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  1. Async Unicorn

    Safety First! (A Doom II Limit-Removing Map)

    You can eliminate this bug if you tag 999 these gradient sectors (or their linedefs, I don't remember) while using either ZokumBSP or VigilantBSP, afaik Just be aware that this trick only works with these node builders, so you may want to download them and install into "your-builder-folder/compilers/nodebuilders" https://github.com/VigilantDoomer/vigilantbsp https://doom2.net/zokum/zokumbsp/fetch
  2. You can try these ones You may try "TNT Revilution", if you enjoyed original TNT. I would also recommend "Abscission", if you like dark atmosphere stuff. Try "Machete" and "Nostalgia 1 & 2" wads, these are great on their own.
  3. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

    Better than Mozart (:D)
  4. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

  5. Async Unicorn

    Crispy Chicken Speedmap [9 maps in MBF21]

    For some reason I cannot join the server... Was I banned? Sorry if it's an inappropriate place to ask this question, just wanna know for sure.
  6. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

  7. Async Unicorn

    Scarface wad

    Check this out
  8. Async Unicorn

    Infested Cargo (TNT)

    Very good map, I liked it. Many rooms to explore, balanced spicy fights, good looking visual, etc. Though final fight with Archvile was a bit intense, looks like there's not too much room to hit & run him, but it can be me.
  9. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

  10. Disable "Walkable Middle Texture" flag, I'm not an expert in UDMF, but I believe it's for bridges and something like that, not for walls. UPD: LMAO, synchronized messages, xD
  11. Async Unicorn


    Great stuff, I love it! I can say that I love both the original and the remake of this map, you've managed to keep the spirit of the original and multiply it both visual and gameplay-wise, hope you'll keep making remakes for other maps, like for example - E1M5, one of my favorite maps from Episode 1, would be great to see a modern variant of it. However, there are some minor flaws I found. In software renderer those cages are seen through the floor. You can fix it easily by making an additional sector around them and change this additional sector brightness a little (by 1 unit should be enough) Coordinates: X: 2610, Z: 16 You can get softlocked here. Coordinates: X: -1146 Z: -8
  12. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

  13. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

  14. Async Unicorn

    The mysterious painting from Doom 2

    Despite I know that it's based on the real sculpture as mentioned, I still think that it's an archvile whenever I see it.
  15. Yay! It's time to make maps for PUSS and chew bubblegum! =)
  16. Async Unicorn

    Games You Have The Most Hours In?

    Minecraft, TES: Oblivion (played for 3+ hours per day in 2019), GTA (every single game), obviously Doom (classic ones)
  17. "Desire" by Yello, "One Look" by Paul Parker, "Not in Love" by Crystal Castles (or by Platinum Blonde, I love both the original and cover), "If You're Into It I'm Out of It" by Christoph De Babalon Would be cool to see games with similar vibe.
  18. Async Unicorn

    What is the worst season?

    The more I live - the more I don't like summer, honestly.
  19. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

  20. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

  21. Vanilla+Unicorn is my former nickname, so you can safely tag me, =) Congrats on the project release, by the way! Hope everyone enjoys mine and other people maps, I guess we've made a great job together! =)
  22. Looks very promising and interesting. If I manage to make a map for RAMP and one secret project soon enough and if there'll still be open slots - I would like to participate then. Otherwise, well, I may play it in the future, when it'll release, that's a very interesting map set, :P
  23. Async Unicorn

    Favorite Male Video Game Character

    Niko Bellic Mikhail Faustin Michael De Santa Max Payne
  24. Async Unicorn

    What are you listening to?

  25. Async Unicorn

    how would you rate your mental health?

    It could be better since 2020, and especially since 2022. Nowadays, I feel like I'm just going with the flow. These years feel so hollow, brutal and sinister. Sometimes, you know, I think that 2010s were a time of unfulfilled hopes and dreams, it felt much more positive than the 2020s that just started and already makes me sick every time I read the news. There are some positive things in my life that happened in recent years, but if I could go back in time with all I have - I probably would.