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  1. Little report here: Found a softlock/sequence break in map12. Some screenshots of the spot. Anyways this map theme it's really good. Some sort of post apocalyptic landscape, dystopian realm. Skybox looks awesome.
  2. @Treehouseminis Im not sure what i did inside slade or what the hell its going on, but for some reason it does not recognize that its using doom 2 iwad. Anyways if you load it up using command prompt it should be fine, that how i did it back then. In case you dont know how do this: Put this in a txt: dsda-doom.exe -iwad DOOM2.wad -file Ldoom.wad Save it as a .bat file then run it and everything should be good to go. Do all of this inside your dsda-doom folder. You can also use the dsda doom launcher to load the wad, although im not sure if it supports the latest dsda versions. Sorry for the trouble!
  3. dashlet

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    El Viaje de Diciembre MAP02 - NoMo 0:10 evdd02o010.zip https://youtu.be/0_MWSjqdE9o MAP02 - NM 100%S 0:27 evdd02ns027.zip https://youtu.be/Zn36Dk6DGtE PRESHOWER NoMo 0:07 preshowero007.zip https://youtu.be/eFmIm2H7jYQ UV Tyson 3:18 preshowert318.zip https://youtu.be/ABUMvNKdqm8
  4. dashlet

    I C H I N I C H I (32-map megawad)

    Really cool wad, as of now this its probably my favorite mapset with a classic feel to it. Maps layouts are really cool to look at, and the use of vanilla textures/mechanics its put together really well. Each map has some sort of weird thing going on in them, which makes them stand out even more. The TNT feel through the mapset its nailed really well, but with its own twists. There's a lot of really cool visual narrative scenery/details and weird abstract touches here and there to look at. Last but not least, I cant help to feel a sinister thing going on behind all that 90's/early 2000's charm. Walking alone in these maps feels wrong sometimes...
  5. dashlet

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    El Viaje de Diciembre By Cacodemon187 MAP01 - NM 100%S 1:07 evdd01ns107.zip https://youtu.be/mqTiabLh4Js MAP01 - NoMo 0:22 evdd01o022.zip https://youtu.be/tRVCSSSJz1w MAP02 - NoMo 0:28 evdd02o028.zip https://youtu.be/qNxTHn7W-fc (Edit: Theres a much faster time by grabbing a secret rocket launcher at the start, i just forgot about it while i was recording demos -.-) MAP03 - NoMo 0:44 evdd03o044.zip https://youtu.be/sZ5YuGqi230 MAP02 rocket jump and MAP03 glide may be useful for NM/UV speed runs.
  6. Quick uptade: Some tiny changes on map02 and 03. They can cause desync with already existing demos. Consider this the final version. For demos previous to this version here's the old zip file. skill5_old.zip Otherwise refer to my webpage/forum thread for latest version.
  7. - 4 maps - designed for Nightmare and pistol start - complevel 9 - doom II iwad - tested with dsda doom So i was yesterday making a speedmap designed to be played on Nightmare because lately i've been playing/speedrunning some maps on skill5 just for fun. Map01 end up being quite fun, so i decided to make three more. You can play this on UV, although it may not be that interesting because some elements were design with nightmare mechanics in mind. Download: skill5.zip
  8. @General Roasterock Glad to hear that the map bring you back some good memories! Also HNTR its the same as HMP. I usually never implement all different difficulties. @Maribo As always, thank you for playing and recording really fun demos! @besus Glad you liked the maps and the midi selection, which was quite carefully picked to establish a certain mood across the mapset! I already fixed the monster closet on map05, you were right, the hellknight was preventing everyone to teleport in. The way you escape the pit by platforming across the pillar its intentional.
  9. - 7 maps - complevel 2 - designed for pistol start - tested with dsda doom - difficulty settings (HMP recommended for first playthrough) Info: dbom its a compilation of short speedmaps which don't necessary follow any formula, these are maps that i made on my free time when I'm bored. This time around the mapset its not filled with gimmicky stuff like its prequel, but be warned that some fights on UV are quite hard. For this entry, i decided to pick a cave/underground theme for most of these maps. Credits to @Lhyntel, @finnks13 and @Ribbiks for playtesting. Download: dashlet.neocities.org
  10. Lovely mapset. Had a blast playing through it on HMP. Haven't finish the wad yet (I left my playthrough at map06), but i wanted to comment on it because this its really fun stuff. A friendly reminder of how stock doom textures plus speedmapping can have huge potential for creative focus on small maps with fun themes. I'll like to also point out that @Korp did an excellent job for the ost. I can tell that this mapset wouldn't be the same without all these tracks.
  11. @ryiron Weird, im using dsda doom v0.25.6 to see the demos and im not suffering desyncs. My parameters are the following: complevel 21 skill 3 doom 2 iwad Im using the idgames version of the mapset. Maybe its my autoload folder? Which its weird considering i have uploaded different casual demos without any problems, and im only using cosmetic changes like sprite fix and widescreen assets. Not sure what's going on.
  12. Nice mapset! Haven't finished yet, but i fell in love quickly with map02 (Beautiful tribute to Crumpets). Played on HMP, and i can say that it was already quite tough on that difficulty, but really fun (It felt like i had plenty of opportunities to waste ammo and recover health, which is nice for lower difficulties). Visuals are nice, and from what i can see, they change every map and tend to have a clean look which makes arenas really stand out. Also thank you for choosing the Requiem status bar, brings me some nostalgia (It was the first pwad i ever play). Anyways, i recorded some demos, with a very clutch and fun moment on map02. (Recorded with dsda doom using saves and loads, skill 3) cocktails_dash_hmp.zip Lastly, a tiny note:
  13. dashlet

    Full Refund [cl21]

    Very interesting map indeed! A really mean and tricky start, but eventually i figured out things. Those sniping enemies destroy me. Visuals are fun, and with the help of yaktak's midi, fits the crazy and chaotic nature of the map very well. I think with enough practice this map can be very fun. Casual demo recorded with saves and loads on dsda doom. refund_dash.zip Some notes: Edit: Noticed you published this on May. I thought this was made recently, my bad!
  14. Glad to see you still going Nicolas. As always, very surreal/bizzare 90s visuals as expected. Good stuff with weird and sometimes mean progression, but creative in many ways. Heres a short casual demo of e2m1 (I also played e2m2 but sadly i forgot to record) Recorded with dsda doom, complevel 3, skill 4. shores09_01dash.zip