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  1. Breezy

    Doomcute thread

    Doomguy's Forklift Certified??!
  2. Breezy

    TNT or Plutonia?

    Plutonia by a longshot TNT has maps like Metal and Administration Center that can go burn in hell
  3. Breezy

    Doomcute thread

    Behold the cutest, most adorable toolbox I've ever made in Doom.
  4. Another set of screenshots for my level. How does it look?
  5. Breezy

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    Drake the type of dude to place Central Processing and Administration Center together in a WAD
  6. Breezy

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    Because of this video series Civvie made, I’m feeling like putting these levels on a tier list.
  7. I’d like to take a shot at making a map for a community project, can I go for Map 28?
  8. Breezy

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    Love or hate Habitat, you can’t lie that water on the ceiling is an objectively good thing.
  9. Breezy

    Doomcute thread

    Made some textures for pizza boxes, a few soda bottles, and a water cooler.