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  1. Over 300 US dollars in Wrestling related items (games, figures, shirts).
  2. Outback Jack

    Gameboy Advance Dooms?

    I have DOOM 1 for GBA, i got it for like 14.99 or 16.99 on ebay, it's not a bad game, fun actually.
  3. How's it going?

    Decided to finally join up DW.... I have nothing better to do anyways.

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    2. Arckra


      He he he, intro posts tend to bring everyone out of the woodworks. :D I'm Arc and don't worry I don't bite (often).

      As everyone else said read the FAQ and beware of Post Hell. Though, the music there is rather catchy. *sings to it*

      Oh yeah, beware of my singing.

    3. Janderson


      Arckra said:

      He he he, intro posts tend to bring everyone out of the woodworks. :D I'm Arc and don't worry I don't bite (often).


    4. Outback Jack

      Outback Jack

      lol, my apologies for adding the post in the wrong section.
      Just used to making them in the Offtopic section, but thanks for welcoming me.

      And yes, i had checked the Hell section, just to be sure my post wasnt there, lol.... quite a creepy place! Hehe.

  4. Outback Jack

    doom III rated "E"

    LOL, Doom3 rated E? No way. Of course someone decided to mod up the game and try to change it to DOOM 3: Nerf Edition.... heh.
  5. Outback Jack

    Which Game do you think has the best Graphics?

    This will be a great summer, as i am both a fan of the Half-life and DOOM series. But if i were to choose between the two of them, i'll go with the FPS game that made me a fan of FPS games..... DOOM. Then i'll check out Half-life 2.
  6. Outback Jack

    Which bonus pack? Mancubus or Pinky..

    Too bad there's not an XBOX DOOM3 offer like the PC one.... oh well, the Mancubus owns.
  7. Outback Jack

    Why DOOM will never die.

    Yeah, the XBOX RTCW is great, better than the PS2 version, and hell, i like it more than the PC version (COOP is always fun). And DOOM will never die because it's a legendary game being fueled daily by its supportive communities, and the fact that DOOM 3 may bring in new DOOM fans.... (Ugh, i never thought i'd see the day i would say this.)
  8. Outback Jack

    DOOM vs Marathon

    And what did you expect the people here to do, to praise that POS game and to say it's better, or in the fact, as you happen to say, "slightly better" than doom? Get real.