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  1. JamesEightBitStar

    The Unofficial Megaman/MMX Appreciation Thread

    Yea. What's sad is that Capcom copped out and made MMX Canon, whereas originally it was just an alternate universe. That, to me, screws over the entire Mega Man storyline right there (not that it had much of one to begin with, but it kinda sucks playing the games only to realize that, no matter how many times MM beats Dr. Wily, everyone's gonna die in the end).
  2. JamesEightBitStar

    Star Wars Episode III title announced

    "The Phantom Menace" should never have been made and I'm going to blatantly refuse to admit that the prequel trilogy ever existed. If Lucas would just allow the original version of the original Trilogy (as in, not his crappy "Special Editions") to be released on DVD I would be happy, but he won't even do THAT.
  3. JamesEightBitStar

    Game Numbering: Whens it time to stop?

    No, unlike other posters here I never make a typo. when I say 4 I really mean 3... err, 4! I mean 4!! In all seriousness, I've played most of the series, my finding is that Final Fantasy 4 IS the best game of the series from an objective standpoint, whereas the worst is Final Fantasy 2 (yea, for the Famicom, though the Playstation remake isn't any better).
  4. JamesEightBitStar

    Game Numbering: Whens it time to stop?

    Still, there is no way FFX2 can be better than FF4, which IS the best game in the series, period.
  5. JamesEightBitStar

    The Unofficial Megaman/MMX Appreciation Thread

    Ehmmm... if you play games for story, then I actually must warn you AGAINST MM Legends, because the entire series ends with one HUGE cliffhanger. Apparently they meant to produce another game in the series but never got around to it. *Sigh* this is why all video game plotlines should be SELF-CONTAINED!!!
  6. JamesEightBitStar

    Game Numbering: Whens it time to stop?

    I think you meant "Final Fantasy 4." You accidentally hit 8 instead of 7, it seems. Oh, that's been known for a long time. If people only bought stuff that was good, then the Zelda series would've ended after just two or three games, Dragon Warrior VII would never have been made, and Squaresoft would've gone under a long time ago.
  7. JamesEightBitStar

    Game Numbering: Whens it time to stop?

    Remember also that Shining in the Darkness and Shining Force weren't even the same GENRE--Darkness was a dungeon-crawler game and Force was a strategy game--so creating the distinction by having a different name (keeping only the "Shining" part) was probably a good idea. It's for that very reason I never touched the .hack games. Any games that actually REQUIRE you to know the entire story, quite frankly, suck. A good game, sequel or not, will allow you to jump in there and enjoy it even if it's your first experience with the series. After all, you don't have to play Shining in the Darkness to understand Shining Force, much the same way you can play Doom II without having ever played Doom.
  8. JamesEightBitStar

    The Unofficial Megaman/MMX Appreciation Thread

    Legends I would say at least try. I enjoyed the entire trilogy at least once (There were the two MML games plus a spinoff called Misadventures of Tron Bonne), however I tried to play Legends 1 again recently and found it insanely boring. The same goes for Battle Network, which I remember liking... but then again, I liked Legends once too.
  9. JamesEightBitStar

    The Unofficial Megaman/MMX Appreciation Thread

    Mega Man rocks. Here's a short story... for most of my life, I loved video games, then I started to get bored of them. I actually went on a three-year period where I hated video games and stopped playing them, wondering why I had ever liked them to begin with. Mega Man got me back into video games. Just one day I was insanely bored, and decided to play my NES. I found a copy of Mega Man 3 whcih I had gotten like when I was a kid, and I plugged it in. Instantly I remembered why I had liked games--because there were games like MEga Man, which were FUN. I agree with the original poster--I enjoy regular MM more than Mega Man X. They just seem to have better, more fun game design. And speaking of X, consider yourself lucky if you stopped at X3--X4, X5, and X6 all suck, as does Mega Man & Bass.
  10. JamesEightBitStar

    Doom 2: Where's the consistent theme?

    *shrug* I personally thought Doom II was rather consistent with it's themes. Each intermission gave you a clear idea of where you were and why, and the levels all did a good job of conveying the themes. I actually felt like I was starting on Earth and gradually progressing into hell. There were only a few oddities IMO, such as "Dead Simple" (which was just a blast-fest).
  11. JamesEightBitStar

    dumbs you HATED to play

    I didn't say that everyone plays GTA3 / Vice City because they "hold some grudge at society and feel the need to take revenge in a video game world." I simply said it's meant to appeal to horny, nihilistic teens. Frankly, it is, but that doesn't mean other types of people can't enjoy it. And the comment about King's Field was true--I HAVE seen gamers pan games for having more gameplay than they do bells and whistles, or often they totally make stuff up. I read a lot of review sites, and I see comments all the time that go something like "The gameplay is good, but there's not a lot of storyline and the graphics suck so this game isn't all that good." I actually don't mind people who disagree with me. If I did, then I'd currently be in a flamewar with that guy a few posts ago who panned Zelda, Metroid, and the original Final Fantasy.
  12. JamesEightBitStar

    dumbs you HATED to play

    I think if he's played it for three hours and didn't like it, he's not gonna like it, period. When I play games, I find that I usually know whether I'm gonna hate or like them in the first five MINUTES (even though I usually give them thirty minutes to an hour to be sure). To me "You have to get to the good parts first" is no excuse, because games are about being fun and if they're not fun right out of the box, then something's seriously wrong.
  13. JamesEightBitStar

    dumbs you HATED to play

    Frankly, I can't even PLAY games when I'm frustrated. Usually it just makes it even worse. I prefer to instead find the roots of my problems and fix them somehow. In this case, it was enough for me that I got to state my stance on the issue, regardless of wether anyone actually read/will read it and will actually agree.
  14. JamesEightBitStar

    If you thought Michael Moore is full of dumb...

    Actually, no. People who act like jerks online generally actually ARE jerks in real life, and are just as rational. Trust me, I've met them. In fact often they're even WORSE in real life. At least on the internet they can't interrupt you while you're talking.
  15. JamesEightBitStar

    dumbs you HATED to play

    I think his whole point was "u h8 Vice City OMG U su><><or!!!" Personally, I played both GTA 3 and Vice City and hated both of them. I even had an article up once about why they were so bad, but I took it down, though I'm heavily considering putting it back up. Mostly I found the games to be completely shallow and lack gameplay. I mean WOW, you can beat up FACELESS DRONES and STEAL CARS by pressing a button! Then you can cruise around until the vehicle is totalled, and simply pick up a new one! Oh, and you can go ANYWHERE... well, almost. And, once you go somewhere, you can... ummm... change your clothes, save your game, choose to go on a mission, or, ummm, beat up faceless drones and steal cars. THIS is supposed to be fun? Let's face it, the entire game was made to appeal to horny, nihilistic teenagers who want to live out their testosterone fantasies and wank off to the sluts. Yet THIS kind of sh-- becomes insanely popular, while games with DEPTH and GAMEPLAY (such as King's Field) only attain, at most, cult popularity (or, at worst, get panned for not having enough FMVs or whatever other arbitrary reasons the magazines can come up with). In response to the comment about gaming media... Personally I stopped taking the gaming media seriously a long time ago, when two magazines I used to like--Game Players and Nintendo Power--went downhill. Game Players used to be an intelligent magazine, but then they became retarded, and started injecting juvenile "humor" into the magazines. It was "funny" in the same way as the Tom Green Show... retards and seriously disturbed people would enjoy it. Anyone else would just find it amoral, disgusting, and/or annoying. Nintendo Power was biased admittedly, but that was okay because no one read Nintendo Power for the reviews--they read it because every flippin' issue contained a bunch of miniature strategy guides. Then they stopped doing this (well, they didn't, but they severely lessened their coverage) and the entire magazine became nothing more than a bunch of fanboys raving about how great Nintendo was. Just check the letters section--before 1998, there used to actually be INTERESTING letters. AFTER 1998, however, every last letter was nothing but "Nintendo rox!" (well, with one exception--there were actually a few people who wrote in COMPLAINING about those types of letters, and I think the magazine answered with "If you don't like it, don't read it.") I followed that advice, cancelled my subscription to the magazine, and never picked up another gaming magazine since. My title is wrong... it's not that I "think all new games suck" (which is actually 100% untrue), it's the INDUSTRY I have a problem with.