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  1. I've been here before...for about a week last year I was a member and posted...ooo...12 times maybe? Why? Because at the time all I had was the GBA DOOM. Now I'm back and no longer the gullible stupid little fool I was...I now have the Mac versions of DOOM, DOOM 2 and Final DOOM. Mainly I've been playing Final DOOM and DOOM 2 since I beat the GBA DOOM very quickly (I will however go back through it just to see what I missed in the GBA version). In general I'm a Retro FPS collector and have almost every retro FPS available on Mac. My favourites are Shadow Warrior, Duke 3D, the DOOM series and (my personal all-time favourite) Marathon. I may just be a 13 year old kid but I am a real fan of this stuff, not just a poser (I have Damage Inc. and payed £9 for it if you want proof). I also love Manga and Anime and hope some of you will visit my anime and manga site with 120+ reviews/articles/etc.

    Anyways I'd just like to say its good to be back and even better that I now know what I'm talking about. Cya!

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    2. DooMBoy
    3. Arckra


      Yay, another anime fan! *laugh*

      Oh yeah, and welcome back or something like that. :D

      As for the mouse thing, I never use mine to play doom. I use the arrow keys and 'f' to shoot, 'd' to run (or just turn on run) and 's' to open. O.o So you don't really need a mouse.

    4. Thesmellyone 2

      Thesmellyone 2

      I know, and with games like DN3D Mouse aiming is annoying, but DOOM Legacy OS X is a joy to play.