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  1. urmother

    how do i make three key door

    so im making a three key door at the end of my level like the one at the end of halls of the damned but whenever i try to do it and test it out the first door it goes down slightly???? im not sure whats going on here??
  2. urmother

    how do i make three key door

    i am using gzdoom and ultimate doom builder and im trying to make it so you have to use all 3 keys on 3 small doors before accessing a switch to open a door
  3. hey yall scott here, another simple question from a first timer map maker. so im using UDB (ultimate doom builder) and im wondering how to make a switch open a door in udb im looking at a guide on doom wiki but im just not getting it, its just not working
  4. i've been fiddling around with UDB and the only thing i cant find is how to change a sectors brightness
  5. im making a level where theres a section you walk into a teleporter to the top of a blood fall you make your way to the other side elevate up a cliff fight a hell knight and grab the red key card on the teleport and be warped back i figured how to make teleporters but sometimes when i go in tp 1 i go to destination 2 i go to tp 2 and go to destination 1 and its really frustrating. im extremely new to wad building thought i'd come here