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  1. l3xu5

    The /newstuff Chronicles #202

    I really liked Barista... that's why I made the music for it ;). It was very original, and although the monsters looked cartooney, they had their place IMO. I'm just cureouse, did ROTGS have anything to do with inspiration? :D If blenda just added some nice shading to the monster sprites then they would look even better :). And as for my map... I was under the impression that people loved vanilla style maps... but my map hasn't had much of a response... someone even said that it was nothing special... oh well, better luck next time...
  2. l3xu5

    The /newstuff Chronicles #200

    @mystery8: Why have you missed out Enigma13?
  3. l3xu5

    The /newstuff Chronicles #200

    Sorry guys, I've been trying to post an explination oor Enigma 13 here but I forgot my password and I was not receiving any emails (blacklisted fileplanet... all that jazz). Anyway: Enigma 13 was fine... apart from that pyramid. The first version didn't telepoprt after you picked up the red key... so I attempted to fix that... I placed a player start at the base of the pyramid just to fix that script... the script got fixed but I forgot to move the player start back to it's proper place... The key no longer teleported becase script 10 activates the player ID to allow you to teleport. Because of my oversight the whole map was fucked... this is the version that you guys have had. I've re-uploaded a version that DOES work. Re-play it and then tell me what you think :). It does work now, I tested it :). Sorry about that guys, next time i'll have the sense to use playtesters ;).
  4. l3xu5


    Warlocks do look good, but they aren't all tha great. They are very top heavy (at least, mine was) and I had to wear mine quite high to be comfortable with it. With my Les Paul I vcan wear it really low, play it really well and just feel really comfortable and happy with it. I'm telling you, i've not played a better model than a Les Paul studio. If you get the chance, play one... Epiphones are relatively cheap and made out of a lighter wood, so they are great to start with. I don't regret getting my baby (Epiphone Gothic Les Paul Studio) and it has so much body and tone :). This is my opinion, but IMO LP's are THE Rock guitar :D (PRS is coming close, but they are stupidly expensive!). :twisted:
  5. l3xu5

    Custom Music

    Don't make midis... they are basic and sound different on different sound cards... basically, the GMidi format is not the sopng or the sound, it is just a sereies of messages sent to your sound card to re-produce the sound. That is wht they are so small... the sounds aren't in a midi file, they are in your sound cards synth chip... Anyway, get modplug tracker. You can use samples in those and they can sound really good. http://www.modplug.com. The program is 100% freeware :D. You can get samples from other songs (search on the modplug site for millions of great songs) and if you check out Maz sound tools they have a really ygood sample CD made spacifically for mods. That's what I use and it was pritty cheap :).
  6. l3xu5


    Greetings. I try not to browse forums and post regularly (although the Zdoom forums have stolen my soul ;)) to often because I like to think that I have something better to do... sadly I don't :D. So, I thought I might as well become somethging of a regular here... to an extent :D. Okay, how many of you liked ROTGS? I read a post earlier, i wanted tpo post in it but 1) It was pld and 2) It was locked :D. Anyway, I'm in the workings opf the sequal to ROTGS2. Progress is going slowly, but after a lot of being lazy and some work, I released demo version of it on the Zdoom forums. It's time to see what a larger Doom comunity thinks to it, so, here is said demo. It's short and is not the final version of the levels (they have been worked on since) but it shows off what I have been doing :D. Please don't upload this to newstuff, it's far to unfinished. This is just a little progress demo to show you what i've been up to and what to expect... also it clearly illustrates that i'm not dead :D. http://www.geocities.com/damian672/ROTGS2D.zip Let the comments begin :D. On a side note, I will make more levels, i just work really slow. I like to pay attention to detail, so i promise that my future levels won't be noobie crap. I think I will start to make more single, unambitouse projects after this and Demons Tomb (That one was posted on WIP). I need to release more maps, but I get to ambitouse...
  7. l3xu5

    Where can I find AOTW.wad?

    I've heard so much about this AOTW map recently and everyone says that it is reallty scary and atmospheric. I desperately need to play it, so, if anyone has a link it would be most apreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  8. l3xu5


    It's true. I try to apreciate most styles of music bevcause they all have elemenbts that can be used for certain themes. I'm always looking to extend my musical influences to erxtend the efectiveness of my music. To be truly good at something you need to have the right knowledge, and to do that you need to be open. Simply say8ing that a spacic style of music is crap with no good reason is no good... Anyway, don't want to start any wars, it's cool thart we all have our own opinions or people like me wouldn't exist :D. As for the setup. I used to use ModPlug tracker. It's amaizing and really powerful. You might want to go to the site and download some metal mods. You could do with using better drum samples, that's all... just a suggestion. I take recording instruments quite sereously and I have abidget setup that will give me good quality. I'd recommend a cheap mixer and a shure sm57 as minmul really. But then, if your doing coolk stuff with what you have, go for it man. It's the best way to start off, at least your doing something, unlike me... I'm mostly dreaming of better equipment, and when I get it I still want better something else... I made a few songs using modplug for the drums, it really is great for that. I also used to have a BC rick warlock 7 string :D. Practise makes perfect, keep up the good work man :). :EDIT: Woah! That mp3 fucking rocks! I'm sdo amaized and the quality sounds good on my speakers! You've done a great job, especially with your low spec equipment. This is really good and just goes to show that you don't loads of money or great equipment to do great songs that sound good. This is a lesson for all to observe! You rock man!
  9. l3xu5


    Copy the link and paste it into your addrtess bar. That usually works. Sorry for using Geocities but it's all tha I know of for now...
  10. If a level has it's own midi/mod/ogg/whatever then i'll listen to that... if I can't stomach the music then I won't play the wad and delete it. Moistly there is nothing to lose. Most good wads (cybs for example) use really good music that suits the mood anyway, which makes the game far better IMHO. With me being a musician I have a lot of tastes and I try to keep things relatively open minded. To be honest, I rarely encounter a doom level with a bad custom song... as long as it suits the mood or is similasr to the stock doom music it would work. I try to avoid songs (mainstream bands, etc...) as they have no place in a game or film unless it's for a spacific part and was spacifically written for that part. In my levels, if I was making a surreal horror level then I would use Harsh Noise/Industrial... very abstract stuff like the Silent Hill 1 OST. If I was making a fast paced action level I'd use a mixture between fast drum n bass/thrash metal and techno (pritty much like the Devil May Cry Music). In Demons gate i'll try to make music like Quake 2's, straight forward bluesey metal. It's simple but it works :). It will suite the theme as I'm trying to emulate Quake 2 without actually purposefully emulating quake 2... you'll see :). For a more helly map I'd do an orchestral/synth/ambient song to fit the theme. For that one, see Tormentors City of the Damned map :). The music is my handy work :). It's all about taking the elements of certain music and matching them with the key elements of the theme/level. Death metal is quite hecktic, great for action and hell type themes, classical can be quite powerful if the right chords and orchestration is used, that would suite a certain sort of doom level too... play the last level for Equinox tpo see really greeat use of powerful music for a powerful theme... that was purely amaizing and stole my soul :). Anyone that can do that with ease is definately a true artist in my eyes. I'm not THAT good yet, but I feel that I have potential. I just need to practice. When I've finished Tormentors tracks for his new and upcoming wad then I'll adverise my musical skills because it is good practicve to make music for a spacific theme. Its really good practice actually :).
  11. l3xu5


    Most electronica I've heard is far better than mainstream metal... but that's my opinion... everyone has the right toi theirs and I don't want to start any wars... peace man :).
  12. l3xu5

    A good idea for a ZDoom total conversion

    I think this is a funny idea. Funny that people beleive in the concept of Good and Evil... to me it's just man made things because in nature these things are just contridictions, but that is my POV :D. I like the idea of beiong a Doom monstere slaughtering marines... that is nice concept and was poorly executed in Rampage... but tha's another topic :D.If god esxisted (and he might) he wouild be the destroyer and the creator... nothing is purely good or evil... Anyway, make a really good version of Doom rampage that makes use of Zdoom scripts and decent monbster streangths (give thge avareage marinbe an health of 100). The player (baron) could have an health of about 250... its' not too OTT or troo pitiful... and you should start off with slime that has unlimited ammo. I don't know what the other weapons could be thouigh... maybe slime upgrades? With Zdoom .64 coming out soon, completely new weapons would be possible... definately not guns though... I'd like the idea of an alien (like the predator) in this surreal alien world with half life style alien weapons. This would be cool, then later on you could have him dragged into the human realm and have all hell break loose :D. I would have loved an half life mission pack to be as a Xen alien... wouldn't that just rock? But people are too obsessed with playing as soldiers and the army... what is with that? Maybe when I have time i'll start work on an alien mod... I love that concept...
  13. l3xu5

    Scary Doom levels

    There is also a demo out here... check out the editing forum :). As for doom being scary, when I first started playing (way beack in 94) I was scared to death of the damn game! :D. For that time I was mostly scared to move on in some parts (E2m2 and E3m2). Still today a demon can occasionallyt make me jump... and for some reason, anything that involves Xenomorphs still scares me tday! I fount it really chilling to play Aliens TC (What an amaizing and classic TC! :D). Alien Trilogy was scary too... and the new AvP... I founrt it hard to move as the marine because I was too scared to move on :D. I gotta get over my fears... probably because I watched Aliens when I was young and it had an effect on me, althoiugh it's strange because I really love them... yet fear them at the same time (Giger is one of my favorite artists...).
  14. l3xu5

    Heretic Textures

    The berst way to convert Heretic/Hexen texctures (and any other game textures) is to load them up in PSP (I don'yt know how to do it in any other program :D) and then save the pallett fpr them. Next grab a doom immage and save the pallett for that. Basically, the easist wat is to load another pallett and select "Nearest colour match". Load up the doom pallett for the heretic image and there you go. Of course, some textures can convert really badly this way... for that there are other ways, but i don't know them... Chillvelonce does though... (Is he on these forums?).
  15. l3xu5


    This is cool stuff. I'm a musician/training producer myself. I'm douing something lkike this but on a much larger scale as I want to do a Trent Reznor style of thing (I completely compose, perforem and produce the songs in the studio and then get a live band to play with me singing and playing guitar). I plan on combining death/extreme/thrash metal with techno/drum n bass/industrial. I want to make a really brutral style of music with lots of electronics :D. I've been playing guitar for 6 years and i won a sexy Gthic Les Paul :). If you want I can post a link to my song... ioys' called Old Ways and is pritty funky ;). I'm noe venturing into production techniques and i think I've come a long way. I di a similar thing tio your MP3, I playt live bass and guitar and also do vocals... I use a wealth of high end soft synths and a few EXS samples of drum kiuts (I made my own, it consists of high quality drumn samples). I also Use Logic audio which is the shit! :D. I like where the MP3 is going, nice guitar tone :). I think you should record the guitars twice, one in the left channel and one in the right (don't simplyt copy it, it won't sound good and you will get phase cancellation on mono devices). The best thing to do is to actually play it twice. Also, recording guitars to a midi track will definately improve your timing as you are playing to a strict tempo... keep up the good work and rock on man :D.
  16. l3xu5


    In the current version I've extended the delsyds of the random sounds, added afew more varied ones and changed the hexen metallic sounds to moody metallic grinds. It sounds better now :D. As for the spelling, i'm not the best at that :D. For thaT i will get some guys on the Zdoom forum to proof read my scripts :). The aim is an Aliens feel in general, and its' cool that someone thought I managed to pull that off :). What's my ISP? I don't know much about these things...
  17. l3xu5

    Scary Doom levels

    I'm in the process of working on the sequal to my own scary wad. It's main intention is to create a thick atmosphere and a scary setting, plus, it's story driven. Those tha know me know what I'm talking about, those that dont', allow me to introduce myself, I am Lexus Alyus. Okay, I created ROTGS... and i'm working on the sequal :). As for this wad that everyone is mentioning, give us a link, if it's this damn scary I have to play it! I eat horror for breakfast :D. AWP was really good for atmosphere and setting. I love wads that create a clear definition of location and I find wads that are just a bunch of sectors, claiming to be a base, as just a joke. Most doom levels are like that, it's good to start off with, but so much more can be done with the Doom engine... of course, that's just my opinion :D.
  18. l3xu5


    That's fair enough :). You won't spoil much... bnut there is surprise in this demo... I can undewrstand you reasoning :). This was just something that I could show for my hard work so far :). As for hosting, tell me where and I'll consider it. I'm finding it hard to find decent free web hosting and I don't know HTML too well. I only chose Geocities because I know it works... most of the time ;). After my freewebs website I'm beginning to feel that I need a good domain on the net. When I have a bit more money (in a few weeks)I will consider purchsing my own domain, but until then we can only wait :).
  19. l3xu5

    Voxels (are they the future?)

    I've just been reading this thread and it's quite intresting. Basically it looks like we will need an happy medeum here. Monsters and any other large animated sprite will not look good as Voxels and they would be rather impractical (due to size). I mean, I was thinking that you would only need to do one rotation of each frame (because the voxel is full 3D) and you can put mondo amounts of detail in the death frames without loads of polygons (something that always got me about 3D polygonal models). That's something to think about. Seccondly, the ammo and weapons on the floor would look great as voxels. They are simple and straight to the point. If Voxels for monsters is too much, there is nothing wrong with Voxels for pickus and decorations :). The shell box looks really good :). I was thinking... maybe if you didn't create the voxels but instead a thing was programmed into the engine. I am by no means an expert on this, but if you could program something that would make a fully 3D monster just from the sprires present in a wad (basically using voxel technology) then you would just make your sprites, and providing that they were fairly accurate, every sprite could be made into a 3D model automatically by the engine. This would be a large feat and pritty damn impressive, but it's an intresting thought if you catch my drift ;). Finally, the post about using voxels for room over room is really good, why was it dismissed as a 'load of crap'? It's logical, create a 3D voxel that looks like a floor and you have 3D floors with no harsh hacks or self refrencing sectors (although Zdooms trransfer heights special and invisible bridge things work well, but they have harsh limitations...). You could also make better versions of the ROTT lifts and platforms ;). That's me done for now :D.
  20. l3xu5

    Space channel mars documentary?

    Mmmm, this sounds intresting... I'm fascineted in the beyhond and all this talk of life out there. I've also got a lot of strange beleifs, but I better not get into those ;). Anyway, the subject :D. I'd like to be pointed to a website of more information on those because I'm really intrested in this. I beleive that there was life like on earth a couple a billion years ago, but they made the same mistakes as we are making... polluting the planet, all that... they wiped themselves out. Its a lesson... the next mars is right underneath us... Maybe they killed the surface and retreated underground... whatever the truth is, I really hope thgere is intelligent life out there because theres bugger all down here on Earth :D
  21. l3xu5

    The /newstuff Chronicles #181

    Amen to that :D. I've got a duel Boot system with WinXP and Win98SE. Was there ever a way to eradicate that reverb bug? Never played criptic passage and I only got sop far on Episode 4 on the original... it's been a while and I loved the atmosphere on tha game... too bd it was a cracked copy so I couldn't see the cutscenes or listen to the CD music... Gonna try and hunt it down on Ebay methinks :). Plus, the maps were cool this week, loved the atmosphere in City of the Damned, felt so much like Blood... cool stuff :D. Gonna have to create my own level with those blood textures ;).
  22. l3xu5

    Unreal Engine 3 good-res pics

    I just saw the video (after about waiting for an hour for it to download) and I'm pritty impressed by the whole thing. I've always liked unreal, although the seccond game wasn't as great IMHO, but it was okay I suppose... Anyway, I'd love to see a game that incorperates this new engine :).
  23. l3xu5

    The /newstuff Chronicles #181

    Thank you. As for the Blood inspiration, I was inspired by the midi's in blood (especially the one from the first level on episode 3... my favorite episode) but a lot of it was my own personal influences too. Tormentor asked for some blood-esque music, so I delivered, what I considered to be, a suitable resault :). :Edit: I'm a bit unknowledgable about HTML tags, this took a while to get the quote right :D.
  24. l3xu5

    Damned Blood

    Anyway, I made the music... Don't you think it's good? :D. I'll apologise for my abrupt and stupid entry into these forums... sorry. As for the music subject, can I advertise my musician skills here and offer to make music for anyone that requires it? Just tell me what you want and I'll try hard to get a good resualt :).
  25. l3xu5

    I don't get this...

    Why was my avatar topic closed? I think it's a bit silly only being allowed to have your own avatar once you reach 250 posts. What, do I have to make Doomworld my permenent residence or something? Plus, I ain't no Noob... So I have to make loads of useless posts (cus that's what they will be) just to not be classed as a noob and have my own avatar? Who makes these rules?