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  1. Razor_Jim

    DOOM Novels

    The writing style of the authors was evolving. I think it's understandable why the first book pretty much followed the plot of the game, except for certain details. As I said, if they based the book completely off the game, it'd be boring in the aspect that you just mentioned. Which they didn't. They did put in some stuff to make it interesting, but being that it was the first book and this is an action game, they pretty much geared it towards action more than anything else.
  2. Razor_Jim

    DOOM Novels

    I don't remember that part at all...
  3. Razor_Jim

    DOOM Novels

    Well, most of the communications equipment "doom guy" came across was either smashed or didn't work. It seemed like at some points, the monsters were planning to use the available technology for their own uses. That's what I pulled out of reading the novels, sounds like a good enough plot. I think overall the authors were aiming at action more than anything else. Rightly so, in my opinion. They did go into a bunch of Sci-Fi analysis that in the end became almost painful for the mind to process. I think the authors definitely focused on the action, particularly the fight for survival. The first few chapters are all about Taggart adjusting to the fact that he has no backup, barely any weaponry, and nothing but monsters hunting him down.
  4. Razor_Jim

    DOOM Novels

    The original Doom plot really isn't interesting, truthfully. I mean, we all think it's great, but how do you read this? (Shot that, shot that, ran here, shot that). That's all the game is. So I think it's understandable why when writing a novelization of Doom, it'd be better to include a heck of a lot more for the sake of interesting reading.
  5. Razor_Jim

    DOOM Novels

    Spinys, zombies, pumpkins, flying skulls, pinkies, spider-minds, steam demons, Clydes... gotta love their terminology! :-D
  6. Razor_Jim

    DOOM Novels

    Right, right. It's tempting though, I'd like to speculate with fellow readers.
  7. Razor_Jim

    Doom Movie?

    In truth, if they were to make a movie (which they were talking about during the days of the Mortal Kombat movie), I think it'd be better to base them off the novels, with some minor modifications to make the movie interesting. Truthfully, I don't think there'll ever be a movie, but I'd definitely put it on my list of movies to see if they actually ended up making it.
  8. Razor_Jim

    Which Game do you think has the best Graphics?

    I'm with HL2 on this one. I saw the video of their new engine and effects. Killer stuff, man.
  9. Razor_Jim

    New CGW Doom 3 article

    Sounds great. The whole PDA thing reminds me a bit of Splinter Cell, though...
  10. Razor_Jim

    favourite monster

    Cacodemons. Or "Pumpkins", as those of us who like the stories know them... Somewhat tough enemies, not much to worry about in D2 once you have the duck gun. But there's just something cool about a big floating red ball with huge teeth that shoots ball lightning at you and goes "HEEEEEEEEEEEEECH" when it sees you. :D Scared the hell out of me the first time I saw them in E2M1.
  11. Razor_Jim

    what makes doom so good?

    Here's my ten newbie cents. (Hi everyone!) I've played many games after Doom, Doom being the first I ever played when I was a kid. Since then I've moved onto much better stuff like Half-Life, and freakin' every expansion of Medal of Honor. Great stuff. But Doom still has a special place. It still has great graphics, the gameplay is terribly addictive, and it's just a lot of fun. Sure, it's been lapped over for years as far as evolution has gone, but it has its own unique charm. And I still play it, too. I also like the fact that you can run just about any Windows system and still play Doom, even if Win ME doesn't have a freakin DOS prompt.
  12. Razor_Jim

    stupid monsters

    Hey, any bug that works to my advantage isn't a bug. ;)
  13. Razor_Jim

    DOOM Novels

    I actually do have all the books. First two were easy to find, fourth came along afterward, again, easy to find. The one I always had problems with was the third, I actually had to have B Dalton special order it. There's something weird about the fourth book, seems like the thing was always falling apart. They must've used a sh*tty glue to put that one together. Anyway, I like all the books, didn't quite understand what was going on in the last one. Kind of a disappointing ending. I'm still hoping the series will continue someday, there's got to be more than that! First two were great, though. And honestly, I think the Flynn Taggart name is cool. But that's just me.