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  1. bleak

    Doomers by Location

    Earth ***USA ****California *****San Jose
  2. bleak

    Post yer booty

    $75 Barnes and Noble gift card $86 cash $50 for Target FarCry Half Life 2 A new bathrobe 160 GB 5400 RPM Maxtor HDD A second CD-RW drive Creative 2.1 jesus speakers A couple of neat shirts A mexican coat Some Simpsons DVD Spiderman 2 New wallet One of those puzzle-a-day calendars Lotsa candy Hair care products Pens Post-it notes
  3. bleak

    Doom movie idea

    It'd be a pretty decent action movie
  4. bleak

    What is your favorite Horror movie?

    Blair Witch Project 1, The Ring Some Friday the 13th movies
  5. bleak

    Into the Unknown...

    See you around. Hopefully.
  6. Weapons stay, All items respawn, mapcycle that doesn't suck. Map01 is good, map07 is good, map11 is good... bleh.
  7. bleak


    scuba steve wtf do you play on dugdog?
  8. bleak

    The 3 styles of Death Match players:

    Lurker, definitely, though I do tend to do juice runs around the map. And I do the occasional bit of camping if I know they're coming. So, should there be a fourth category of DM player, "Big Mac" or something? Arr matey.
  9. bleak

    Like Free Junk?

    does this mean that 'm not gonna win?
  10. bleak

    Music to doom to

    Rob Zombie, Ill Nino, Opeth, or NIN.