iraq, I hate him for being a dumbass. He seems to think that the US can just run the world and change things without any help from the UN or other nations.

    The thing that pisses me off is that before the war with Iraq other countries, mainly Europe were finaly starting to somewhat like us. Now they fucking hate us and it is mainly because that fuck alienated Europe and other countries and now they hate us and they will do anything to spite us.

    So thats my two cents, and this is probably going to get shutdown but I just wanted to bitch.

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    2. DoomDiz


      Bush is a friggin' dimwit. My kiten seems to posess more political wisdom than that moron!!! I am particularly sickened by the fact that the gov't can only give funding to homeless shelters that are religious, and how he banned anykind of meaningful stem-cell research, and how he "stacked the deck" on his bioethics council............the people who disagreed with his views were fired!!

    3. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      BlueSonnet said:

      I doubt the conservatives will win the next election, but i'm sure Blair's term as prime minister will soon come to an end.

      Of course it will, that's the idea...Brown's been setting it up for ages. I just hope he doesn't follow Bush's protect-big-business-at-all-costs-and-sod-everyone-else policies. (and with Brown being an accountant I can't help thinking he's got links)

    4. rf`


      To all of you politicians: You suck.