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  1. Hello there. I've made another tracks for you. The rest will arrive the next week because I'll be pretty busy these next days. Enjoy ! I hope it will please you ! ;) MIDI Other Tracks.zip
  2. Good evening. I've made some tracks for you guys if you're interested by. I hope it will please you. ;) MIDI Tracks.zip
  3. My gosh, it fits so well ! <3 By the way, if you want me to make the bonus level tracks for everyone, it's on. ;)
  4. R0rque.

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Oops. I forgot that was for this project. I thought that was for an other. I can't wait to make a new original soundtrack. I'm not patient you know ? :P By the way, sorry for disturbing. :/
  5. R0rque.

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Good evening. I would like to make the soundtrack of this project. Can I try or is it dead ? :X
  6. R0rque.

    Fort Nexus (Single level, Doom 2, UMDF format)

    Short. But good. And I had a lil' laugh when I heard you used the motherdemon sounds for the archvile. :P
  7. R0rque.

    My First Level, Looking for Feedback Please

    Good map. This looked a bit to the first map of Doom's vanilla but the idea were good, such as the secret with the button and the lift. Nicely done ! ;)
  8. Hello there. I would like to make the soundtrack of your community project. Can I try or not ?
  9. R0rque.


    That was pretty basic, but good. I had a good time. By the way, try to improve some points such as : -in the room with the yellow key. When you're picking up this one, try to add some enemies to give some Plutonia vibes with falling walls or something like that -don't hesitate to use many textures to make the environment diversed -add other enemies with the cyberdemons. If alone it's not a problem but when they're legion, this is becoming a problem with the pace of the map -add a better weapon than a simple shotgun as a secret to reward the players. However, this was enjoyable. Don't give up ! ;)
  10. Alright. I'll do a short and more simple map this time. Of course, I'm available to make the soundtrack of the arriving maps. P.S : I guess you can keep the track that I've done for your map after all. :P @Herr Dethnout
  11. R0rque.

    DOOM Arachnotron Invasion - initial release

    Holy pumpkin ! Indeed, this was truly impressive ! Great job ! <3
  12. R0rque.

    New map for Doom 2 - Desert Island

    Good map. Pretty chill and not so hard to beat. By the way, avoid to put some arrows to show the way. Sandy Petersen did this mistake in the "Downtown" map. Normally, as a player, I have to know where to go without these signs except if there are 3000 buttons to trigger. But in that case that was only two of these. Finally, the arachnotron is an enemy which can be a tough one if put at a high distance. For the next map, try to put them to work as a "sentry turret" to give some trouble to the player. They were in close quarter in your map, so pretty easy to taking down. To put in a nutshell, and even if I've written some minus, your map was pretty good ! Keep this up ! ;)
  13. R0rque.

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Alright. I'll give you the title screen and the intermission surely at the end of this week. ;)
  14. R0rque.

    [SLOTS OPEN] DARKZONE: A low-lit Community Project

    Hello there. I was wondering, did you need someone to make the soundtrack ? If the answer's "yes" I would like to do this part of the job. If the answer's "no", it's fine. This is not the end of the world. :P
  15. Ja. I think this will be cool and will change what we usually see in the original Doom. ;)